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    Well it's here - the book I've been working on for the past 12 months: Psilocybin Mushrooms of South East Queensland, Australia: Eliminating the Harms https://www.responsiblechoice.com.au/product/psilocybin-mushrooms-of-south-east-queensland-the-book/ 8 x 10″, with a combination of coated 300 gsm covers and Satin-Coated 128gsm internal pages. 168 pages, with 40 full-colour pages, including detailed photos to aid identification. Enjoy, and happy hunting! RC
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    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all. Hope you have a wonderful and fulfilling time partying down, while some of us are either working or in lockdown. And if it's not a happy time for you right now then don't let the blues get you down, I sincerely mean it. Anyway crack a coldie for me this Christmas because I'm up to my neck in assignments and it just doesn't work drunk (trust me I've tried). Have a good one and lets all say one big 'GOOD RIDDENCE' to this epic fail of a year
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    Its been a while..... a long while and the world went all topsy turvey,. I hope you are all well, and your lives have been nice and calm. big hugs to all in this weird time <3
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    Hey all, It's been a real long time since i've posted on the forums here. My journey into plants basically started here so I figured this is a good place to announce I now run my own nursery. We started as The Cactus Orgy just selling plants at EGA conferences and have now rebranded to a less confronting name. We're called Whomping WIllow Nursery. We specialise in growing cacti, Acacia, and a range of other rare plants. We are currently selling plants on ebay, as well as small wholesale lines. I'm sure you understand this probably isnt the place to announce our retailers. Much love to Torsten, Ferret, EG, Darklight, RonnySimulacrum, Interbeing, Apothecary, Niggles, Mu, Kanje and Ampoule for inspiring me over the years. Thanks all, and happy gardening. Prier.
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    in light of the generosity of my fellow plantheads heres a lil competition 10 - karta x blue cube icaro 15 - myrtilliocactus 20 - mixed bag of random crosses from cactilicious and trichocereus australia best ethno themed lyric line gets it ( extra points for a verse ) 1 react = 1 point + 2 points for a verse , most points win! GL
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    Bit of an old thread, but i'm interested in the topic and feel I have a worthy story to share. I'm new here btw, been a long time lurker, applied for an account but wasn't approved until just recently. Normally I wouldn't share this story with strangers but i've seen that the general vibe is good here and it will be well received. Years ago, during a tumultuous period of my life brought on by an unfortunate series of circumstances and exacerbated by general emotional ineptitude, I found myself with my arms raised to the heavens begging for elucidation as to the knowledge that had hitherto remained hidden from my mind. I was adamant that there was something greater than the ins and outs of the capitalism, consumerism and materialism that permeated the culture I had been born into. Absolutely surrounded by this vapid culture I had been struggling to survive; emotionally and physically, and so I found myself at the end of my rope with my arms outstretched in a desperate and defeated attempt to extract some grain of truth amidst the perverted falsehood of my environment. One night, not long after my appeal to The Great Unknown, it seems I had my wishes fulfilled and I found myself in a state of what I can only describe as bliss. This state was characterised by a curious mixture of extremes. At once, I was both very relaxed, having no need for anything and with no urges or impulses appearing within me, yet i was also very energetic and passed the night without sleep. I found myself without fear and even felt that if I was to be threatened with imminent death at that very moment I merely would have smiled and accepted it as it was. It seemed to me on this night that there was nothing to fear in this life and that death itself was but a journey in itself. I honestly cannot explain what I did in my room that night as I cannot remember doing anything in particular and only remember the realisations I have just explained. My memory returns as the sun returned that morning. I left my room and walked to a local man-made nature reserve; Tempe Lands, a sad little section of environmental mimicry situated atop an old dumping ground that had been sealed, to some degree, with concrete. Between the sounds of the Princess Highway and the Sydney airport it would have been difficult to have heard the sounds of the wildlife. Luckily that wasn't a problem as there simply was no wildlife to be heard. Although the ponds had been filled with water, the embankments planted with Lomandra and surrounding area covered with Eucalypts life had simply refused to be so easily swayed into returning to the land. In