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  1. I've joined. Now I just the time to sit down and figure out how to navigate it. Thx for the link.
  2. Cue

    Magic Mushrooms

    That must be why I'm so damn smart. I wonder if that is why I'm so damn good looking as well.
  3. Cue

    An open letter to Possums

    Caddy Shack comes to mind.
  4. Cue

    Mushroom Books

    I threw away my copy of The Mushroom Cultivator a while ago. IMO there is plenty of free information available on mushroom sites. Just about the only thing I used TMC for was diagnosis, causes and control of diseases.
  5. Cue

    Mycology discord chat rooms

    Shroomery is probably like most sites in that you can't sell spores unless you pay for that right by being a sponsor. Which IMO does make sense. Why would a vendor pay for a right that others get for free. And it does cost money to keep sites up, so sponsors do generate much needed revenue.
  6. Cue

    Flow Hood construction

    I think I should have a picture of my flow hood that I have nicknamed "Big Bertha. She has a 24"x24" filter with a H14 rating, which is rated 99.995%. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HEPA Biomedical applications Some of the best-rated HEPA units have an efficiency rating of 99.995%, which assures a very high level of protection against airborne disease transmission.
  7. Cue

    Bulk Substrate Dramas...

    ^this^ Would be my next guess. I also started making my subs drier. Coir does a great job of retaining moisture, so it only has to be damp. IMO if when you squeeze your sub and any water comes out of it then its too wet.
  8. Cue

    Bulk Substrate Dramas...

    I once went 9 months straight with contams. If it wasn't for the fast that I was able to get fruits outside from contaminate subs I wouldn't have had shit. I tested the tap water that I was using and found out that it was 6.0pH. So I not only quit using it, but I also started raising the pH to 7.5. Another thing I did is that I started pasteurizing my substrate for a minimum of 12 hours.
  9. Cue

    Mazatapec Mexican Mushroom Grow

    I wasn't too enthused with Maz
  10. Cue

    chlorinated water & mushroom growing

    This is an old thread, but I'll bite. I try not to use my tap water to hydrate substrate, because my tap water has a 6.0pH. Instead I try to use rainwater. When it hasn't rained for a while I use catch the condensation from the A/C or buy spring water. I don't worry so much about steeping grains, because I always add pickling lime. For LCs and spore solution I use distilled water. Distilled helps keep the carmelization down when PCing LCs. And I use it for spore solution, because its already sterilized (did I mention that I'm lazy?).
  11. Cue

    Putting colonised jars on hold

    I put mine into zip lock bags while in the fridge, so that they won't dry out.
  12. The article that I read was either referring to bat guano or seagull guano, which was added to a 5 gallon bucket of water.
  13. Eggsactly. The PC will kill the beneficial microbes as well as the bad ones. But, user proper pasteurisation temps will only kill the bad ones. Do you aerate your soup prior to using applying it? I read that aerating guano with an air stone for 24 hours prior to using it really kicked off the aerobic microbes.