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  1. Hi everyone, I study Horticulture at Burnley, and have been ferreting away any freebies I could get my mitts on, because FREE THINGS. Unfortunately my yard is very modest, and everything has to be kept in pots, so there is little sense in taking tree seedlings/larger plants home. This is where you come in though! You take the things. 2x Eucalyptus camaldulensis (River Red Gum) seedlings 1x Eucalyptus regnans (Mountain Ash). Personally propagated from seed: 3x Brachychiton populneus (Kurrajong) 1x Corymbia citriodora (Lemon Scented Gum) These four have a little bit of discolouration from frost damage, but should come along nicely in the warm weather we're starting to get. These probably need potting up soon, but should be ready to put in the ground by summer. 2x Dahlia imperialis 30cm canes These suckers grow 3m metres tall in a season, and flower in autumn. They are said to have edible leaves, but I'm told they're not that palatable. You can layer them horizontally or vertically, and they will shoot from the node(s). For division: Stylidium (species unknown). I have about six of these densely crammed in a pot, and I think they could do with some separation. If you wanted a couple, they're yours. Everything has been hardened off. Available pick up from Carlton North, Melbourne only. If you want to take them all, or to pick and choose, let me know. Cheers!
  2. singult

    Went Grocery Shopping in the Forest

    Only two bags? I came back with 8, and pickled a whole jar of Lactarius.
  3. singult

    blue columnar id please

    O_o Hello good lookin', where you been all my life?
  4. Does anyone sift their potting mix?
  5. singult

    Hot chili pepper seeds giveaway!

    Boop, here I am!
  6. singult

    Australia post

    I KNOW, right? And they don't fucking tell anyone. I heard there's an amnesty on your 60c stamps, but seeing the post office sprang this hike on us, SO HOW DO WE EVEN KNOW WHEN THE AMNESTY ENDS? God, I'm so angry I could ragequ-
  7. singult

    Give it to me straight, Doc...

    Reporting back. Decided to cut because: 1. I don't really care if the plant dies, seeing it cost me nothing. 2. Cutting seemed like it would be fun. 3. I wanted to see its insides. 4. Reasons. Here's what was going on internally. Note the weird yellow discolouration where it looks like maybe a spine or something had pierced the flesh. You'll also see the site of infection, and is that bruising or was it starting to spread? It looks like the kernel, the... middle thing, was turning black. Is this rot, or typical as it leads to roots? Lastly, a cross-section of the in-fection. Shits nasty. Anyway, whether it lives or dies, I cut a cactus open and then licked it, because idiot. What you see above is all discards.
  8. singult

    Give it to me straight, Doc...

    Hey EvilGenius, excuse my noobage, but what antibiotics would I treat cacti with? Didn't even know this was a thing! Also, can you explain 'hard to cut without causing holes'? Where would holes from from? Fucking, two days in a row I'll be going to nurseries. No time for other projects now!
  9. Do I need to cut? (Fucking ikea! They've grown it in a tiny pot and it has gotten root bound, then pulled it and repotted it with soil and stone at the bottom, and heaps of soil around the top which they've grown moss in. Because moss and cacti go SO WELL together. ikea is where cacti go to die.) I noticed a tear in the whitened skin, so I pulled it back and there was a hole with... Well, here 'tis.
  10. singult

    This section needs a "show wild finds" thread

    If you can identify the species of tree, would be great. Either way, PMing you.
  11. singult

    Ridiculously hot chili growing info

    Any of the top five hottest have heat AND flavour? Everyone raves about the burn, but TBH I don't even find Habaneros that exciting, flavourwise, and their heat is weak.
  12. Excuse my naivety, but where do manufacturers even source their soil/mix? On the edge of a rainforest that's being cut down? From beside a crack den? I seriously need a sifter at the moment, but think it's a crime to have to fork out money so you can have a halfway better mix. (Also I need the perlite spread all over the backyard, that came open when the bag decayed...)
  13. singult

    This section needs a "show wild finds" thread

    I keep coming back to these images. I would give an arm and a leg to find this on one of my hunts!
  14. singult

    New study shows picking is addictive

    Was the research peer reviewed?