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    Russian Cosmonaut Talks About UFO's

    Not necessarily infinite. As far as we know, it's about 46 billion light years in diameter. But there's more than enough space for who knows what.
  2. Cosmonaut

    Russian Cosmonaut Talks About UFO's

    Not convinced. At least, not by this video. And it has my name in the title :-D I'd imagine there's all kind of space crap floating about up there, (reflecting sunlight, hence it showing up on IR) but unless you see one of those streaks change direction or something, I'm not really sure what he's on about. FWIW, I think the chances for intelligent life elsewhere are pretty good.
  3. Cosmonaut

    FREE spore print/live culture trading thread

    Ta! Next gets a P cube Mexican (microscopy only) VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV VV
  4. Cosmonaut

    New to cultivation & mycology, where to start?

    I've used the same containers previously, and had no dramas vis-a-vis contamination. I think the trick is to get 'em whilst they are still hot. For my money, small jars (like baby food jars) are the best bet.
  5. I read the title as "cannabis tomato." I don't know if I'm confused or disappointed. :-S
  6. Cosmonaut

    NASA's new project crashes and burns.

    It's happening. James Cameron wants to give it a crack.... http://www.smh.com.au/technology/sci-tech/googlebacked-asteroid-mining-venture-adds-billionaire-investors-20120807-23rhl.html
  7. Okay, time for a real dumb question. Above my post count is a couple of dots. Two dots. Others have one, some three, others even as many as four. What are these dots about? I know that more posts/longer = more dots, but what is the exact connection?
  8. Cosmonaut

    Good Petri Dishes

    Baby food jars. Seriously. If you don't have them, any small jar will do. Fill half to two-thirds full with agar, tilt, allow to set.
  9. Cosmonaut

    Police warn of drug's dangers

    But wait.... There's more! I saw this on the front cover of my local paper: http://www.inmycommunity.com.au/news-and-views/local-news/Trees-stripped-of-bark-to-produce-hallucinogencic-drug/7623598/
  10. Cosmonaut

    west aussie's trade and sell thread

    Smidge, I'm in the same boat - Omphalotus Nidiformis is the native bioluminescent fungi. If I get my hands on a culture, I'll PM you, and send one out. I'd be real careful importing, though, based on my dealings with customs.
  11. I have a few rough ideas after searching through the gallery, but these have seen some neglect and a positive ID would be nice. :-) http://imgur.com/a/9PCVY Thanks in advance!
  12. I love the way it's "1.3 million" and "1.343 million". Is 43,000 not good enough or something?
  13. Cosmonaut

    Facebook Whoring

    Disagree. Reddit has stuff in place to stop spamming of links. If you've made ten accounts, then thats ten karma. the stuff on the front page has 1500+ most of the time. I can see your point, but the time you'd spend making... what, hundreds, thousands of accounts honestly wouldn't be worth your time.
  14. Cosmonaut

    What cactus is this?

    Cheers guys. The reason I ask is I reckon this house is going to be bulldozed soon, so if this cactus is worth saving, I might nick a couple of cuttings. Sounds like it might be a goer..... :-)
  15. Cosmonaut

    What cactus is this?

    Thanks heaps! For the record, there are very small spines (a few mm), but I think, after a Google image search for those two species, you are correct.
  16. Cosmonaut

    What cactus is this?

    Unfortunately, no. It is growing in the garden of an abandoned house. Thanks for your help, by the way.
  17. Cosmonaut

    What cactus is this?

    Peruvianus, perhaps....? :-)
  18. Cosmonaut

    Australian Day of the Dead

    Here's my two cents... It's a day to remember people who fought and died for our country specifically in times of war. The kicker being that these people were young, and had lives in front of them, which were given up in service to their country. Now I've never been in the military, but I'd bet bottom dollar that there's not a single veteran who thinks we need another war, or that war is a good thing. For me, the day is about remembering those who died, and to underline that war is a crappy mistake that we shouldn't repeat. If you want to commemorate other people, by all means, but just pick another day.
  19. Cosmonaut

    Humorous ad - serious? I dont know..

    Reminds me of this: http://wtfhub.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/found-cat-opossum.jpg
  20. Cosmonaut

    Amsterdam crackdown continues

    Another thing about Amsterdam - make sure you go to the Anne Frank house, *then* the coffee shop.
  21. Cosmonaut

    Facebook Whoring

    I can highly recommend Reddit as an alternative. Same(ish) stuff, less of the dramas that Facebook brings, less privacy concerns. I've been on for two months or so... Facebook is balls in comparison.