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    se QLD and Nrth NSW meet ups

    Hi, I was wondering if there are any meetups or what not around the gold coast, Byron ish areas that happen or Only the Brisbane one. I have been an avid gardener for quite a few years now and I am looking to push past my anxietys and maybe meet some like minded people. Anybody interested can IM me. I fell like there is alot my experiance I could gain from others .
  2. slayertat

    Psychotria DWC

    In DWC Its almost a necessity.
  3. slayertat

    the time has come.

    man this cracked me up
  4. slayertat

    What Video Games Do You Play?

    world of warcraft diablo 3 skyrim
  5. slayertat

    Psychotria DWC

    if the lucas formula contains any organics it could be problemetic, Are you considering setting up recirculating DWC?
  6. slayertat

    viridis bug infestation

    Try sprayin with eco neem, also spray just on dusk not in the morning or in full sun, ive also found white oil good for bugs on my viridis but its not great.
  7. slayertat

    se QLD and Nrth NSW meet ups

    pleasure to meet everyone, aThanks Jox always a pleasure to head down to pussy town
  8. slayertat

    Psychotria DWC

    hydro nutes mate, usaully the fully synthetic ones Iike canna, house and garden etc for DWC as this system is notorious for pythium breakouts if you are using organics
  9. slayertat

    camping spots

    goats head?
  10. slayertat

    camping spots

    Hey all, Does any one know any good secluded camping spots not too far from the Gold Coast? No need for amenities, just somewhere where other people are not lol. Im keen to just grab a two man tent on any given weekend and just get out and find some peace. Dont want to drive for hours and hours though. Cheers
  11. slayertat

    NNSW Meet/Camp

    depending on the dates but yeah id be in this
  12. slayertat

    'Popping the question', ideas, advice, stories :)

    Proposed in Melbourne, hired one of those horse and carraiges on the main street down there, got going but I had no idea my wife is allergic to horses.....So she starts sneezing, eyes watering, you know the whole allergic reaction thing. I quickly get down onto my knee to propose so we can get off. The carraige hits a bump and the damn ring goes flying out of my hand!!. So im scrounging around on the floor of this horse carraige looking for the ring, my wife is sneezing uncontrollably and the driver had no idea any of this is going on lol. Well I found the ring, popped the question and she said yes but I couldnt tell if the tears were from my proposeal or the horse lol. makes for a good story though
  13. slayertat


    mate , i used to sufer bad back pain constantly as i have kyposis of the spine. I tried chiro and osteo , I use to see my chiro weekly, he wasnt one of the back crackers though he would do adjustments with a little tool and work pressure points. this would give me relief for a few days until the next visit. But for the last year I have been doing pilates once a week with a physio and Im happy to say I now live my life relatively pain free. Definitely nedd private health cover though, then it costs me mothing for 8 months of the year anf 14 bucks a visit the rest
  14. slayertat

    se QLD and Nrth NSW meet ups

    Bumping , lets do another one soon
  15. when I was alot younger I was riding my pushy over to a mates house. It was around 3 am in the morning and I had availed myself of a red dragon and a reasonable amount of cannabis earlier in the night. As I was approaching a large hill around the corner from my mates ( its a serious fun ride down) I passed a lady jogging with a big German Shepard dog running beside her. Now as I was tripping balls It didnt occur to me that it was fucking weird for a chick to be jogging at night, let alone at 3am. Well as I passed her and her dog right up the top of the hill something strange happened. I didnt pass her, she started running faster and was right beside me and my bike. Now im on a steep hill and im picking up speed fast, but her and her dog are still right beside me. Im starting to freak out so im in the lowest gear and peddling my heart out as well. im flying by now and at the bottom of the hill I finally start to out run her. I look back and she had just stopped and was just watching me ride off. I was seriously weirded out, when I arrived at my mates palce I told him about what I just experianced and he sat there with a freaked out look on his face. He the preceded to tell me that three days ago a chick was walking her dog down that hill and a car accidently hit and killed her. He showed me it in the newspaper. If I wasnt fucking spinning out before I certainly was now. Definitely one of the weirdest experainces I had in my life.
  16. slayertat

    Serendipity and dmt

    oh wow this for me as well along with a friend making me watch The rainbow and the serpent. But definitley reading Burroughs notes in the back of NL statred my curiousity. So weird i had nearly totally forgot about that.
  17. slayertat

    se QLD and Nrth NSW meet ups

    well im good for any sunday , if not this sunday, we need a new location . Any suggestions? Someone suggested commera river last time.
  18. slayertat

    se QLD and Nrth NSW meet ups

    bumping the thread for interest
  19. slayertat

    se QLD and Nrth NSW meet ups

    I reckon it may be time to do it again...thoughts?
  20. slayertat

    Meet up: Brisbane

    oh man i just got from camping at maroon dam out that way , would love to head back
  21. slayertat

    Best Soil for Lophs

    my only concern is how moist the coco will stay, but if the percentage is low enogh it should dry reasonbly quickly while still giving the plant a decent feed
  22. slayertat

    Best Soil for Lophs

    hmm i might give it a go
  23. slayertat

    Best Soil for Lophs

    I was just having a thought , that if loph responds best to soiless mediums than how would it fair using traditional hydro mediums, maybe a mix of this http://www.growstone.com/soil-aerator-2/, expanded clay and there is a new coco product out now by NF called coco chips wich has superior drainage? they also do a 70/30 coco perlite mix. then just feeding nutrient once a month or something like that. I could set up a trial but id rather not risk it lol
  24. slayertat

    se QLD and Nrth NSW meet ups

    great to meet you all yesterday, really look forward to this becoming a regular thing
  25. slayertat

    Post your track of the day