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  1. flumsquid

    General question

  2. flumsquid

    macro or peru or..??

    any thoughts on this one would be great ,cheers
  3. those astro kikko crests are the ducks nuts,well done
  4. flumsquid

    Grafting competition 2011/2012

    nice work dude, congrats ;)
  5. flumsquid

    bridgessi Peru or pachanoi

    pc pach is my vote
  6. flumsquid

    San Pedro Terminology

    *edit double post*
  7. flumsquid

    San Pedro Terminology

    http://www.google.com/url?q=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Echinopsis%23Taxonomy_changes&usg=AFQjCNG5qKxUwglh94YFngOV4PW5toOYoA&sa=X&ei=dsWmUJvzE6qUiQfK9YCgCA&ved=0CC8QygQwAA Read taxonomy changes
  8. flumsquid

    San Pedro getting brown spots. Is she ok?

    Yeh they are hardy mofos,i wouldnt stress. where do you get your bap6 from stillman?
  9. Lol that was quick! ^^ im out, good luck ;-)
  10. flumsquid

    Grafting competition 2011/2012

    my entry.. Still got a while to go :-(
  11. flumsquid

    Grafting competition 2011/2012

    My entry is still a way off flowering, but heres a 10mm Lophophora alberto-vojtechi in the wild,flowering!
  12. flumsquid

    Mystery Tricho I.D. Please

    That is some phenomenal growth! 1 + 1/2 months! Nice palms too ;-)
  13. flumsquid


    Thanks guys. Interesting eg. what sp. have you crossed with candicans?
  14. flumsquid

    New Peres grafts - questions

    Opuntia can also be grafted with laying the pad down sideways and do an areole graft. This will hold large scions when using large opuntia pads as stock
  15. flumsquid

    Perthians... And maybe others interstate.

    Nice work gilligan! /got! Keen as for a cut, any spare still?that would awesome, thats one sp. ive been after Cheers lads
  16. flumsquid

    free Loph seeds

    Kewl! Im sure there will be some bites on this one!
  17. Got them today!!!. very generous of you nitro! Good luck too all who have an oppurtunity to grow these legendary seeds, oh yeh we wanna see grow logs and pics! Cheers
  18. flumsquid

    The Sowing Out Thread

    Btw. these were all sent as 50 packs . Most packs germed well over that! Cheers.
  19. flumsquid

    The Sowing Out Thread

    All 30 x crossed trich seeds have germinated. Heres the pc x validus and validus x pc next to it. All zellys seeds are A1 . Almost 100% germination rate