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  1. Belching

    Geocache game

    I heard about it a while back from the Stuff You Should Know podcast, but that was before I had a smartphone. Think I need to get on this.
  2. Belching

    found some pills

    Are you still in contact with the FOAF? Can you ask them? That would probably be way easier than speculating.
  3. Belching

    Peak Water - Scary overuse of water

    Welp, strap on your stillsuits, folks. Seriously, though, if they're correct that's pretty heavy shit.
  4. Done. Are some of the images red-tinted, or was it staring at the background for so long that made them look that way?
  5. Belching

    Free Club Nintendo code!

    Heck yeah! I've got cherries, pears, all sorts. PM'd you my friend code. :D Also the club Nintendo code is now taken.
  6. Belching

    Free Club Nintendo code!

    Same deal, but w/ New Leaf. PM me for it.
  7. Belching

    PRISM Planet

    I love how the media's managed to turn this into another 'personality' story, ignoring the actual story of the NSA legally spying on citizens. Because the actual story's too hard, and some scrawny guy taking shirtless selfies in his bedroom is easier and grabs more attention. I really hope we're able to find out what else they've been watching before this story turns into a made-for-tv movie and a fanclub. Doubt it though.
  8. I am all in favour of PDFs! Downloaded and Paypal'd. Because of the insecure nature of PDFs, I would suggest putting something like this on the second page: "If you've received this PDF from a location other than largelyaccurateinformationmedia.com, thank the person you got it from and ask them to do the right thing by linking to the original page."
  9. That was unexpectedly beautiful. The Curiosity looks so lonely out there.
  10. Belching

    Free Club Nintendo code!

    For any of y'all who play DS/3DS. I think this code is valid at time of typing, but I can't use it since I've already registered another copy of Fire Emblem: Awakening. G8UPHY07G32WFCD8.
  11. Belching

    World Naked Gardening Day May 4th

    There is a reason people wear long pants and boots while mowing the lawn!! If you do this next year, please post pictures of your injuries.
  12. Belching

    Vandals take axe to Botanic Gardens (VIC)

    I hope that they learn from this experience, understand the hurt that they have caused and work to do good in the world to balance it out. That might be too optimistic though.
  13. Belching

    mermaids NSFW - NOT SAFE FOR WORK

    Mermaids are rubbish from an evolutionary perspective. They're slow, and don't really have built in weapons or defense mechanisms. Maybe they're so rare because they've all been eaten.
  14. Here's a recipe for making your own jam out of basically whatever fruit you want: http://www.nwedible.com/2012/08/how-to-make-pectin-free-jam.html . This chick is fully crunchy self-sustainability, so when she puts stuff in a can, you can guarantee it's safe to eat next year. The Davidson Plum specific recipes I've seen (http://feedyourinnercook.blogspot.com.au/2013/01/davidson-plum-jam.html and http://www.bellingeneye.com/2012/07/18/davisons-plum-jam/) have a 1:1 ratio of fruit mass to sugar, though, so the pectin-free recipe might be a bit tart for your liking.
  15. Be very careful about changing the sugar content of jam recipes if you're not planning to eat them immediately! The sugar content in jam is what preserves it long-term. If you're going to keep the jar in the fridge and eat it in the month or so after you make it, you should be okay, but for a shelf-stable product you should find a reputable, tested recipe.