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  1. I bump u!


    narrow leaved cuttings, pretty much don't excist.

    if you grow a nl by seed or sucker, you will be able to take cuttings (so yes cuttings can be done),

    but once the nl stopps, forming leaves in a spiral action, cuttings taken from later growth are close to impossible to strike.


    edit: and if you use seeds, it will not be true to type, but some seeds will be.




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  2. I go with above's replies.

    set up cost's can be kept minimal, and installation is easy, and replacing a burned out fluro is easy.

    cool whites and warm whites are ok if used mixed, I think the ratio could be 2 cool whites and 1 warm white...

    but those expensive fluros, trying to imitate day light are, what is best.

    i'm using fluros since 40 years...

    buy them from your local whole saler, not the pet shop.


    fluros as well just provide the right amount of heat, which can be used for striking difficult cuttings,

    and seed germination, or even over winter, protecting, tropical plants.

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  3. it's as well a question, of us all, and how we mature.

    when we are young, it's hard to control greed, but many people, in a variety of fields, mature from poacher to guardian.


    those very same people, that might have chopped a wild specimen, are the very same that, have the knowledge, of how to help the situation.


    at times I fossick as hobby, now that I am getting older, I am very happy to leave some crystals behind, for somebody else, instead of picking everything up.

    back on track, a let's say crested loph, might need removal from the wild, in order to do the ethical thing.

    I wonder though, if plants, could as well get depressed when, removed from the wild, and kept like zoo specimens. 

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    would hoodia gordonii grow better & survive in tas or vic?

    @my location, I could never keep hoodia super happy.

    I got seeds which I think have a high chance of germination.


    so idea is, to support the sab member located at the right climat, and with good skill levels.

    in other words, I gave up, growing hoodia, and give my seeds for free to,

    a person who might can provide survival and future seed set (grafting skills an advantage use stapelia as root stock).


    reply 2 thread or pm me, or both. :)







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  5. hi, aj!


    I managed to germinate one single seedling out of many seeds stored.

    sorry for the boost, but my own strain of seeds won, because they were stored extreemly (copy artic seed vault) well!


    sceletium tortuosum  = tricky to set seed

    sceletium emarcidium = easy to set seed


    you have spoil this plant to set seed! :)


  6. hi!

    in my small town, we got a lot of birds.

    at times, I talk on the phone, and people remark, to you have an aviary?

    so I say:


    birds are direct ancestors of dinosaurs, many of them can fight.

    there brain is, small but contain a very good cpu!

    a small bird can take, a smaller 180 bend, and it saves it's life.


    once, I saw a fairy wren doing he's court ship dance! :)

    he was dancing his butt off,

    jumping and hopping,

    displaying his feathers, in an MTV, style of way.

    the small bird had cleaned a small area for his performance,

    some was bare rock (gabbro) some cleared red soil.

    the male was dancing, and three female suitors appeared,

    out of nowhere.

    lil wren, had chosen his stage well,

    the girls, watched him dance from the savety,

    of some low hanging branches of a,

    brachichiton acerfolius.


    me thinks he was lucky,

    flying of with a female suitor.




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  7. you know, worms make as well, very good bait,

    like this you got, feed for fishes and,

    you might have, transferred the (our!:() waste,

    into a very stable media.


    don't put save kitchen scraps into the bin, it illegal.

    compost it instead! :wub:

    worm castings can keep moisture for a long time, but if this media dries out, it's equally hard to re wet, hahaha.

    birds like to hunt, my manure worms, my place is popular with birds.

    producing at lot of compost as well attracts a lot of benefical insects and other plant & soil helpers.:worship:

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  8. worm farming workx!


    unless you are super rich, try to always use existing

    materials. in this case flower pots, stacked on top of each other.

    after a few months, one can use the contents of the bottom container...

    without having to pick worms, all the worms moved to the rich picking above!


    I feed cow manure, as I can collect it.


    note the eggs in the 1st pic.


    I used fresh casting of the worm farm on waterchest nuts for example elocharis dulcis, and the water stayed pristine., from day one onwards.

    I have fed old blue jeans to the worms and they ate it within 14 days!








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  9. what our community needs is a yearly award, for supporting the platform and peoples.


    we need to celebrate more our work!:wub: just my todays pipe dream...


    1, a few members sell stock, say 400aud, all up.

    2, maybe most (consolidation no I leave it), reputation points person wins, cash prize 400aud, plus fanfare etc.. :)

    3, mods excluded participating.


    off to shed, building a trophy for the "shaman of the year award"

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  10. On ‎8‎/‎29‎/‎2018 at 8:50 PM, TheMooseZeus said:

    Hello all! 

    I need some inspiration on what to plant in my veggie patch or in pots around the garden this spring and summer. I sadly have very little space :/

    What are you all planting?


    rocket, coriander, parsley, all the super nibbles!

    and I use super big pots! :)

    growing zucchini or beans needs open garden soil.

