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    DMT story in MSM

    I am guessing that DMT and possibly 5 MEO DMT are naturally occurring tryptamines , harvested and isolated for sale on the DNMs . The 4 - subs , etc , are probably synthetic , originating in Chinese , etc , labs for sale in the west on the DNMs .
  2. AFIK psilocybin , LSD , psilocin , etc , have NEVER killed anybody , despite some huge doses being taken , and in fact are noted for their lack of toxicity ....
  3. Heretic

    Brush Turkey problems

    Not sure how I feel about shooting pelicans ,,,,, Really cool looking birds , but I can understand how they might de - stock a dam quickly . Did they ever return , and how did the venture wind up ?
  4. Beware of being offered a $1 smart phone from a mob called Jubify.com ..... I fell for this one , and I suspect many others will also become suckered .... I received an e-mail purporting to come from an Australian company that I have been buying mail order CDs from , advising me that I have won a Samsung smart phone . The only cost to myself would be $1 to cover the postage of the phone , and banking or credit card details were requested for payment of the $1 . It seemed legit , and used the usual JB Hi Fi page and logos as they use in their on line shopping .....[ my niece recently won a computer , so I did not suspect a scam ] ..... so I used the Google auto-fill to fill out the on line payment form - exactly the same as the JB Hi Fi form . I believed I was paying the $1 postage for my soon - to - arrive new phone .... To my astonishment I then received e-mails form a mob called Jubify.com advising me that my account with Jubify is now activated and I have signed up for on line games at a cost of $ 129 per month , which will be deduducted automatically each month . [ ??? ] Of course , I immediately tried to cancel this account , but it is not possible for at least 2 business days .... I then had to call my bank and cancel my Visa debit card , in order to prevent Jubify.com from accessing any funds from my account . The bank person advised me that the account has not yet been touched by Jubify.com , which is a great relief . But , nevertheless , it is all a major hassle - cancelling my debit card and arranging for a replacement card . Next I Googled Jubify and a quick perusal shows many similar reports to my experience , offering $ 1 smart phones that never arrive . I will be contacting JB Hi Fi next , to enquire whether or not Jubify are authourized to be using their logos , etc , and if they are a legit promo company on behalf of JB Hi Fi - I suspect not . So folks , beware .... and as always ..... if it sounds too good to be true , it probably is so ..... Take care with on line offers , promos , and prizes .
  5. Heretic


    Psychedelic research should never have been stopped and the substances banned way back in the 1960s , mainly because of the offensive [ to governments and the majority population ] and ludicrous activities of folk such as Leary and Kesey , etc ,. The " acid tests " , and 1000s of kids who " turned on , tuned in , and dropped out " ensured prohibition and brought about the end of legitimate scientific research , despite a great deal of positive and very beneficial results from the legit study and treatments .... [ for example , Leary"s research on criminal recidivism , before he lost the plot ; or Osmond"s treatment of alcoholics with psychedelics that produced very positive results . These are but two examples of a huge amount of documented positive research data .] Fortunately , MAPS and other organizations seem to be making some gains in one day again being able to conduct legitimate psychedelic research . With the benefit of hindsight and genuine researchers , the mistakes of the past are unlikely to be repeated . Hopefully these amazing and beneficial substances will be treated with more respect and dignity than previously instead of sensational inebriants , and perhaps indeed really prove to be a benefit for humanity after all ...
  6. Heretic

    it's a good new fashioned book burning!

    Just ludicrous ..... really , how pathetic .
  7. Heretic

    Possible bad batch of Kronic

    When I was young [ many , many years ago ] dropping a trip or having a smoke was NEVER lethal .... but nowadays with all the analogues available that are masquerading as the genuine article things are becoming pretty scarey . I suspect all the " synthetic " drugs such as the NBxx type and cannabinoids , and other RCs are merely produced and marketed as a means to circumvent drug laws for LSD , cannabis , etc , .... Tragically , this clearly demonstrates the futility and stupidity of the current drug war .... after all , neither LSD or cannabis , unlike the legal RCs that mimic them , have never killed anyone .
  8. Heretic

    Black Portuguese Millipedes, control methods

    Yes , thank you for the suggestion...... I will get a cat and keep it inside at night to [ hopefully ] prevent bird kills .
  9. Heretic

    Black Portuguese Millipedes, control methods

    A good suggestion ..... Chooks are the only animals I have seen to eat cockroaches also ; as with the millipedes , they love roaches too ! Wish I could find something to control Indonesian house geckos !
  10. Heretic


    These posts always sadden me so very much . Condolences to family and friends . RIP
  11. Heretic

