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  1. Rev

    Any finds in FNNSW?

    thye are def about try higher altitude SE qld and Far NNSW Auracaria and pinus forest
  2. Rev

    cardboard for food!!!!

    whats wrong with cardboard? have you never eaten a snag at a suasage sizzle before?
  3. global warming is occurring why? does it matter? the response is the same it irks me that weve been watching a downhill slide of our environmnet nearly 500 years and now in 2007 everyone gets precious about just one aspect yes - conserving energy is good yes all teh shite they recommend ins response is good but it doesnt make the reasoning right going green makes sense even without GW- simple economics shows we save money if we are efficient and the world is in less political turmoil if we arent fighting over oil , or coal , or uranium deposits so waht with all this fucking time wasting thats been going on? if they hedge all the public goodwill on an impnding doomsday that is shown to be false theyll squander sentimnet forever like WMD or WOT all bullshit nice intent bullshit reasons = lost confidence
  4. Rev

    $ Value Of Cacti

    ive grown mine from 3 to 10 tubercules since 2004 and its accelerating its lets say..(looking at it now) avergae 5cm across, not incl projected tubercules and 5-6 years old from seed a retusus that is it cost me $4 in 2004 they are FAR FAR easier to grow than lophs very very easy in fact - just keep up the sahde and humidity when young seed cost imprted seed quality (shite) difficulty to peresk graft and CITES costs are the things that keep cost high if i had my own seed in abundance - theyd be as cheap as a bunnings lobivia
  5. Rev

    anadenanthera peregrina[?] leaf [in oz]

    so can you clear this up? i have all 3 of gurunas anadenatheras- and there is definite morphological difference but are you instead referring to the tree we stood under?
  6. Weve just bought in some woolens from NZ http://www.nznature.co.nz/ a few different things but the quality is good also good i think to support southern hemisphere manufacturing and especially the use of Fine Merino and feral possum wool from NZ they have a few chinese items (with silk in it) but most in made in NZ ive only just started doing my winter shopping id rather spend the $ there than on heating bills i reckon i can get away without turning on the heater till mid june, and stop using it by end august if we rug up right that'll take a chunk out of last years $600 plus winter electricity bill the possum wool thing seems to be catching. our local post office guy sports a possum beanie too i figured the topics relevant here dressing right is the start of energy conservation yeah? and darn the feral possums
  7. Heres a few links to those who like most of us either rent or live in shiftily designed homes that need retrofitting for heating and cooling energy savings http://www.solar-cool.com.au/heat-reflecti...CFQaNbgodEyD1HQ made by resene http://www.infolink.com.au/Companies/Resene-Paints http://www.pulse-denshi.co.jp/english/general/gen001.html please add more reading material if you know of it
  8. Rev

    The Future Of David Hicks

    FWIW i reckon hicks is innocent on all counts - so far as law at the time goes simply..framed his involvemnet in afghanistan was prior to and nothing to do with the USA - so whats this enemy shite? he could say- you invaded us motherfucker! al qaeda and Taliban afghanistan jave very little to do with each other far less than taliban afghanistan and the oil piplelines with USA interests have in common if he went to fight "the west" - good on him i fight "the west " too , internally fuck US imperialism, war for oil, and israel as a racist illegitimate state (rather than the idlyllic 'democratic' state they publicly espouse) whatever fundamentalist islams has going against it, plenty, those things are not myth but fact free david hicks free palestine
  9. Rev

    Psychedelics Encyclopedia:

    staying relevant is what its all about i already own the book and after waiting so long for an english version i was disappointed its not so much of a reference as a historical document in my library good on him to try, but maybe he attempted the impossible in such a fast moving field and encyclopaedia is quite possibly the very worst thing to be writing he should stick to smaller tomes example by proxy claudias herbs and witchcraft book is excellent in fact i wouldnt be writing ( or buying current ) EB books atm given the rapid changes and assimilation of information, wait till things cool down, or youll mostly be buying yesterdays news. in contrast i do collect any relevant papers also plenty of pre-internet ethnographic texts which essentially detail worlds that no longer exist - the change in the world even from the 1990's to the tweens is so fundamental it needs a book of its own also i doubt the correlation between file sharing and decline in book sales same information with two very different markets i love books and hate computers and their software ( as the primitive restrictive objects and systems they are) as a book person i value them and will buy them regardless of whether i have that info already because i just find computers unreliable and annoying to read and navigate - why mess with VR when R is already as good as it gets?
  10. Rev

    Hybrid legality

    i like your take on this if i had such a strain, id tell none of you! id go register the cultivar as a new variety (no pbr, just the name) then propagate the hell out of it and get it all over the world in peoples flower beds by the time better homes n gardens or gardening aistralia tells people how wonderful it is and you can get it at plants r us and bunnings thats about the time i let u know bout it
  11. Rev

    Salvia flowers *UPDATE*

    my bad again the latest upgrade to the truth via that link suggest its is not even self infertile, at least not completely if 2 strains were available it would prob cause a higher strike rate though
  12. Rev

    Salvia flowers *UPDATE*

    if you follow up on the more recent sage research (mid 90's onwards) youll find it is fertile and produces seeds on sieberts website there are pictures of the seed - they set 4 per flower its just like trichs - self infertile the problem is that AFAIK theres only one clone in Australia, and u need 2
  13. ill add to that its good practice to strip the few nodes just below the graft it seems to help the scion take sorry for being unhelpful before i know you know why though, i knew about whats printed above by researching all i could find over at the nook andelsewhere but still lost many of my first tries theres a skill in the handling process and the timing, and visual skills in selecting and matching stocks and scions grafting is surgery after all no tek can ever replace having a go and learning by mistake
  14. Rev

    SBS sucks

    whats with pay tV? why is it even MORE crap than free to air? viva la SBS if sbs goes don the toilet im ditching my tv, it, and abc2 are the only reason we have TV fuck imparja ( "free" to air sattelite ala 9/10/7 crap)
  15. Rev

    Pachanoi pollen

    my T terscheckii , 6/7 years from seed, one has buds on it , so itll flower in a a few months.
  16. Rev

    Pachanoi pollen

    i think youd be surprised pollen viabilty has a lot more to do with species than the age of the pollen. T pachanoi 'backeberg; / riomizquensis? pollen is very shortlived whereas scops. bridgesii and spach is long lived and fertile
  17. Rev

    Cacti seed clearance

    well im pretty busy with what ive got ut lets trade seedlings....
  18. Rev

    Strange package of seeds

    haha yes there was only one person with the intent to share such wonders SA is the second best state IMO to be n avid colector of EB's qld obviously wins always....
  19. Rev

    Carrier plant

    aeriously though ' people should try their mixers on their own and judge for quality i uphold ergot alkaloid ala convovulaceae, cal poppy. mint and wormwood - easy and pleasant tried them? have a critical admixture to add?
  20. i could tell you' but first what do you think ? and why? ?? are there areas that are mre or less susceptible? how wil you mangae this?>
  21. Rev

    Time for poppy sowing now?

    happens here bro tenterfield on top of the great dividing range will get -14/-15C some nights and get an early spring - then whammo late spring frosts come in and kill even the maples
  22. Rev

    Carrier plant

    damians ime is rough as guts wormwood is smoother but still rough try mint or cal poppy