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  1. Last time I posted into SAB forum, I think it proved somewhat worthless, so am unlikely to do that again anytime.  But just in case anybody truly interested, (or likewise "invested" as no doubt, I am indeed invested, and yet without any monetary transactions over which such investment takes place), wanted to get to the bones of the picture, it goes like this.  I was angry enough to put off doing a definition up online of homeopathy by one week, and instead referred anybody really truly interested, to the Australian TGA definition in their glossary, but which definition can be particularly misleading.  The way I might define homeopathy is exceptionally long winded however, and quite boring, especially so in the mind of anybody who wanted a predetermined outcome of insidious evil embedded in guise of homeopathy as evidence against the good practice of homeopathy.  Yet I persist and persistently call myself a homeopath, despite so much negative reputation being associated with that title, as that nobody much wants to try making an income out of it in these times.  However, the point of my posting this sweet status note here, is a link to my correcting of the TGA definition.  It is absurd.  Both TGA definition, and my correction.  Splendidly absurd in fact.  Point being, I can't take myself seriously enough that you need to, so why worry, as I won't either.  And here is the link for avid readers of my strange point of view, from which vantage homeopathy and Changa might have much to communicate with one another, if only anyone could be bothered in this daft community. https://curaezipirid.net/blog/something-disallowed-divulge/


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    Flat earth debate

    To waterboy, in particular here (no need bother boring yourselves with reading all this if the discourse is irrelevant to you), 1. My point was that homeopathy's limited (approx. 50%) efficacy is in no way related to any rituals, which I noted by stating it is not related to what we believe, (since I'd reckon most rituals are about reinforcing specific belief patterns). 2. If you want me out of SAB because I am a witness of the efficacy of homeopathy, your wish is granted, (I guess since SAB need be oriented into what harmonizes with police surveillance and police happen to find themselves distrustful of homeopaths, often for good reason I gather), and if you just want to ban me from ever mentioning any positive belief in homeopathy, then I will likely retire once again from using SAB. 3. I don't have an agenda of promoting homeopathy in particular, just had an offer open to correct misinformation if anybody wants. 4. You are wrong, we do not need know how it works for it to work, and I will nevertheless take it from you, that being "good on spin" might be a compliment coming from you since you believe in the need for knowing everything about anything for anything to be real, since I guess that means you think anybody "good on spin" could spin anything into becoming real. 5. The film "Just One Drop" had a lot of evidence in it, specifically related to how the Australian government report had at first made a quite good assessment of existing scientific research, but then changed the report changing its standards specifically so as to eliminate need to consider the most of the research, (over a hundred articles reduced to under ten: and that list of over a hundred is probably the set of references appropriate here)and other than that, there are a significant number of online sources of good scientific evidence, which many folks find hard to grapple with just on the base of ultra high dilutions being effective, and I can't be bothered sourcing right now to try to convince somebody who was self-proclaiming their desire to stay unconvinced, however, for example the website "hpathy" dot com. 6. I didn't say WHO support homeopathy, just that they cite it is the most practiced system of medicine in the world, AND, I don't ever, and never tried, to earn an income via homeopathy myself, (any money I got or could get from health care involved more thorough health care than only homeopathy). 7. The evidence of why homeopathy fails, tends not to be supported by the community of professional homeopaths, and my own beliefs about why homeopathy fails in half the population, tend to be disliked by the kinds of people who homeopathy fails for, which I expect those who disagree with homeopathy to be among, so why would I bother describing why I think it can't work for them, (ie it can't work by looking at the imagery any remedy is likely to cause briefly inside the mind, but works better by un-seeing and disbelieving what might be visible to anybody seeking knowledge, since all they'd be looking at will be through the rose-coloured-glasses of their own diseases exaggerated). 8. I don't care what you think of anti-vaccination campaigns, all I cared about is that my choice to avoid vaccination will not be deemed ignorant, since I researched the matter extensively, and initially made a choice simply to delay vaccination until I could learn more, since I know some nation states do not begin vaccination schedules until infants are over one year old, and their statistics are better, (whereas USA statistics are worst, and they begin a heavier vaccine schedule upon younger babies). 9. I have no intention of pigeon-holing you waterboy, and thankyou if you will also avoid pigeonholing me. 10. The science of "immunology" was clearly missing out on a lot of potential work, by failing to consider what evidence they could be researching through homeopathy; for example more longitudinal studies, since single dose homeopathic medicines are known to continue working for many days and weeks, and it is normal that the more successful changes in symptoms accorded, take longer than expected. Immunologists have neither been very good with following through from their own research, for example in immuno-genetics, work done about Major Histo-compatibility Complex molecules, could by now be extensively enabling of us all to increase our immunity, but was ignored. And as for the situation in Cuba, since you linked the anti-homeopathy point of view, here is the equitably pro-homeopathy link https://hpathy.com/homeopathy-papers/homoeopathic-immunisation-against-leptospirosis-in-cuba/ 11. About homeoprophylaxis in general, I don't support the practice, and agreed with the court ruling against one example of homeoprophylaxis here in Australia, and if anybody happens to look in the link, it cites a "debate between Professor Vithoulkas and Dr Golden", both of whom I have studied under, and in the case of homeoprophylaxis I most certainly side aligned with Vithoulkas, even though I find him lacking in another aspect of his theoretical approach. 12. Homeopathy theory is long to describe, and a dense read, which needs a clear mind to grapple with as a description of evidence, which need not be bogged down by speculation about causation, (and a whole variety of sub-theories exist among homeopaths about why it works, but no single theory ever gained prevalence), and in general if anybody wanted to so much as try to comprehend, there is a neat description in the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration website glossary, and next port of call for finding meaning need by the original text by Samuel Hahnemann called the Organon of Medicine, ...a book dating back two hundred odd years. 13. Yes, homeopaths are all advocating for a system of medicine which pre-dates most of modern western medical science, and hence my belief that we ought not rule out what therapies are available through Western medical science, but need make all appropriate referrals. 14. It's the funniest coincidence of all, that one among many theories about how homeopathy works, is that the diluted remedies somehow can alter the production and/or metabolism of endogenous DMT, and thus psychedelic science and homeopaths might need to get together one day, (as in the case of the UDV), however, I have no great expectations of the sciences funded by the West, and merely post all this so as to communicate to waterboy it is better not to make any further presumptions about me.
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    Wanting Change My Signature