    From Medical to Recreational: The Road the Regulation

    Change of the current ludicrous policies is inevitable , but sadly will probably take a long time in Australia with our ignorant negative attitudes and timid politicians and governments . Countries such as Portugal seem to have got it right ; and after all an individual taking a drug is a victimless crime ..... All that our current drug laws have achieved is to have created a situation that is a God-send to criminals involved in illicit trafficking , motivated only by the enormous profits and attainable wealth that is only possible by prohibition . Clearly prohibition is a dismal failure that only benefits criminals .....
  12. Heretic

    Raising A.Phlebophylla

    ^ [ # 204 ] Too much water ???
  13. Heretic

    Phone scams

    I suspect ANZ has received more complaints regarding this " phishing " scam , as now on-line correspondence from the bank [ statements , etc ] have a warning stating that the bank does not send such SMS messages and that one should report them to the bank and not to respond to them . Don't know how they do it , but these people must have accessed all of my phone and and banking details except the bank PIN numbers . Yesterday I read a letter in the Qld Sunday Mail of someone calling for a cashless society as a solution to drug trafficking and other organized crime , as there would be data records of all financial transactions ...... but I doubt it would be feasible or work because of the electronic scammers who seem to a step ahead of the financial institutions .
  14. Heretic

    Phone scams

    BEWARE .... Last week I received a SMS advising that my ANZ is blocked because I need to " verify " some of the account details . Contact reply details were provided to a http address . My bank is nearby , and I was really pissed that my account should by blocked , I went to the bank branch to complain and sort it . As is transpired , the account was not blocked and the message did not come from the bank . I was advised that it is a " phishing " scam that would try to access my account once I had replied to the scammer . The bank told me to never reply to such SMSs , as they never send them . Must admit it looked legit , and I was fooled by it - just lucky it was easier to visit the bank instead of replying to the SMS . Be careful folks - so many crooks out there trying to rip us .... I am intrigued as to how the scammer got my phone number , or knew that I was an ANZ customer ......
  15. Heretic

    cacti seedlings turning weird color.

    This usually indicates too much light , ime .... Suggest partial filtering of the light source . I use the sun , and find fly wire quite good for cacti seedling growth once they're established . maybe a shade cloth when very young and tender . You need to harden them up gradually .
  16. Sorry if this is off topic - I usually add a sprinkle of trace element " micro mix " nutrients to any potting mixes that I use ... available cheaply at nurseries , etc ,... Since doing so have not noticed any deficiencies attributable to lack of minerals . Maybe once a year sprinkle a little boost , but with extreme care - a little goes a really long way ; like , a $ 5 pkt will last maybe a lifetime if you're using pots .
  17. Heretic

    Australia - Now is the time to go dark

    Just wondering ...... If one is using the TOR browser , can they still monitor , track or record one's usage ?
  18. Heretic

    Essential Oil Still

    You're going to need a huge still to recover yields in the 100 ml range - it is not as easy as you may think to produce large amounts ..... I once played around with a set up using an old beer keg as the boiling vessel , and my yields were but a fraction of what you are anticipating . Furthermore , you are going to require massive quantities of plant material to produce in the 100s of mls ..... Nevertheless , it is being done by savvy folk - best of luck ; and it is satisfying and fun to do as well .
  19. Heretic

    Outdoor Cubensis Cultivation

    Hi . I am not all that into shrooms , but would'nt mind having having easy access to some now and again . I have a book on the PF tek , but it seems a lot of meticulous work , and needing strict cleanliness . I am wondering [ as I live in a tropical coastal climate , where Cubes occur at times ] if it may be possible to collect a quantity of cattle manure , place it somewhere suitable in my garden [ full sun , shaded , etc ??? ... ] , that there is a chance of cubes appearing ??? . [ This would certainly be easier than jar growing , if at all feasible ] . I have an old spore sprint , or could collect some cubes with which to innoculate the said manure pile . Any thoughts , hints , or ideas are appreciated . thanks .
  20. Change , : I would certainly like to learn of Jack"s progress and future activities - [ seems to be quite a learned and wise young person ] -..... perhaps you might keep this thread updated ???
  21. Was talking to a mate today about how shark attacks seem to be occurring more frequently in recent times ..... He reckons it is because the sharks are now protected that there numbers have increased dramatically [ like crocs ] . And maybe also there are more people in the water nowadays ..... I no longer surf , but lately I no longer even go for a swim - where I live is pretty isolated , and sharky ..... I wonder what is going on , and why attacks seem to be happening more often these days ?
  22. Yes , nothing is without risk , however I suspect that psychedelics will some day prove to be most helpful therapeutic psychological medications . I believe such a study is recently being done in Switzerland . I think it is time for a big re - think , and a return for psychedelics to be legally accessible without all the hype and stupidity of the '60s that led the them being indiscriminately outlawed .
  23. Heretic

    Lights for propagation

    sorry , wrong forum post ...
  24. Heretic

    Hunting for prints - P. Cubensis

    Me too - also looking for some cube prints ......
  25. Heretic


    They certainly are beautiful plants , and i want a couple for my garden ..... Do they need a lot of water ?