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  1. 666 = Bunnings bout $50-60 weigh it up against the savings in time and 'free' bamboo stakes
  2. i agree but the cold reality is money is tight for so many people i live 'outa town' so i get the benefit of SFA mortgage, but downside of lower pay I just cant imagine how id posibly be able to rent these day. i met somebody recntly in my position - single income family with younguns - paying 300 a week for a crappy semirural house in NNSW if we are going to save the world then those who made the money out of ruining it need to chip back in. 'just a little bit more' can really lead those on the edge to a long term or acute and real decline into poverty. The govt subsidises all kinds of bullshit enterprises. surely it can take some of its 'future fund' and offset it by reducing the fuel levy on biofuels or cutting taxes for the sustainable energy income component of energy companies we have to make Dirty coal and fossil fuels energy show their true cost, then market forces will drive investment in clean energy look at teh horrific power of managed investmnet funds in australia. why not channel that into renewable energy targets? tax write offs for the rich, affordable clean energy for the poor, good internationa standing for the govt? i like capitalism but you have to keep it on a choker chain and use baits
  3. Rev

    Cool weather edibles again, syringe revival

    nice work what a dry autumn it is ionly thing recently to fruit is pleurotus tuber-regium under my tangelo tree
  4. cuts like butter through bamboo i love my Bahco pruning saw but ill never love anyone ore than my hoe
  5. i realise that its a real problem weve all gone down to tiny blocks the main reason for the large space is that the rotational garden bed thing works OK but when you end up getting clubroot (stays in the soil for YEARS) or bad nematodes as you will eventually you can abandon it/sow it to pasture to fallow a few years this gets rid of the pathogens and also rejuvenates humus. permanent pasture is an excellent carbon sink after reading it i remmeber how my grandparesnt used to get huge crops they had 3/4 acre and would rotary hoe up a patch in the large lawn and plant veggies. the first year was a bumper crop and declines the year after, then theyd abandon it to the kikuyu again and do a new area, and rotate. the yield was perpetual. doen the back was a large chook run and this provided waste disposal and fertliser for the veg patch like slash and burn, or ley farming in a low energy world this is the way to go if you cant then i guess u have to make do and accept lower yields due to pathogen buildup my veg gardens measure maybe 6 x 20m but 25% of that is currently a shadehouse and cactus and a chook run too i can easily see its not enough but anything is better than nothing
  6. Ive seen all the sheetmulching stuff and tried it with varying sucess its great for turning lawn to forest but shit for vegetable gardens not enough nutrition, not enough soil depth, too many snails and slaters i found this book very helpful in finding a new and old way with extensive low input cultivation methods http://www.amazon.com/Gardening-When-Count...r/dp/086571553X ive found this book very refreshing for instance ive rediscovered the value of sharp tools lol and im in love with my Hoe not all is gospel and im happy to talk about percieved errors in the method - mostly to do with the fact that being brier subtropical im on the edge of the useful territory. And to do with seed quality but the majority of it is very good in practice The mulch is back aroundthe trees and on some paths where it belongs theres a great recipe for COF (complete organic fertiliser) ive switched to usining on edibles over various crappy organic and some potent inorganic ones ill copy it out later bit busy now anyway great book its really the second opinion you need if youve tried other methods and you arent winning or if you think its hard work growing veggies
  7. doesnt kill it though but it can be useful if you want to like blady grass the new growth is soft and palatable so you can graze it out (blady grass = poor mans oats) or give it a weak spray
  8. Rev

    What the hell are these?

    i could go to the shroomery dont make me go in there mama please! its not so easy to sift through all the shite. and if you search you have to search the threads not the main site or you get very little info on anything they are, if its a cube, hardened growths that are like sclerotia in this effect but have no known function unlike real sclerotia they dont cope with adverse conditions then fruit if its blue its good there was also talk bout over incubation bein good its a known phenomenom in biotechnology that usually once sugar is used up the secondary metabolites increase significantly did it fruit?
  9. Look i dont align myself with the great majority of what WS says either eveyone has the right to an opinion and i do get something out of WS's assertions and alleged evidence just not always what WS does WS isnt abusive or obtrusive and doesnt break any forum rules dont say you dont know by now what your asking for when you open a WS thread but you are just being a prick about it, even just plain trolling if you cant be courteous then please excuse yourself
  10. but maybe its like a phosphene aya vision you see it but if you try and focus on it it disapears maybe the truth is less about the nucleus of the story and more about the quantum electron cloud surrounding it
  11. Rev

    Grey Water

    so wahts wrong with "sodium laurel sulphate!" ive heard rumours but usually alongside other conspiracy theories anyone done their homework? new thread?
  12. Or Jade perch http://www2.dpi.qld.gov.au/fishweb/14076.html http://www.ausyfish.com/jade_perch.htm or if you have to even kissing gourami from the petshop get to 20cm and are raised in indonesia for eating where admitedly they prefer smaller fish
  13. LOl heres my aquaculture effort atm i collect water in drums all over the garden in each i put fish to eat mozzies air breathing ones like gourami or just hardy ones like guppies now they are overwintering in the greenhouse with some late test germinated lotus one day ill do better
  14. Rev