    I have no idea how to
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    The size of signature lines

    No idea if anything changed around here since I first made a signature in 2012, but this week I wanted to change my signature, and put into it my new website URL, but I can't. Either I am blinded to an edit signature box hidden somewhere in the profile page, or, . . . (might be we have to be stuck with old signatures unless we get special permission perhaps)... I would say please if I knew how to direct my please properly.
  5. curaezipirid

    Flat earth debate

    True, there is a big risk involved in homeopathy, whenever a patient was directly discouraged from seeking the treatment of modern western medical science sponsored by nation states thereby presumed safer. Meanwhile the World Health Organization cites homeopathy as the most widely practiced system of health care at Earth. Particularly strongly sustained, for example, in India, Brazil, France, and Cuba where homeopathy got successfully used for a nation wide vaccination programme. However, homeopathy will never ever be capable of gaining and sustaining the support of anybody who wants pharmaceutical companies to continue to profit. The war against homeopaths is real and very covert since the Royal Family among other multi-millionaires are dependant upon their homeopath's prescriptions. A lot of practicing homeopaths in Brazil are members of the UDV. But if we are running a hard argument in our own heads, in favour of the legalization of psychedelics, becoming enabled by the desires of pharmaceutical companies to profit, then it can become somewhat difficult to simultaneously sustain belief in homeopathy. Besides which, apparently homeopathy doesn't work so well in some unknown percentage of the population, perhaps as much as half at most. The statistics are that homeopathy works best in very young children and animals, (and even farmers say it helps their crops). In my own observation homeopathy doesn't work in anybody harbouring any idea of knowing how it works, and nobody can come up with the right mindset to ensure it works, it just works better when we know we have no idea how, (ie DON'T LOOK IF YOU WANT HOMEOPATHY TO BE EFFECTIVE).
  6. curaezipirid

