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  1. Barnard

    What The?? Cactus pups

    Interesting Zelly,thanks for the info mate
  2. Barnard

    What The?? Cactus pups

    Thanks EG, I really hope this is not serious, I have removed both pups that look suspicious, not happy about having to isolate the plant from my collection though. Hope it is gone... cheers
  3. Barnard

    What The?? Cactus pups

    Have not fed anything for months.. EG yes they are pupping on top of each other, but not all. I've attached a couple close ups for you to look at. I have quite a large healthy collection and this is the first time I've had anything like this happen. Definitely not sunburn. Shall I cut off the other pup that is starting to go black? look at the colour of the one I already pulled of its super black. From a healthy pup to super black in maybe three days... Cheers,
  4. Barnard

    What The?? Cactus pups

    Hi guys, check out one of my trichs, anyone seen this many pups before? So far ive counted about 10. But my concern is one is some of the rot. I already had to cut off one pup because it turned black and now another is doing the same... You can see it in picture right hand side. How should I proceed?? cheers
  5. Barnard

    Acacia ID help please

    That's what I was thinking too, but am no expert, maybe someone else can confirm? cheers
  6. Hello, Need some help with an acacia ID I always had an idea of what I think this acacia species is... And when driving home the other day I was shocked to see the council had decided to do some trimming on them !!!! So I grabbed some of the cuttings left over to try and get proper id, hence the pictures. Environment is very hot and dry this time of year, which maybe is why the colour is not as green as id expect, seems very greyish The smallest specimen only is starting to flower... Let me know what species you think Thanks
  7. All done for now people,, will get posted out soon. Cheers
  8. Greetings, I would like to give away some poppy "giganteum" seeds to those interested. Each baggie might have a few hundred seeds, maybe more. I also have a small amount of Cubenis "Burma" prints available. (for microscopy only of course ) Let me know what your like or if you want both. I'm happy to give away, but I do collect trichocereus if anyone wanted to share. Cheers...
  9. Barnard

    What Video Games Do You Play?

    Mech Warrior Online... Surely some of you guys are old battletech fans???
  10. Barnard

    Loph Care help

    Just an update, you were correct watertrade, weather has warmed up, and mr loph is looking good, nice and plump again, and is back outdoors for this years growing season. Cheers.
  11. Barnard

    Loph Care help

    Yes you are right, will ensure it gets topped up with some soil ASAP
  12. Barnard

    Loph Care help

    Here is a couple pictures of the loph.. I hope they show problem, but keep in mind it is a lot better than it was. So is it ok to keep in window seal or should It be kept out in the winter elements to toughen up? Cheers
  13. Barnard

    Loph Care help

    Hello, A loph button maybe 6cm diameter seems to have gone a bit soft and wrinkly, over maybe half its side area, and im a bit worried. Can attach a pic if needed. It got a good watering from rain, but it is winter and I think maybe was too much for it, should I be worried? Temps about 3 deg C min and 20 max at the moment. Since this was noticed it was put inside on window seal but receives no direct sun. It has been maybe a month, has improved a little but still soft in areas. Should I put back into the elements or leave in window seal? Any advice would be good. Cheers.
  14. Barnard


    Just thought id show my super pedro x J3. Its by far the slowest growing and smallest cactus I have, not sure why... otherwise a nice cactus. Cheers.
  15. Barnard


    Hmm that is interesting cactuscarl, never seen anything like it before, would like to see another pic in a month or two time...