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  1. yeah, glaukus i know what you are refering to.


    i think it's very sientific, to know of one principle, and than try to find out if it can be, a factor under different cirumstances.

    some particles are at two locations at the same time, and so far it's believed by the smartest people, that only the action of, observing the particle makes it appear.


    i remember an experiment, where a very distant quasar was used as the random generator, because all systems on earth (generating random pulses), would be already quantum linked.


  2. nice post, fancy pants.


    with most healing, as with the above written, it;s the power of the mind, which seems to be the major factor.

    i have read a lot over the years about faith healing, and shamans do the same, with plants or without.

    i watched for example a lot about bruno groening, and i try to be a very sientific person.

    i wondered if, this web site could be used for some trials, and if the data gained could give more insights into this phenomena.

    my brain is slack, today, but the bottom line of, this research would be two groups, one that knows, healing vibes are being sent, and one who doesn't know if they get "good vibes sent".

    as well, you could ask for good vibes, if you have an important test, or have to face a situation which would fill you with a lot of anxiety.


    it seems that, very serious conditions can;t be healed, by distant healing.

    now i wan't to make a point that i totally oppose healers, that are after money and power.


    maybe i can come up with a format, or better somebody else  how to test, if the good vibes generator has some merit.

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  3. many names of "all the kingdoms" originate from non latin backrounds. and the rule is they get "latinised".

    so for example, in latin words end with an double ii, most people, forget that and use only one i.


    let me sidetrack a bit, because the ch is a very interresting thing overall. 

    think of the finace advisor from channel 7, he's name is koch. for obvious reasons, he doesn't want to be called kock.

    so if you have watched tv and he get's mentioned, thats what you have to use as a ch in pachanoi.


    the issue is that, one has to learn as a child, how to make all those different sounds, of your language,

    and it's quite a challange to learn new sounds later in life. (this fact often triggers racism in under educated people)

    so one has to go easy, latin plant names are though a 100% necassary, becaus they are unique and colloquial terms are not.


    i cop it at times twice, from some uneducated people, once for my accent, and second for using latin terms for trees for example....


  4. no, no we are getting nowhere with this.

    your conclusion, try your best with your own native ling as quide is totaly wrong.

    the pc i am using doesent have a speaker, so i cant go this avenue, but i try a different approach.


    LOOK ther is a big difference in how scots and welsh, pronounce the ch featured in pachanoi, compared to the rest of english speakers.

    that goes back to the galic language....

    pachanoi gets pronouced in latin like a scott pronouces the ch, in loch ness.

    my family name has a ch in the middle, and ozzy and english, turn it into a ck, but scotts and many asians pronouce my name correctly, like a galic english speaker.

    that is an observation i made when called, from a waiting room, those people having never heard my name before.

    english speakers don't have this ch sound in there lingo, so fair enough if you pronounce it packanoi.


    THIS IS A VERY TOUCHY SUBJECT FOR ME, AS I SPEAK english with an accent, and uneducated people at times correct me, but on the same tokken, they don't speak any foreign language, and all the german you hear at the big bang theory or at dokus are totaly inaudible. but used as a means to create the illusion, they can speak german and how good they are. pisses me off totaly. ther are exceptions though, like stephan fry, whos german words are pretty well spoken.


    if i use the term vorfreude, i have to say it incorrectly so englis people understand me. telling me how to say panzer and jugendstil, i can only scratch my head...:BANGHEAD2::scratchhead:

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  5. i had only 2 years of latin in school and forgot most.


    latin and english clash a lot, and german does'nt. the way you pronounce in german works for latin. 

    i can get quite upset with the latin used by most of the gardening australia people, because it's very wrong.


    oo gets spelled oh in latin, and most english speakers don't know that oo pronouced u is a english thing only.

    the problem with pachanoi is the ch which should be pronounced something like huch, like in german.


    i use and try to learn 2 ways of latin names one for the english speakers and one for latin speakers, but i get upset, if people claim the english is the right way.

    another thing is, that there is even a norm how to writte latin terms,  but i can't show you because i don't know how to change the font.


    Homo neanderthalensis, second term allways small letter.