    The Storm

    Actually I am quite certain Trump will prove himself to be just a Challachaqui (as in the kind of spirit person described in Stephen Beyer's "Singing To The Plants", who was associated with the disappearances of children, aka the Junjari and the Quinkin in Australian indigenous folklore, as in the picture book by Percy Treatise "Quinkin Mountain" based on Central North QLD rock art). But then again Hilary Clinton was no doubt one of those dudes also. And sadly Bill Shorten. Politics were all riddled with such beings manifestations of their attention attracting antics to the detriment of all of our lives. The only good aspect of understanding somebody was a Challachaqui, was that thereby, we know they be a mere figment of our own collective imaginations, and if only we could all ignore them, they are able to simply evaporate, (eg as in other famous examples like Penn and Teller). (WARNING: such beings will notably be visible for eating their own face, if only we let them by ignoring, and ourselves cast no blame, since they thrived upon our finding them at fault in small minor matters in which they reflect accurate facts of ourselves which we forgot in their presence)
  7. curaezipirid

    Flat earth debate

    I have an ex- who was a flat earther. At first, I laughed at him, and then he pointed to the Sceptics society, and how it was before the spherical nature of the Earth got proven, and about how I myself harbour a lot of scepticism about knew ideas. And it took me quite some years to understand he had continued to harbour and held in reserve a false creed that perhaps the Earth was flat and we were all wrong. I think he only wanted to believe he might by accident be proven to be more correct than the majority. He used to buy the Fortean Times magazine, which is an interesting enough read. But the reason I posted here, is to mention that in the new film about homeopathy, called Just One Drop, (and about how Australians were fucking up the legal status of homeopathy on a world wide scale), the bad guys, were an organization who lobbied the government to change a high level health department report, which reflected quite well upon homeopathy as having enough scientific evidence to be substantiated. Somebody high in the bureaucracy, believed the lobbists, and the good report was trashed, and then replaced by a dodgy report, that made news world wide. But the lobbyists, turned out to have been the same persons as who used to be a Flat Earth Society, type of organization, and had rebranded themselves as sceptics with an interest in good science. By the time the film got released, the situation is already being reviewed by the Commonwealth Ombudsman. Both flat earth thinking, and scepticism applied to some science but not other science, was a dumb mind control game.
  8. curaezipirid

    YOGA for dummies

    tehehehahahahahaha gunyoga and dogyoga are both hilariously almost believable, as if anyone would, Arj Barker hilarious moreso because they already did. Yoga is humorous by default as soon as it came down out of the isolated mountain setting of the guru's enlightenment.
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    The Storm

    We need to be critical thinkers about the set and setting of our own lives, and lifestyles, to be more capable of the kind of reflective thinking by which we can observe ourselves in examples of ourselves having fallen into conspiracy thinking. So, for example, my first full time job was in Community Radio down in Canberra, at 2XX, (learning to sound engineer where Midnight Oil recorded their first too-trashy-to-sell-album), and where I got paid to panel op for all sorts of unusual community voices. It lead me in a certain direction, by which I tend to err on the side of believing in conspiracy theories. And for the good reason that when friends in those years pointed out cars following them, and said "ASIO", it wound up being evidence in court that they were correct, because one woman in our social network was framed by ASIO for the fire bombing of South African diplomats cars, in the 1980s, and in court the ASIO case was proven to be a frame. Left wing idealists and far out hippy health freak concepts were the order of the day in the social network of my youth. And now, how it is most often challenging for me, is in that I have had to re-learn to think better of folks who harbour more conservative opinions. Overall, I think it is relevant that we are all mindful of the fact, that any person can be very righteously correct about one matter, and in total self denial about their ignorance in another matter. And often when another person was harbouring a lot of self denial, we don't have the wisdom to understand if their self denial was important for them somehow in a way we can't relate with. Arguing and making discourse is a fine art perhaps, at least when successful. It is about choosing which single smaller points embedded in any discourse, can change slightly in the minds of a few, and that slight change have a far reaching impact. Subjects like vaccination are extremely foolhardy to get into debating, and in most social contexts, so are psychedelics still in Australia today. Maybe Trump might be as well, since his individual name attracts too much attention, but the concept of faked news, or disinformation campaigns online, is a good one to discuss for challenging each individual to re-think how we evaluate what is truth.
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    The Storm

    so much for my intention that I only will use the forum if I am able limit myself to a one liner
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    The Storm

