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  1. medicinedan

    great SALVIA vids on YOUTUBE

    Cheers, that makes your point clearer, fair enough. Though I would suggest that the 'other dimensions' and 'machine elves' were integral parts to Terence Mckenna's experiences with DMT and he philosophised about them. Lets remember that Mckenna was very well educated, as was Leary so it is incorrect to suggest that they were anything less. 'A load of wank' I suppose is another way of saying that it is utter rubbish, but it is merely one mans vision and his interpretation of what he has seen so I don't see how it is a 'load of wank'. And I don't know what you are referring to with your 'jedi knights' and 'spiritual elitism' I think you might be going a bit far there, unless I am missing something?
  2. medicinedan

    great SALVIA vids on YOUTUBE

    What do you actually mean by this? Elaborate
  3. medicinedan

    great SALVIA vids on YOUTUBE

    I would like to discuss your point of view glenn, but I really cant understand what you are saying.
  4. medicinedan

    great SALVIA vids on YOUTUBE

    im not sure where you are coming from glenn?. Really though, shamans are hardly schizophrenic, many of them come from societies which know nothing of physiology. But you know that
  5. medicinedan

    great SALVIA vids on YOUTUBE

    Glenn, you may never have learned of DMT or LSD if it wasn't for McKenna and Leary. I can imagine you on drugs dude, like a shallow child ''ooohh im trippin, im trippin'' and thinking to yourself that the voices your hearing, the messages you recieve, the things you see are really only a projection of the altered biochem in your brain and therefore hold no special meaning. So then you take drugs just for a buzz? something to do on a friday night?
  6. medicinedan

    catha for weight loss

    I think stimulants are good because have the added benefit of being stimulating . One thing a lot of overweight people have in common is inactivity, they are incredibly lazy and consume very little energy compared to the shit foods (high energy/ refined sugars/ fats) some of them shovel into their mouths. So they really benefit from the stimulating nature and find motivation and energy to expend energy. For some cases I think the dangers of being obese outweigh the dangers of a well planned weight loss program incorporating powerful stimulants.
  7. medicinedan

    Cases still not fruiting!!

    Totally overkill in my opinion. It depends on the total volume of the growing container. I have frequently left a growing container with 15litre volume for days with no FAE, with minimal negative effects. I have also observed the following; several cased mixes thrown into a big zip loc bag, (guess 3litre capacity) never given FAE grow shrooms quite long and fat. They were left to rot and die, still no FAE, there was a large second flush all quite big specimens, then left to die and rot in the bag with still no FAE, there were subsequent 3rd and 4th flushes which were half contaminated by this time. My point is don't get to fussed about FAE, its fairly overrated. Most important factors are temp and humidity IMHO. Remember the more FAE, the more you lower humidity so if you do 4 exchanges per hour I expect you must have a heated water reservoir for humidity. I recommend once- twice a day is sufficient. Don't over complicate things, if the temp and humidity is right they will grow.
  8. medicinedan

    catha for weight loss

    When I went overseas I had some with a friend. For me a little bit, ie one small leaf can go a long way. I cant comment whether it is the plant or you. But I am quite sensitive to psychoactives since I ceased using them so frequently.
  9. medicinedan

    catha for weight loss

    Hi all, So ephedra has been very popular in the past with diet people. Caffeine also a proven weight loss tool. Amphetamines can be observed to have a very dramatic effect on weight loss. All these compounds are CNS stimulants, is it the CNS stimulating effect that causes the weight loss? Or another mechanism. And closely related to these is the compounds in catha, so one would assume that catha might have similar weight loss potential as ephedra. Please everyone chip in with your opinion, knowledge. Especially the biochem/ physiology knowledge peoples. Cheerio MedicineDAn
  10. medicinedan

    some pics

    Hello everyone Found this little guy cruising around my cacti especially the spachianus, keeping the nasties away, enjoy the pics.
  11. medicinedan

    protecting my cacti

  12. medicinedan

    protecting my cacti

  13. medicinedan

    protecting my cacti

  14. medicinedan

    Couple of shroom pics (with freak shroom)

    congrats, looking very tasty
  15. medicinedan

    My first flowering Pachanoi. (images)

    very nice work! . How tall is the pedro?