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  11. pic of one of my ephedra major.



    I have not yet read the whole thread, as I was absent, but just quickly here is some of my input.

    sagi's post seems to apply to me that, given ephedra does not do well, in said climat.

    I add that for example, that ephedra gerardiana, and ephedra nevadensis, don't survive my climat, but others thrive.

    in short, THERE IS A RIGHT EPHEDRA, FOR ANY CLIMAT, apart from arctic, i'd say.

    if you live in cold parts of Europa, for example, grow ephedra Helvetica and ephedra minima.

    if it's dry and no tropical rains, try the desert ephedra, and so on, get my drift?


    I think they are easy to grow, and require no care, just how I like it. they hate to be pampered, that's what kills them...

    another thing they hate is, low drainage. for example ephedra major planted out in a non free draining position, grew faster and with more vigor, than the ones in free draining positions. but after 5 years being happy, the monsoonal rains killed them, the others survived.




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  12. 18 hours ago, Dicko said:

    Thanks wc

    Yeah we get pretty short days down here in Tasmania :)


    Is the pollen of any use to anyone who has a female and no male? Will it store? Ill bag it up if anyone thinks they can use it

    I was pondering regarding this as well, after posting here.

    I remember, other members here reporting, there ephedras produced flowers.


    dicko, because you inspired me to say as followes, I give you the first run, if you don't do it, I will start a thread regarding this. THE EPHEDRA CROSS POLLINATION TRIAL TOPIC. maybe the big ephedra thread has covered this topic, but I don't know as I was abscent and haven't read much of it.


    maybe it's possible to x breed them, with amazing results. I AM EXCITED!! :)


    most pollen stays viable for a few years if frozen.


    EDIT: dicko and readers!

    this thread reminds me of something, that happened to me and changed my views regarding amateur sience. I once took a pic of a fossil, and uploaded it to a site.

    I thought the fossil was crap, and the whole day looking for dino bones (which I didn't find that day) was wasted. but guess what, it lead to a break thru for the professional sienticts!! (this time around I give a shit about my dyslexia, I want search all those words like I used to) :)




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  13. and if i'm not mistaken, for people residing on the moon, they experienced a total solar eclips.


    hmm, I spice it up more. at times a total eclipse can make a comet visible, that otherwise you would not be able to see.

    by heart, I only know of total solar eclips comets, but surly if a fast moving comet, would be glared out by a full moon, and than the moon darkens, it would make the comet visible...

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  14. I researched the topic, and till a while ago I managed to delete them, using special setting with the ccleaner, but now I fail.

    the searches revealed as well, software to easy detect and get rid of them, but the promised download site mostly did not give me what was promised. I managed to download one of those utileties, and it claimed to got rid of them, but looging onto google sites, they still recognized my pc...




    question, whats the downsides to vpn (maybe a pc that tries to protect itselfe get targeted more?)

    and using vpn, might only stop you from getting a super cookie, but I already got several!

  15. I haven't played the dige much lately, I received too many don't like at youtube regarding this venture.

    but the problem is as well, that I think there is a good chance, the troll, I picked up here at sab (topic don't post when intoxicated) subscribed to me and hits me with thumbs down with 2 or 3 accounts, once I upload a video.


    i'm just a bit weary since the blanket laws came in place, but because you ask for it, I promise I will provide new pics & teks!

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  16. binoculars come in an extreme wide range, from small to very big, the aperture going from 20mm to 150mm approximately.

    the big ones get very heavy, and need a proper mount.

    using the 7x42 let's say on andromeda, naturaly it doesn't compare with any photos of a big telescope, but seeing it for yourself very small and fuzzy is better than, a big image on a pic. hmm, probably you can't see andromeda from nsw, I forgot... 


    the night sky is mostly very good in oz, and if you can see the milky way, you can as well detect, many galaxies and starclusters, by naked eye. once spotted naked, I than get the binoculars in action. I tell you a trick, if a faint object, is in the middle of your field of view, they are harder to notice than, if you slightly look away. this was explained to me, happens because, our eyes are more light sensitive at phervicial(dyslexia) vision.


    please don't mess with making a sun filter, it's far too dangerous, buy one, or project the image of the sun to a white piece of paper, to be save. astromoners are a friendly bunch, like gardeners, the love sharing info, and inspiring the next generation.

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  17. a quick search, "ephedra male flower female" than clicked images, confirmed my thoughts, it's a male.



    congratulations that you got flowers! I don't grow gerardiana because, my location doesn't suit them (they hate extreme long heat) because they originate from high mountains. anyway your post almost confirms one of my suspiscions, EPHEDRAS NEED SHORT PHOTO PERIODES TO FLOWER.

    none of my ephedras ever flowered, and I guess that's because of almost same day lengh over the year in the (semi) tropics.


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