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  1. I have been a member here since May 2012, I guess its finally time to post something! I have been lurking and drooling over all the nice cacti but I figured its time to contribute Psycho0 X Cuzcoensis Monstrose pachanoi SS02 "short spine peru" with mullein Lumberjack and TPM graft TBM graft Unknown hybrid seedlings (lost labels, pretty sure they were a bridgeXpach or the reverse) Scop X Peru seedlings that I got when they were a couple inches kimnach X (SS02 X SS01) From same source as ^ Lumberjack Peruvianoid BBB Macrogonus Scop X Super Pedro pup KK339 pachanoi (clone) BBB Macro and Peruvianoid after some weeding Thanks for looking I've got more to share in the future, and I look forward to being a part of this great community here at SAB TheOwl