    Sometimes, as we might tend to observe if we like forums like SAB, it is that our mindset is outside of the normal mainstream Western thought paradigm, accorded by our experiential reality having disproven the worth of that paradigm, and as soon as we are freed, even partially, from the paradigm of a Westerner's mindset, we are both at risk of harbouring falsehood, and blessed with a more open mind more capable of thinking for itself. The issue of vaccination and adults choices not to vaccinate their own offspring, tends to get heated very quickly, because ever parent wants to believe they made the correct choice for their own children. Now, I could let on that my choice was to avoid having anybody stick a needle into my babies, and I will defend that choice to the hilt, but I believe that in this context, the point is not even slightly related to vaccination, and rather more related to how it is, that we all know about the risks involved in having our minds opened too far. Here is a good example. An old friend, who is one of those folks who used a lot a lot a lot of psychedelics in youth, but nevertheless fell into the entrapment of the dealers of needle drugs, and was always in one relapse or another in the whole time of my acquaintance with him, up to these days with me booting him out of beneath my house at the weekend, he and I have frequently argued about the legal status of birth certificates. He watched a lot of shit in youtube, about the spurious basis of legislative nation statehood, and concluded for himself, that he might not be to blame for his having fucked himself up taking drugs with another old friend who used to work as a prostitute, and who became a mother specifically because she could earn more money as a prostitute who let her clients blame herself for being a badder mother than she really was, in her own perception that was, (whether or not she was a bad mother depends upon whether she continued earning money as a prostitute who let her clients blame her like that, which she never told me),...and the first old friend had happened to find himself in her company, both traversing a dangerous circumstance of the delusion that illegal drug purchases can be offset by finding a situation of poor parenting, and blaming the victims of that, and he had observed via his drug use, that the actual consequence of their having had sex on hammer with that delusion in his mind, was that his own son (living 1000km away) wound up in juvenile detention. Now the youtube based delusion he acquiesced to, which he imagined had excused him from his imaginative behavioural choice, was that all nation states were always trading upon every registered birth certificate, as though the whole economy trades on babies being born. I only tolerated him staying sometimes under the house here, because he also had a brain injury, (from being knocked off the handlebars of his brother's push bike age eight, by a car being driven by the maths teacher of their neighbourhood high school, after which experience he could no longer understand maths as well as previously), that prevents him corresponding his behaviour with the consequences. And then he used Datura too much in his teens, as well as cannabis, and a lot of mushrooms, but progressing rapidly to his favoured speed, then heroin, and still tries to use psychedelics to get out from his heroin habit manifesting alternately extreme alcoholism, despite having all the symptoms of hallucinogen persistent perception disorder, as well as social anhedonia, and now in his late forties, is somewhat of a lost cause, (even in my world, in which I seldom give up on anybody). The point here is that it is possible to open one's mind so far as that one's brains fall out, but usually that had some pre-conditioning in worldly events which were conducive to the lack of brains being as if normal. As far as the storm situation goes. I choose to avoid contemplating that, because the evidence was not obvious enough to warrant me having an opinion. But as far as the whole Trump predicament goes, just the past week, and in association with pondering whether starting a QLD APS chapter is a good move, there was a shit load of far out patterns of cause and effect going down, (which aforementioned junkie went too cray cray to stay under my house over), in which it manifested as that, (among other weird and wonderful dreamlike consternations of time), the efforts of Australians to cause the re-election of Whitlam after The Dismissal, were prevented, by another individual working within a government industry we ought not name and shame, who "paid it forward" into Trump's election. I rather hope that individual will suffer the consequences in his own industry, of heightened internal suspicions. How my head got involved, was in that after watching the TV show about Whitlam, and seeing for the first time the footage of Jim Cairns and Junie Morosi, I wrote Junie a letter since I met her a few times in Canberra, and let on about how I got told, from a different family of connections with organised crime, about their having set up the connection between the Whitlam government and the dodgy loan broker, at the behest of the CIA, (or so the story got told me). MKUltra ate its heart out before that connection looped itself in as well. And I well understood why it is regarded by many indigenous Shaman all over the world, and significantly held aloft by Ngungkari here in Australia, that if we used psychedelics at any time in our past, we need keep our minds out of politics. (adding in via an edit here, that if anybody else finds reasonable reason to suspect their own mind connects, it is all OK since the real culprit, outside of any government employee implicated, was known, as in the relatively anonymous mention of his name mostly edited out in my new post-EGA2017 website https://curaezipirid.net/ )
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    Meet up: Brisbane

