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  1. and did you see the snail, "legging"it with increased speed, after she had the qat chew?

    but seriously, maybe the stimulant in the qat, is an anti feeding agent, produced by the plant.

    animal consumes qat> get's stimulated> moves further than usual>inebriated>can't find the spot where qat grew again> plant survives


    i know very little sience, regarding why plants contain activas which can heal, or have other benefits to animals and humans.

    my mate told me, he grew a crop of radishes, now over the hot summer. he said, "the seeds germinated much faster" than in spring/winter.

    the radishes were so hot, he could not eat them. this made me think, and come up with this theorem.


    cold weather> seed germs slow>doesn't worry about snail attack as seedling(no snails around yet)>radish only a little spicy, as pretador nummers still low.

    hot weather> fast germination (seed knows warm weather means lots of pretadors around already, beeing fast reduces risks))>radish too "spicy" to eat for humans and cattapillars and co.

  2. that one, doesn't remember dreams, when smoking cannabis, is well documented, and people suffering from ptsd, like this side effect.

    when one stops smoking hemp, the dreams are getting very vivid for a while. those very vivid dreams can be a motivation to halter, frequent cannabis usage.


    my understanding is, that you still experience rem sleep and dreams, but loose the abilety to remember them.

    tobaco, is a very dream enhancing herb, but i knew heavy smokers, of both and they never remembered there dreams.


  3. On 10/01/2023 at 11:41 AM, fyzygy said:



    UPDATE. Split pods with seed have germinated much faster than the winged seeds alone: 


    thats very interressting, and a new development.

    about how long this seed (or any seed in general) might stay viable:

    rule of thumb, the smaller the seed, the faster they loose viabilety. allways store seeds in the fridge, catha seeds in the butter compartment stay viable for 3 years and more.

  4. the ziplock methode, is very good for lots of different seeds.

    i would only use it though if i doubt the viabilety of the seeds, and or want to have a very low labour input approach.

    in other words, you only add a bit of water to the coin bag the seeds arrived in and done!

    if something germinates, you place the small seedling into some potting mix later on.

    this methode, saves a lot of work, and only seeds that germinated get processed....

    but it has disadvantages as well, damping off issues could get worsend, and moving and planting a tiny embryo, is at time risky buisiness.

    if the seeds are located without polarisation (planting a seed the right way up) and if the bags oriantation is changed, the emerging root will spiral or tangle itselfe up, which is far from ideal.

    if you know the seed will germinate, than planting out into seed raising mixture (searls) into small individual pots is the best.

    like this the seedling never gets disturbed, untill it's bigger, when it gets repotted.


    polarisation: every seed has a spot where the root comes out of the seed coat, if that spot faces upwards the root has to bend itselfe downwards to go deeper into the soil.

    the root knows where "straight down" is but if you inspect the ziplock bag, and put it down, in a different orientation the seeds root get curled up.

    as well this happens because if you lay down a zip lock bag, ther is no space for the root to go down into.

    always place the zip lock bags upright, against some support, and make sure the seeds dont move inside the bag.


  5. hi, yeti it was not around 99, but the question was when it was invented.


    changa was probably manufactured in south america, 1000's of years ago, by accident, everytime, a ceramic pots content (when making aya), simmered down to a resin (by forgetting to take it of the heat).

    and than when, cleaning the vessel, the residue of the latter was chucked onto charcoal.

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  6. they all probagate, easy.

    they are all called viridis, apart the nexus, which is a cross between chart and viridis, but it's very weak, compared to viridis.

    what probably happend, was that your leaf that got brown, was much longer on the plant than, the others you used.

    even fallen leaves can be producing, healthy clones, but it's not recomanded, use the biggest, thickerst, and most healthy looking leaves for probagation.

    the ziplock bag medhode, is not recomanded, because of two reasons.

    1, it increases the chance of rotting.

    2, unless you, polarise the leave, correctly, and lean the ziplock bag upright, onto something (most people don't do so, big mistake) the roots will not be able to go downwards, and grow straight, but curl up. which is not good.

