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  1. and thanks for uploading those images, we realy learn a lot from them, and get inspired!:wub:


    i think, i know who you are, because you posted similar info a long time ago, and your pics, are a form of art, and i recognize the artist!


    i sometimes thought, "our" salvia could have picked up, disease over the many many years, it's been probagated.

    a seedling would be free of pathogenes...

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  2. congratulations, enjaytee, this is an epic achivement.

    this is the first time, for me to see this process well documanted and in hd pics of astounding quality.


    for newbies i say, this is one of the rarest seeds in the world!!


    members plese respec tejt's privacy, let him come to you if he wants, but don't hassle him (thats what happend to the last person who managed this stunt, and he left the forum, taking secrets with him).


    please give us more info if possible, as you might know, i believe this is easier done in the right climat (no hot summers mild winters, right latidude....

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  3. the same glitch happend to me, when uploading pics.

    my post count shot up, every "black image" counted as a post,

    the software thinks i posted a 1000 times or so.

    this needs fixing.


    i am not happy that the same glitch, made me have a lot of post without posting...


  4. ok, i will id them for you:

    8am penis

    9am loph

    9.30 am ario

    10.30 am bridge 

    10.45 am spiral can't id

    11 am lepidodendrum ??

    11.30 astro

    12am loph

    13pm dehydrated bridge

    14.30 pm crested/monstrous pedro

    14.40pm pedro

    15.30 pm ario agavioides

    16 pm loph


    hope that helps eating!:wub:

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  5. i love obtusifolia and i love your pics,

    pls writte the 2nd latin name never, satarting with capitals,

    it's against the law.


    super photo makes me fill i'm there again.


    and of course you could say, i has to be I, hehehe.


    edit: and feel not fill, i'm a proud dyslexic phonetic speller

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  6. I asked once a lady belonging to the first nation people, sure this mountain must have a dream time story, but she answered, I don't know. than 3 days ago a lady from my local tribe, told me the story, and I asked her permission to at one time record her story. 

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  7. Hanrahan, probably will be destroyed sooner or later by a stupid planed dam. I understand we need more water storage in oz, but I would build a new method of dam, which will have less impact on nature, and even will eliminate evaporation.

    even the barrage at rocky destroyed the Fitzroy already, very sad indeed.:ana: