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  1. flumsquid

    cactus id please

    great advice.cheers
  2. flumsquid

    Coarse sand and rocks for soil mixes

    good question myco.i use my cement mixer. chuck a shit load of softly binded quartz and granite ,limestone.let mix for an hour this method works well.do wet and tip/ wash all dusty sludge out .then i add coir,soil,perlite and slow release ferts to mixer this ensures even distribution of all the parts.ideal for garden beds or a yearly spring re-pot great if you own a mixer or can borrow one. cheers flummy
  3. flumsquid

    succulent id

    thanks for all the input everyone
  4. flumsquid

    succulent id

    hey peeps just got given this beast.anyone know what its name is? thanks guys.
  5. flumsquid


    sweet ta prier thanks for the confirmation
  6. very generous mate id be keen on any spare cacti seeds or peres. thanks darkspark. you have inspired a seed givaway from me. will keep yal posted ;-)
  7. flumsquid

    ID please

    top view looks just like my polaskia
  8. flumsquid

    wtb tricho pollen

    hi guys, im real keen to try my hand at some x pollination this summer for some of my tricho's . any tricho pollen would be great.(hybrids even better) the main plant i want to x is a 'mike' mother plant. if this works seed will be put back into this community i can pay $ or have many plants and seeds to trade. please pm me if you can help. thanks for your time.
  9. my favourite graft (i call dick &balls)
  10. flumsquid


    thanks guys for your replys. guess il wait till it flowers
  11. flumsquid

    Wanted B.Caapi Cutting

    he mate keen on some tricho cuts to swap for caapi cut?
  12. flumsquid


    also have some pach and pc pach available :-)
  13. flumsquid


    ^^^^ thats `mike`