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  1. Yowie is a variant of San Pedro, right? I want to pay back a friend, so can you supply us with 1 please?
  2. I just bought my microscope today...and I'm a student of mycology.
  3. PsychMaster

    FREE spore print/live culture trading thread

    I'll take that! Next gets plain old p. cubensis spore prints.
  4. PsychMaster

    Hey brothers and sisters.

    Need some Amazonian spore prints...will do a trade...! Or just general Cubensis.... Hit me up...PM me. Modalert...;), please put this in the right category if its in the wrong section...I'm just in a bit of a rush. Thanks guys...all feedback is welcomed! Peace, Psych Master.
  5. Now, as Spring is coming upon us, I can't stress it enough that people don't go out there, rape a tree of it's bark and it's essential right to live its life as a tree autonomously (:D), to get some DMT. Please go for the unhealthy ones, if you are going to be a tree rapist. I know that this message was short, but the point is, I'm sick and tired of seeing dead A. Maidenii's around my neighbourhood. Show a little respect...and that respect might treat you to some good times...catch the cold August wind drifts? Peace, Psych...
  6. PsychMaster

    Plants in Queensland?

    Wait...I'm confused. What plants are legal/illegal in Queensland?
  7. PsychMaster

    Not long now till se QLD Cube season!!!

    it doesnt even need to be raining guys. As long as the humidity is right (95-100%), well then your sweet to go out looking. Of course rain does help and it's prolly the better out of the two and I can't imagine just how many mushrooms are growing on cow fields atm in queensland/northern rivers.....(prolly about 100 kilograms of fresh material)...so theres plenty to go around, just dont be selfish and be a fuckhead bout picking, otherwise youll get fucked on.
  8. PsychMaster

    Not long now till se QLD Cube season!!!

    Don't get me wrong. I think that the majority of whatever it was that she told me was indeed wrong.
  9. PsychMaster

    What is this plant?

    some sort of non-psychedelic herb brother,,,peace
  10. PsychMaster

    Question about eating slightly mouldy mushroom

    yeah dude. i mean, only noobs put that shit in honey, your best bet is to invest in some 00 size gel capsules which can carry about 2 grams of dried up cubensis, sotre that with a moisture evaroparater (found in burrito packets)...cuz man, honey is fucking disgusting and gross, not to mention it takes away the flavour of the mushroom, which is all part of the experience brother. i think i know who this is...
  11. PsychMaster


    dazed and confused
  12. PsychMaster

    Cactus giveaway!

    Hey man, I'm down for the 2 x Super Pedro (open pollination) or 1 of them. Will PM you.
  13. PsychMaster

    way too hot and dry!!!!!

    December 2012 was the driest December on record. Worst season for picking cubes.
  14. PsychMaster

    Not long now till se QLD Cube season!!!

    Chances are that hippies beat you too it man. It's disappointing when you travel all the way down there to look for shrooms and you either get A. Chased off a farm by an angry farmer or B. Find that the fields been raped. But yeah man, I suggest that you go to Casino. Casino has fuckloads of secluded private farms filled with cow pies and is part of the Northern Rivers sector. Peace.
  15. PsychMaster

    Not long now till se QLD Cube season!!!

    I don't know what the pesticide is brother. But yeah, someone told me that they saw someone spray fungicides and pesticides all over the area. it should still be safe though. I'm just suggesting that he washes them water before consuming the Viking shroom. Peace.
  16. PsychMaster

    Not long now till se QLD Cube season!!!

    be careful about mt. nebo bro. they've sprayed pesticide all over the area around there, so yeah, good chance that you might get poisoned. just go bushwhacking after it rains to get the viking mushrooms.
  17. PsychMaster

    Sub Heaven

    fuck you melbournites are lucky. we queenslanders have to risk getting attacked by bulls to pick our cubes/subs are unheard of up here....
  18. PsychMaster

    Trich Buds

    What a fucking asshole whoever did this man. Are you sure some cheeky bugger came across and stole 30 cm for a trip? Anyway, I love your set up there brother. It's fucking amazing. I myself have recently potted 3 x t. bridgesii (achuma) and 5 x t. peruvianus (subspecies unknown, i think yowie). Any tips on getting them as big as these mothers? They range from about 10 cm to 30 cm in length.
  19. PsychMaster

    Not long now till se QLD Cube season!!!

    cmori3 has better pics on another site lol.
  20. PsychMaster

    Law enforced in Queensland

    only peyote is illegal in australi. prevuian/san pedro/achuma cacti are legal...
  21. PsychMaster

    white stemmed cyanescens

    whats the poitn of posting in an aussie forum if you got rules about sending out spores to aus/nz? lol.
  22. PsychMaster

    mushroom groups in north coast nsw

    bigred, i think he means mushroom picking clubs lol.
  23. PsychMaster

    mushroom groups in north coast nsw

    whta are you on baout man? lol..aint no such thing as mushroom picking clubs, least not in brisbane...you go down south with a mate, pik your shit, and come back, put that shit in a dehydrator..