    3, you have to handle a very young plant, to place it into a small pot.  planting the leaves into individual small pots, avoids replanting small fragile plants.


    did you sterilise the leaves before, probagation?

    hormone powder, is not needed, but used by most people.

    did you cut the leaves, or crinkle them, or leave them as they, were when you picked them?

    the usefullness of the methode of "wounding a cutting" seems to work well with psychotrias.



  7. your post makes me think, it's ebay as well and not face book, in my case.

    i found out about this, because people gave feedback, at the trade reputation thread here at sab, regarding cacti they bought from me at ebay.

    but i don't have a planthelper account at ebay or anywhere else.


    those imposters, have a lower standard than mine, so they as well jeopardise my reputation!

  8. On 16/11/2022 at 8:47 AM, Ulca said:

    Able to upload some pics of what a random parcel might look like?


    On 30/09/2022 at 12:18 PM, withdrawl clinic said:

    but can't upload pictures (last time i got an upload error and it never got fixed by the admins)


    offer closed now, thx's!:wub:

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  9. i tried some of my home grown ashwagandha, a few weeks ago, and could not "feel it", but i probably dosed too low, the pill's i bought once at woolies, i could feel.


    i am highly motivated to beat this, so i thank you for all your input.

    the indosyl gave me side effects, including a pressure headache, which unfortunately stayed with me, even 3 weeks after stopping indosyl.


  10. i guess i get the pottasium chloride at the health food shop, or pharmacy.


    i hope, you did not get put back too much, by my laconic responce. i think your input has the potential to be the golden bullet, with this dillema.


    so i go in more detail, i love salt, but cook all from scratch, and don't have take away junk food (they use heaps of salt).

    i stopped the indosyl bpm, and fell "stronger again", what happend was, the indosyl made me so lethargic, and i had the feeling that eating "salty" made me overcome this lethargic sensation to some degree, crazy ahy?

    i stopped the bpm maybe 3 weeks ago, and had my bp meassured twice, and it was lower than on the meds!

    an active lifstyle with lot's of excercise is a good natural remedy against hbp, but those pills stopped me from doing that, a perfect example how western medicine, we only treat the syptoms, can be a bad idea.


    mosy bpm were so bad i could not drive, walk proper or do my chores.

    i hope to get on top of this now, before my risk of stroke even increases.


    i thank you all for you input, i will try to source the potassiun chloride and the motherwort.

    i think having an anxiety dissorder doesn't help, and i percive some sounds as threats... (my place got robbed and vandalised by the noisy punks at the close by basket ball court, selling meth).

    the skaters are people i never had problems with.

  11. On 05/11/2022 at 7:38 PM, oncewhywechange said:

    No booze or cigs. 


    On 06/11/2022 at 9:00 AM, fyzygy said:

    Eat more plants in general: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5466938/



    i don't smoke anymore, and had stopped drinking, and maybe even my fatty liver went away (now it's back)

    the more vegie thing is something i have to do anyway as well, because of diverticulitis disease.

    i eat lot's of rice, and cook everything from scratch, but haven't learned yet to cook those yummy  all vegie meals.


    it's a matter of changing your live stile, which is often not that easy.

    it's funny how many vegies and fruits on the list, are vegies which i crave and like a lot.

    i believe that the bp pills made it harder or next to impossible to excersise, so it was counter productive.

    i got this head ache/ dizzy head since more than 3 months, (with arnolds accent, it's not a tumor) which i though came from maximum dose of indosyl.

    i haven take indosyl for two weeks now, head ache a bit better, muscles work better, circulation to extremities better, less cough...


  12. it's a very comman plant, and often sold in nurseries.

    i seem not to like ssri type pills and even sceletium,

    but i might ad that sceletium could maybe be a hallucigenic in close to pure form, and very euphoric.

    but maybe the smoke apperatus was contaminated.


    fermenting this material is fun, herbalistic often contains woody parts, which than ge turned into powder.

    i leave the material to ferment (in the sun in a closed container) and once it's mushy, run the fingernails of thump and pointer along the stems, and as such remove the green parts (leaves and soft bark), but leave the wooden core behind.

    for a/b you need chloroform....