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  6. i think, one can't give advice to ephedras in general, as they come from very different latitudes and climatic zones because of elevation.

    some grow in the desert, like nevandesis.

    some high up in the alps like helvetia.

    some grow close to the seashores.

    asking, 'might a saucer help', could be answered with yes, for some plants, under some circumstances and no for others.

    many ephedras i did grow at my location died, either because, they did not like the extreem heat, or it was not cold enough for them.

    sagi's location allows many ephedras to flourish, whilst mine favors only a few.

    one thing is for sure, they all like good drainage, and can die after heavy rain causes water to remain in a spot.

    those ephedras grew the fastes in my garden, but monsoonal rains killed them after 5 years.

    btw, the university botanical garden in vienna has some minimas which set seed regularly, they got as well a helvetia (sorry to use this term) but i never seen fruit on it.


    ephedras are living fossils, and even more special than ginko biloba, we can learn a lot about evolution when studying ephedras.



    i don't think fragilis and major are the same.

    my 2m tall big plants are maybe 16-17 years old and at least one of them came from some seeds torsten did sell via  his shop.

    a very good methode to get an idea about ephedras is to taste them.

    i once did this at kew gardens, which do have a very big ephedra collection, you can test, one ephedra sample every 15 min or so.

    take a few stalks and chew them thorougly, watch out for taste sensation and effects.

    i believe that ephedra alkaloids have never been investigated in detail, and many surprises and discoveries will be made by future genarations.


    i suffer from hayfever and globus sensation, ephedrin is only one of very few substances that can help me.

    unfortunately the tga and  lawmakers, don't care if ther restrictions of ephedrin, causes me suffering. they believe the alternatives are even better, but they ar useless for me.

    if you suffer from a condition where ephedrin is the best, than good luck of recieving help. all doctors get brain washed by the pharmas, and are delusional when it comes to many drugs.





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  7. hi, lou!


    the cathas in the pic, are what we call the red strain.

    i named the vienna white, the planthelper, and started calling some x pollinated strains pinks.


    the red strain originated from wa, and the property owner of one of those trees in wa, became even a member here for a while. he found sab, because he investigated why some people, tresspassed his garden and kept pruning his red catha.


    the vienna white, comes from the university botanical gardens in vienna, it was sourced originally, from yemen.


    the narrow leaved, comes from trees in the royal botanical gardens sydney, and a tree in tarango zoo.

    rumours say it was confiscated by the border patrol.


    the plant helper is a x cross between a narrow leaved and a vienna white, it displays good hybreed vigor.


    once all those plants got established, many cross polinated seeds got produced and traded.

    the pinks are one of those open pollinated breeds. there are as well, narrow leaved semi reds, and planthelper pinks and many intermidiates.

    yemen bosts, to have hundreds of different strains. we got as well at some stage seeds from south africa, but some description of his seeds were incorrect....


    hope that helps.

    broad leaved qat makes an easy cutting, narrow leaved qat, does not strike well from cuttings, but produces suckers. those suckers can be used, to produce easy cuttings as well.

    but once the narrow leaved plant stops producing leaves in a spiral fashion, the abilety to take cuttings from those plants diminishes.

    if you start of with a nl sucker, and often take cuttigs from it, this action will slow down the aging process to some degree.

    madragora took cuttings of mature narroleaved plants, where a young side shoot is formed, and had good success, but she was an above average probagator.

    if you want manny nl's you might just propagate from seed. if there are many other cathas around, than some to all seedlings could be cross pollinated.

    so choose narrow leaved seeds from an isolated tree.

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  8. On 19/03/2022 at 1:42 AM, sagiXsagi said:


    It would be extra cool for me if you showed detailed pictures, especially since your plants  seem to be  major and fragilis , so a real side by side comparison would be awesome...  5 pics per plant would be cool! things we are searching is:   

    1)  woody trunk ,  how many main trunks, are the branches the same width? 

    2) does one do suckers near the base  while the other  branches from the woody base  ??  


    1, many and some suckers emerged just 30 cm away from the original plant, this plant i think is fragilis and it has a bluish color.

    2, both plants sucker away from the original seedling, but the major does sucker even meters away from the main plant. it's more greenish in color.


    i have removed many suckers, i hope to upload a pic in given time.

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  9. there are 4 palms of this kind, in my botanical garden, and only one has ripe seeds on it, i have to get lucky to pick up some fallen ones.

    other people pick them up to, and at times, the whole bunch dissapeared from one day to the other.


    i don't remeber what i did in the past when i germinated them (they died after a mild frost allthough shelterd on the balcony)

    but i would take the husk off and scarifie the seed coat.

