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  1. phronima

    What is the most delicious gourmet mushy?

    Sorry I should be more specific. I like buna-shimeji, also known as hypsizygus tessellatus
  2. phronima

    What is the most delicious gourmet mushy?

    Shimeji is my favourite du jour Fresh porcini and perigord truffles are a tie as second
  3. phronima

    Efficacy of casing

    Hi, does any one know of scholarly articles on this topic? I am wondering if there are stats that supports casing and justifies its application Alternatively if you have had positive experience with casing I'd be interested to know as well Thanks
  4. phronima

    Edible/Medicinal culture seeking thread

    I'd like to purchase cloned plates please.. This way (I think) I can keep in fridge if I seal the plates properly until I'm organised..
  5. phronima

    Edible/Medicinal culture seeking thread

    That would be cool.. Can I make agar culture out of dried specimens ?
  6. phronima

    Edible/Medicinal culture seeking thread

    Hi I'm new here.. Don't have anything to trade as I'm just starting out.. But I'd be happy to buy plates of t. Versicolor , a. Blazii (himetasutake) or Grifola frondosa .. My main interest is in culinary and medicinals for personal use..
  7. phronima

    ID help, dont have a clue

    Hi, These were on woodchip mulch after rain. Spore print is tan. What could they be?. Thanks in advance.
  8. phronima

    Newbie question - spore prints and life span

    Thanks at0m and SallyD, About refridgerating the spores just so i know what would be the ideal temperature?
  9. I made some spore prints of a few types of mushrooms that were growing in our local park. What's the best way to store them? Can they remain viable as long as they are kept under cool, dry conditions like plant seeds? Also, is it worth while making spore prints for mycorrhizal types like porcini/morels? Thanks in advance.