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  1. I think at that price with risk of it not getting in, CSIRO would be cheaper. thanks for the info anyway.
  2. Sorry for bringing up an old thread. Ace, did you ever end up getting any cultures? A few of us over at http://www.backyardaquaponics.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=2831&p=523571#p523571 would be very interested in finding a source that is cheaper than CSIRO. Thanks in advance for any help you may or may not be able to give.
  3. Yavimaya

    Clove Oil Kills Fungi.

    its also used in small doses to anaesthetise fish, slightly too high of a dose is lethal to them. Wouldnt be surprised at all if it was a very good antifungal agent.
  4. For me it would have to be The Mars Volta, particularly Amputechure. Quite hard music to get into the first time you hear it, but it really is like nothing i had ever heard before, As someone on thier forums once said, "Its like the answer to a question i didnt even know i was asking".
  5. So are you saying to make one big magnifying glass the size of that mirror array or that magnifying glasses magically "add more sun" to a given area? either way, no that doesnt work.
  6. Sally, i think you mean chop thier heads off, take thier money to pay off OUR debts, stuff the US. lol
  7. Are oxfam really trying to say that if the $240 billion was given to starving people, that they would then have enough money to feed themselves for the rest of thier lives? and thier children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, etc on down the line? To say it would end poverty is silly, it may for 1 year or even one generation, but forever, no way, when peoples cultures arent weighted towards working hard/smart, then poverty will always come back no matter how much money you give them.
  8. Citrus might work well.
  9. So they say that the flowering is "delayed", but they also say that thier first plant is eight years old, thats a massive delay for something that goes through its full cycle in a number of months. I wonder if they are failing to tell us that they need to remodify the plant to get it to flower / ever die.
  10. I would not think minerals would gather in rainwater as it falls, so i woudlnt think there should be any problem with the water being nutrient free.
  11. Yavimaya

    Is the Earth F**ked?

    I dont really understand everything you said there, it is hard to follow. But i am not against a change in the system or for brainwashing, i hate all form of advertising to the point where i refuse to advertise my own business most of the time. All i was saying is that credits are dangerous, they are easy to manipulate, far too easy to produce and cannot be accounted for properly in the current world. the point of posting that video is to show that we already run on a credit system basically and it is screwing everything, there should be no more "money in the world" than there is physical money. I dont really want to take this thread off topic, but a nice comparison to real world "credits" is the credits used in MMORPGs, there MUST be a way of credits being destroyed if the system is to have any sort of balance what so ever, i cannot see anyone destroying credits IRL.
  12. Yavimaya

    Is the Earth F**ked?

    "Possibly the only way that might work is credits. Forget Orwellian inspired 6th amendment freedoms, your not a slave to the government, your a slave to the system and the system is based on the fragile guessing game of printed money. Printed money, gets washed, lost, burnt, buried. I believe that the folly of this is an estimated calculated game of roullette where money must be carefully reprinted as to avoid inflation. That doesnt mean much to you and i, except that we are manipulated by money. Shock horror - what if instead of paying those cadets with money from the government "pool", they are issued.....credits. The credits are dollar for dollar as valuable as real money but exist as controlled numbers." Credits are dangerous. It is what banks use these days to give you your home loan.
  13. Yavimaya

    Is the Earth F**ked?

    That still doesnt make alot of sense, if you meant 80% of the money / power, i think you'll find china has 100% of everything these days.
  14. Yavimaya

    way too hot and dry!!!!!

    41oC here today, my Yakons looked F**ked! But my cacti are loving it
  15. Very nice idea, i'd like to know what percentage of current use that could make up, only a very, very small percentage i imagine.