    Well that didn't work. I don't think anybody at all turned up today, unless anyone who read in this thread did. Via Facebook, one person messaged me, but was going to find it hard to get there, another person messaged me and wanted to come along but is stuck at Sunnie coast with no car, and I had a nasty junkie acquaintance from youth turn up on my doorstep wanting to know what's up, managed to escape, but missed a few buses, and then the world went weird awhile and a long time coming integration process became more manifest.
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    Meet up: Brisbane

    Just had a message exchange with someone I don't know in Facebook. We got as far as ....11am Sunday 28th January 2018, Mt Coo-tha lookout, (catch the 471 bus from Adelaide Street if you need), lets talk face to face about starting a Brisbane Chapter of the Australian Psychedelic Society... before I opened up this thread, (since I am nothing if not foolhardy), . . . and I think we should just go ahead with Sunday 28th talking AND the February 3rd more usual community meet, with plant exchange potential, BBQ, etc. This is my thinking for now: It is good to move now with respect to the recent inauguration down in Melbourne, and assert a Brisbane chapter; distinctly, it is also good to be a community behaving like a community who get together socially with or without a formal society; Mt Coo-tha seems like the usual location, Silky Oak picnic site (I think is the one after Slaughter Falls, and before Simpson Falls), and is cool; Whereas my thoughts of the look out at the top Sunday morning, started with memories of the way integration commences might often enough meet with others similarly minded at Mt Coo-tha lookout at dawn, but since the first bus doesn't arrive until 11am, then that's when...and bring a thermos since we don't need to use the café; APS folks in FB reckon to try DMT Nexus website to spread the word as well, and I will do. It will be nice to meet other folks here in Brisbane who attend EGA events. I attended EGA first in 2011, and gave a workshop about my prescribing of homeopathic remedies for indigenous heroin addicts. That lead me into my first Ayahuasca experience, (that cured my longish term mild PTSD symptoms etc, etc), ...and already having an indigenous medicine man's gift of Pituri from himself, took me quite far, since I eventually got around to chewing the Pituri as well thereafter. And in 2017, an Israeli man hanging out with Rick Doblin gave me a card with his contact details as the owner of a medical marijuana license for Australia, asking me to provide his contact details to indigenous growers I know. Which I have done. (And oddities are occurring all around.) I am kind of keen to see a Brisbane Chapter of APS made formal, but also mindful that an existing community flow need motivate this process. This is a cut and paste of the part of the APS Constitution related to Chapters, and it ought be noted that there is no need to incorporate, and neither is it stated whether all group members need be an APS member, (although we need assume one or two at least will): 7 Affiliation of Chapters (1) The Association may endorse the affiliation of a Chapter. (2) A group of individuals may apply for endorsement as an affiliated Chapter, if not less than three quarters of its members voting at a general meeting vote in favour of becoming affiliated with the Association. (3) An affiliated Chapter may be established as an unincorporated body which must be consistent with the aims and purposes of the Association. Be mindful of the APS aims including that of "representing the psychedelic community", and since representational roles can become fraught with political mindedness, there are a number of good reasons why not everybody will likely need be interested in being too involved in the process, and also why everybody might want to know about the process...I don't like politics myself, and am proceeding with all due caution therefore. I mean I don't seriously think just a few interested folk from Brisbane can join APS as members, and then claim to represent the community in Brisbane. The role of an affiliated Chapter need reflect reality somehow. This URL is the Constitution which APS inaugurated with. Do note that membership is not by proxy, so potentially every member of a Brisbane Chapter will need to join APS. http://www.psychedelicsociety.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/Constitution_APS.pdf