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  1. Vine Voice

    New project

    Awesome! Thanks Xeno!
  2. Vine Voice

    New project

    Hi all, Blessings to everyone. I just uploaded the first episode of my new podcast; Emerald Green Medicine, and I thought some of you may be interested. As I say on the podcast page: The first - and first two or three - episodes are interviews with me and a friend. Going from there, I plan to have discussions and interviews on Skype or in person with many guests who follow the path of sacred plants, shamanism, and visionary consciousness. I hope some people here listen and like it, and maybe even come on as guests! I'm just a humble down-to-earth guy wanting to share this energy and express my gratitude to the mother and the great spirit, and this is a great medium to share visions, insights, and/or knowledge. Here is the link to the podomatic page: http://emeraldgreen.podomatic.com/. I would also love any feedback, suggestions, and comments from anyone who listened. I am also on Twitter as Vine_Voice, and Facebook as Vine Voice, and also on Google and Youtube. I'd also love to hear if anyone else has new projects they'd like to share. There's probably already a thread for that but I couldn't find it, so please excuse me for starting a new one. En lakesh!
  3. Vine Voice

    News.com.au article about Ayahuasca in Peru

    Another stupid, biased, and misinformed article about 'backpackers flocking' to Peru. This one is basically a clone of so many other articles with the same prejudice and propaganda: http://www.theage.com.au/travel/travel-news/deadly-warning-on-peru-tea-travel-20130803-2r6ga.html
  4. Vine Voice

    News.com.au article about Ayahuasca in Peru

    They can't stop the mother whatever they do. The ridiculous thing is that they don't even see that they are also her, so they have such a delusion that they are fighting themselves and trying to make themselves illegal. The article was okay, but sensationalist really. Like it is such a crazy thing to go to Peru and do ceremonies...well it actually is crazy, but maybe it's a sign of how crazy our culture has made us that we are willing to go half way around the world to drink this horrible-tasting jungle brew that makes us sick as dogs and does things we don't even understand. I love Ayahuasca, but it just doesn't make any sense. In that way, it's an antidote to this culture where so many things are sensible and rational and predictable. The antidote to insanity is insanity
  5. Vine Voice

    Introduce yourself New members

  6. The Mother is the one in charge, not laws or police or anything. They are all challenges that she has given us to see if we can overcome them. She will reveal herself to you whenever you are ready to look for her. New people are fine, asking for tips and advice. If I was new and didn't know what to do, I'd ask. I still want to ask now. You've just got to know who to ask and how, and what questions to ask. People need to trust you before they would dream of giving you information, and also need to feel like it's a safe place to talk. I don't think many people would answer a direct question like 'where are the aya ceremonies?' here; that's illegal information and if anyone knows they would only tell a real trusted friend.
  7. Vine Voice

    Reality Sandwich Podcasts

    I haven't listened yet, but they look awesome. I have listened to some Evolver podcasts every now and then, they are some of the same people behind RS I think. Thanks for the tip, these look good
  8. HA! I didn't notice that Distracted. Apparently, timeless practices can now be referred to as 'very 21st century'. Great show though! I loved it and thought everyone did an amazing job!
  9. Vine Voice

    Kyle Nolan's family needs our help.

    It's a terrible tragedy, and made even harder with the trouble getting the autopsy and that we may never know what really happened. Kyle's dad has given some good insight about it on the Ayahuasca facebook group and he seems like an amazing person. There have also been many great posts about it. I can't imagine how Sean must feel, especially since it seems that Shimbre was a questionable place and Mancoluto was not a very good shaman for Kyle. Apparently many people knew that such an incident would occur at Shimbre, and the owner had been warned about Mancoluto's practices, but he ignored the warnings. From what I've read about it, it seems that the owner, Rob, has been a real jerk about this. Mancoluto may have been claimed to be one of the best, but by whom? Anyway, what does it matter what he was claimed to be? What he proved to be is anything but. Simply by burying Kyle and then lying TWICE to his family, he has made his bed. Let's say he wasn't even negligent and he did give Kyle care and shamanic guidance, it is indisputable that he did those things. Mancoluto and Rob are, in my view, indefensible.
  10. Vine Voice

    Melbourne Meet Celebrate Summer!!!

    I'm planning to come if I'm not too busy, see you all there!
  11. Hey cool stuff Greg! Glad you're still doing well and even if you're dizzy and vague, still able to make an articulate and intelligent post. Thanks for the mention; I would have liked to come in more, but work and family are keeping me busy right now. I hope to leave work early on Wednesday to come in, and hopefully it'll be a larger gathering. I've been loving the interviews you're doing with Nick, and he is a very professional radio host. It was a good opportunity to get some footage and interviews, and aside from Nick there hasn't really been much. I would love to film or record a bit with you on Wednesday if you want, keep up the brilliant work mate!
  12. Vine Voice

    What we can do for Greg?

    Wow, awesome responses in such a short time already! Yeah I agree with everything everyone said, except the guys who don't know who Greg is! Whitewind, great point. Greg's position is becoming more significant in light of other events. It seems like the issues of legalisation and other similar topics are really buzzing worldwide at the moment; good time to be bringing it up. Great idea about the protest, I think it would be so great if we could do that. We should all march together, why not? The government seems to ignore Greg, but it would be more visible if there was a group march. I would think we could march around the parliament steps or something, Greg could make a speech or something, if he likes the idea.
  13. Vine Voice

    What we can do for Greg?

    Hi everyone, I've started this thread as a way to organise any ideas and thoughts about how to assist Greg in his hunger strike. I know Greg can take money donations through Paypal, or cash in person. There are also other ways to help support him, and this thread is for talking about that. I am also interested in any ideas that people have about why they don't want to support him, and talking about that. Greg'll write stuff here as well, so he can let us know what he needs and how people can show their support.