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  1. Mickodog

    TBM Crest grafts

  2. Mickodog

    Cactus Cuts 4 Sale

    pm'd for some seedlings
  3. Mickodog

    Planthelper F2 seeds giveaway

    Got em yesterday also thanks heaps Halcyon!
  4. I have some HBWR, 60 from last season. pm me if you want em
  5. Mickodog

    Hot chili pepper seeds giveaway!

    Sounds like a fun game! Cheers bro!
  6. Mickodog

    Planthelper F2 seeds giveaway

    I would love some! Thanks heaps!
  7. Mickodog

    Free Trichocereus hybrid seed!

    You da man! Thank you Interbeing!
  8. Mickodog

    4 x grafts up for grabs

    Cool! Thanks Gilligan
  9. Mickodog

    Ayahuasca retreats in Peru

    Thanks guys, wasn't sure if I should book anything before I go or just turn up. Want to research and prepare as much as possible.
  10. Mickodog

    Help with Amsterdam Accommodation Please

    Hotel Nadia - As far as I know the only hotel in Amsterdam with your own private balcony (smoke friendly) overlooking the streets and canals, close to Dam Square. Coolest hotel I reckon only you cant bring non-registed guest back to the room. Utopia is ok, B & B/Coffeeshop/Hostel with single rooms; cheap and cheerful. I think you will struggle to get a good private room for a $100 a night.
  11. Mickodog

    Ayahuasca retreats in Peru

    Thanks Buttsack just watched 'Other Worlds' again. You are right, the Shaman on this seems to be the real deal. Planning for a month.