  13. it is a serious condition, i tried 4 or 5 different pills, including mini press.

    they all made me very sick, and i could not drive or walk well.

    coversyl had the least side effects, but than as well did not seem to help, to lower my bp, i remeber a reading of 187/??? dyastolic i don't remeber maybe 112...

    my muscles turned weak, my body was more sensitive to the heat, and the blood did not go to my extremities.

    i as well got a hazy head with mild head ache for 3 months, and thought it's the coversyl. doc diagreed, any way i'm of the indosyl now, and had two bp readings one 126/100 and 142/???

    so it did not get worse so far....

    managed yesterday again to go on a field trip, which meant lots of walking.

    another thing which is again better are the papilations, my heart doesnt pump as loud as it did...

    there is the chance that symptoms got mixed up, but today is only the 3 day, i feel close to normal again, and the head aches ad\nd dizzy head i had for 3 mo0nths are subsiding.


    most of my hypertension probably arises from anxiety, a thing doctors don't understand....


    so far i try to meditate more.

    celery everyday and garlic.

    and i will use other herbal supplements.


    that coversyl, took all the strengh i had left in my body away.

  14. i hope some of you manage to find old posts regarding this subject.


    even poppy of flanders contains alkaloids, and so does californian poppy....

    i posted once a topic called home milking of poppies, meaning cut the stems, and lance them at home out of sight from, preying eyes.

    emerging the stems into hot water helps.

    even in the gardening australia tv show, one can often see papaver somniferium, so as long you make it a gardening delight, you could be ok.


    one a sight note, the northern terretory farmers wanted to grow poppy and the tassy people stopped them, crazy if you think not enough legal poppy is produced world wide.

    i suggest to give, "illegal poppy growers" (say in afghanistan) the right to grow legal poppy!!

    it's all a world conspiracy, haha.


  15. guys!


    i got very high blood pressure, and have taken at least 5 different pills for this condition.

    they all gave me bad side effects, with coversyl, the one with least side effects.

    i am on maximum dose of idosyl, and it gives me bad side effects, dizzy head, muscle weakness, pale fingers, specialy in the heat, more sensitive to heat, slight swallen ankles...

    as well they change the apperance of the pills and now i feel they are worse than before.

    saw my doc about it dozens of times...


    so i strted to research herbs:


    i ask for your input, as i know some of you practise tcm and ayurverdic (i'm dyslecic).

    the list mentiones peganum harmala, so i gues caapii would be good as well.



    iam now looking sa well for uncaria rynchophylla cat's claw herb.

    anybody got experience with bp reducing herbs?

    i would still take the coversyl but want to reduce it back to halve what i take now.

    i still had often hypertension even taking indosyl....

    my dad had a stroke and the clot buster gave him a heart attack....

    one of my mates aged 68, just had a stroke, active one day, the adult diaper the next day.

    i want to avoid this, but the pills hamper my active life style.




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  16. gomaos (spell) once told me maybe 15 years ago, that he germinated the seeds of his rifat clone.


    i have inspected the seed pods of this tree, since years, and do remember some detail of some posts, regarding this subject.

    i assume as followes:

    the spheres which display, tiny "hollow spikes" emerging of the spherical seed capsule, are pollinated.

    when the sphere is dried up, shrivel the sphere, and use a strong magnifying glass to inspect the "teardrop" shaped seeds.

    some will be more swollen than others, they are the good seeds.


    i sprikled many seeds on top of some seed raising potting mix, and use a humidety dome.

    i report back with the proress.

  17. most so called "plant gurus" would say damping off is caused by soil pathogenes, and too much humidety.

    so people sterilize soil and seeds, air the growing area, check for perfect light levels, and THE SEEDLINGS STILL DAMP OFF:ana:.


    than there is the "plant hippy", he's using 3 times already recycled soil, and shows little thought, for what he is trying to achive. 



    actual outcome might vary, compared to this mentioned suggestion.

    the author never grew recognita from seed.