  10. can't help with a pic, as it's very labor intensive for me to upload pics, and i got last time, i tried a massive upload error. so i stopped posting pics (i got no mobile).


    i think to remember that, you asked me once for seeds, i managed to sprout one seed, and can send you many cutting of this plant.

    it's of the strain that, is lees likely to form seed, i call it the ed strain, it's been around for a long time.

    the other strain i call darcy strain, as he indroduced this strain, it forms seeds easely, you maybe could source this plant from herbalistics, in case the still are trading.


    drop me a pm and i send you cuttings.

  11. what a beautifull area, with flowers and cypress pines...

    all the ephedras on your pics are very small, obviously regrowth after a fire (or fires).

    i would look now for, plants which did not had to endure fires, an ephedra of your kind grows up to 2m tall after 15 years.


    btw, i am seeking e. sinica seeds, i grew once a plant and it flourished but got killed, by an overly zelous lawmover operator (me).:BANGHEAD2:

  12. congratulations to this exciting find!

    i hope in good time you can upload a couple of pics, so we can get more of an idea, of how it grows.


    i wonder if the rocks, provide good drainage to this plant, and if they even provide some form of protection from fires.

    as you say, it loves to sucker, and i agree that this habit, would also make it to be able to re generate, after fires.

    ephedras are one of my favorite plants, and i admire that those living fossils, managed to cultivate sea shores, deserts and alpine ground.


    i could easely see, that ephedras were as well distributed by humans, for a very long time, as it's a very usefull medicinal plant.


    i once posted here about the ephedras at kew royal botanical gardens, and the posibilety, to test chew a variety of species there.

    some people believe, john smith the founder of the mormons, dosed up too high on ephedra, and as such got his messages from the angel.


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  13. i grew courtii, from free seed, and it did do well even at my super hot location.


    one day, many moons ago, i woke up and said, "i clean my yard", and i chucked courtii, but she smelled super nice...

    i tell you a secret, acacia bakerii!

    it's one of my own discoveries,Acacia bakeri - Wikipedia

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  14. i have sent an e mail regarding this, and started a thread.

    i will look for it and post a link, it at least gives you a time frame of when it happend...


    so a few years ago i uploaded a pic, and the forum software must have thought it was a video.

    i clicked stop, because the uploading took, far longer than usally.


    my post count shot up by a 1000 or more, because every dark image, appearing at the top of the page, was counted like i posted a gallery pic.


    so those black pics, i can't find because, pressing just the left symbol at the gallery pics doesn't get you back all the way to what was uploaded in june 2020.

    but they are still there because my post count is still to high.

    another thing is, that if one clicks gallery, it always features the pics of bullit, and this page used to change randomly, and give other members a chance to have ther pics promoted.

    tort, here it is. took me a while to find...


  15. a long time ago, a farmer, heard my morning cough, and prepared me a salvia officinalis tea.

    she used a lot of herb, and it produced some strange sensations. if i remember correctly, a feeling of being removed from, reality, bright dot's of light, and seeing the world more in sepia only.

    it lasted for a few hours, and i would not repeat, this experience...

  16. looks like 3 different things to me.


    the one with the title, melting in the shade, reminds me of how it looks, when the pedro changes from 5 ribs to six, or so. but than it seems decided not to vary the number of ribs.


    the roseii melt, looks what i get at times from, placing a cutting in a shadier position.


    good onya, for spelling roseii correctly, most people even professionals and the gardening shows always spell it wrong, in latin it's always double ii, not single...

  17. over the years, reading here, i can say that rue, is the most complained about plant.

    for most people it does not germinate, and if it does it struggles and dies prematurly.

    i remeber one person, finding out that it has an unusual ph requirement, i'm slightly dyslexic, so polar things are hard for me, but i guess very alkaline enviroment.


    for the flowering, i can't say for certain, but flowering has often to do with two things, photoperiode and dry spells followed by rain.

    in melbourne, you get quite varying daylight ours, so i don't think it's that. but you probably get too much rain, and no dryspells at the right time of the year.

    maybe it needs a cold spell.


    it seems do like desolate places where nothing else grows...

    keep up the good work!