    unidentifyed cactus cutting

    might not be a hybrid the current paucity of named species available is probably at odds with the actual number of species out there There has probably been more seed and clones collected from remote valleys throughout western south america than there has been botanists time to name them. this may be one? Take the Peruvianus for example If you discount whats the kk242 and its allies and the peru/macrogonus (like icaros) overlap or synonymity you are still left with a large number of distinct forms lumped as either peruvianus or some with their own names like T santaensis I know of one peruvanus that looks intergraded between santaensis and the more macrogonus type. wild looking plant one of the reasons i unashamdely try and score every wird trch i hear of is i like to put them next to one another, and try and see how they relate to each other if possible, or at least group them into allied subgroups based on distingusihing shared features this two spine thing adds to another outlier to make a new cluster. to my eyes its a 'peruvianoid' of unknown affilliation ramble ramble my point is theres no reason to assume its a hybrid straight away just cos it looks wierd try and find out who planted it there is sometimes info attached you can sleuth out
  15. i use lemon grass too but its not as cold hardy, it does frost back and this has a far deeper root system id offer slips but i want to be sure i have this monto variety b4 speading it about i may have to got to the bris botanic gdns as ive had no luck in replies from the proffessors involved in the qld work
  16. ive heard of the weed thing but most grass in australia today is Monto, a sterile cultivar sourced from the brisbane botanic gardens and as noted its VERY susceptible to glyphosate. a burn and a spray would kill all adults
  17. Rev

    yr favourite natural stimulant

    sorry wasnt referring to physical addiction just to desire it tastes good (novo i mean, dont like coca at all), its good for you, and it makes you feel good and strong top that :D no availability means i left it off #1 on my list re lime i have a recipe i can dig out of a book for lime used for betel nut chewing looks like the same process
  18. Rev

    unidentifyed cactus cutting

    IME a defining feature of eilee is the shapeshifting spination is all over the place from ) ,1,2,3 to 5 or so and this can all be next to one another and shes generally fatter so That is def not eileen look at the regularity of it among other things still tho....want to trade for a tip cut with flower buds like those have :D nice find. its mature i have one kinda like it with the two pronged spines. may be synomymous , might not be i can swap like for like if you care to any (ahem) bioassy info known to you?
  19. Rev

    ready for winter?

    consult a sparky it can be done safely but no i mean professional heatmats like they use in commercial propagation setups id expect they arent ever cheap, but compared to the shite sold to the general public they would be DL once said they had good ones as water bed heaters attach a decent thermostat and youre laughing best used on an insulated surface to avoid creating a heat sink below
  20. Rev

    ready for winter?

    just shutting down my plants now i put them in a dry greenhouse and give plenty of daytime heat , give them their last liquid ferts and seaweed and let them dry out over the next month then ill wrap them in hessian or frostguard and store dry over winter (june 1st plus 4 months) with maybe a light water in a warm spell ill put them inside the shed , greenhouse or leave out in the open depending on cold tolerance - teh real touchy ones go inside with the iboga all but a few cacti - incl the grafted lophs stay outside so long as the frost isnt directly falling on them and they were quite dry i didnt have any troubles with lophs and subzero nights last year they purple a bit but come back very healthy in the spring when nights warm up
  21. I had some GP's but the cae was inadequate either they got out , or more likley something got in and whittled them down to 1 - which is obviously unsustainable :rollseyes: gotta redesign the quarters and restock will they cohabit with chooks? we have 2 x light sussex , maybe more later i admit ive only eaten wild rabbit too if the GPS get a good varied diet and lost of fresh grass as opposed to pellets shouldnt they tatse better? chicken certainly does
  22. Rev

    Grey Water

    all my water currently goes to the septic system of 2 tanks when the second fills an auto pump comes on and pumps it into a 10m x 9m gravel filled trench where it 'evaporates' in reality though i think a fair bit seeps out ill get pics soon ive put my citrus peaches and mulberries around it theres also arrowroot (mulch only) over which my gourds have gone mad if i was frost free id have several banana plants instead alongside all this is lots of comfrey and vetiver grass to suck up lots of water we try and use low sodium , but i prefer the high phosphorus detergents cos i WANT that 'free' fertiliser, o/wise im going to have to buy it anyway - like binbags the idea is to assist in the safe retention and use of this water, and to recycle the nutrients back into the rest of the garden all seems to be working well so far its a patch job really on a broken system before i moved in. if i was to design one from scratch id do it a lot better and id have a composting toilet so there wouldnt be much except grey water id have the grey water subsurface irrigated to the fruit and nut trees and any excess going to a vetiver or reed 'swamp' to be biofiltered. then id cut this a couple times a year or more and mulch the trees with it also id run the absolute excess of the rainwater system through it too in season to flush the system of accumulated salts
  23. Rev

    Pachanoi pollen

    not a good flowering year so far for me nothing now and nothing apparent in the near future
  24. Rev

    peak soil

    i would think biogas would be the best? if all you are extracting is carbon hydrogen and oxygen as alcohols then all the sludge with all the nutes goes back on the same land there would be less loss than current agriculture of course unless its legislated for then it wont go back to the same land. it will become a commodity of its own and get squandered Also theres no reason for biofuels not to co-exist with food production palm oil plantation in malaysia are doing better now there are polycultures using cattle to eat down the weeds, which themselves are part of biodiversity, and this predation should lead to an increase in diversity at ground level they are also experimenting with understorey cropping medicinal plants - like tongkat ali as a perrenial crop its got a lot of things going in its favour Canola - rape seed ,is on the other hand one of the very worst of all crops for disease and effect on soil fertility