my previous ambles through the area I had found myself grateful for the opportunity to escape the suffocating mass of concrete, antennas and exhaust fumes of the greater inner west, yet I was always left with a feeling of emptiness that matched the emptiness of that ecosystem. However, on this particular morning, as the suns rays shone through the branches of the trees, I found myself in a world of absolute beauty, as if I was reborn as a child, enamoured by the wonder of the world. I explored the delicate details of the bark, I savoured the swelling sounds of the leaves as they danced in the breeze and I stood in awe at the incredible sight of creation. Then it happened. As I circumambulated the perimeter of one of the ponds I was suddenly stopped in my tracks as three yellow-tailed black cockatoos swooped through the vicinity, alighting upon separate trees. One cockatoo in particular chose a branch just above where I myself was standing and as it sat, watching me, I soaked in its beauty, before it flew on, right over my head, spreading its wings and tail feathers in a display of such impressionable beauty that the stunning yellow pattern of its tail feathers are forever burnt into my memory. Needless to say I was left standing under the tree in amazement, unsure of what I had just experienced but grateful nevertheless. Not long after, I found myself sitting in the grass on a hillside overlooking the airport and watching the sun rise higher into the sky before I was visited by an exhaustion so suddenly that I fell asleep right there and then for a few hours. Upon waking I found myself to be in a state that more closely resembled my usual state of mind. No longer was everything soaked in dazzling beauty and no longer did I find myself devoid of all impulses. yet I hadn't forgotten the hours before my slumber and I now looked upon it as one does a very strange dream that feels more real than reality itself. I Never forgot that black cockatoo and I always cherished the memory of that night. Over time I began to wonder if there was a reason I had met the cockatoo, a reason it had sat there so still and looked deep in to me with its little black eye. I found it a peculiar place for such a bird to be, surrounded by a city of 5 million people. After all i'd never seen or heard of anyone else who'd seen a black cockatoo in those parts before. I decided to investigate what the black cockatoo could mean. I found myself on a site called wildspeak.com. Now I don't know who the author of this website is, or from what authority they write from, but I was amazed to find that the attributes given to the black cockatoo reflect perfectly the emotional and spiritual state I found myself in that night. The first line reads "The black cockatoo represents the power of spirit come into your life." The last section explains that "Black cockatoo tells us that everyone has beauty on the inside, everyone. Even people in prison, even those who have committed unspeakable acts. Black cockatoo reminds us that no matter how ugly we feel, or how corrupt, there is a space of beauty inside every soul that is incorrupt and pure. Through the presence of this great bird, we can learn how to access it, to transform our opinions of ourselves and the world in general." Thank you for reading my story. I hope you enjoyed it, as I enjoyed writing it and recalling the experience in detail. If you have any thoughts please share them.
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    Hi! I'd love another courtii, here's a few I have grown. P. S. I guess my number is 2?
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    Here it is, people. Big FAT full-grown MOTHER PLANT examples of different clones! Over the coming days and weeks I'll be gathering up as many pics of our finest Trichocereus mother plants. So feel free to add to this as much as possible. From what I've noticed there are very few large established plants that are still in good condition now-a-days, as most are getting ransacked for cuts. A lot of people have never even had the joy of seeing a 30 year old trich in the flesh, so Here's a collection of our finest tricho examples from Australia (and all around the world) . Hopefully the glory days of these massive Trichos will return someday, but for the next few years I think the best we will have is our photo archive. So once again, please add to this as much as possible. Pics can be of any named clone, as long as they are either original motherplants or mature plants of say 10 years old or more. Any publicly available pic can be posted (preferably with credits), but if you're not happy with me using one of your pics then let me know and I'll remove it. Anyway please enjoy this random collection of our finest trichocereus mother-plants
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    Ok I have one only Acacia courtii seedling to give away. Post a sequential number, and a pic of an acacia you have grown, preferably from seed. I would prefer this little one goes to someone with some experience growing acacia, to know that it will be looked after. The seed was given away here by @communacacian for wattle day 2 years ago (holy shit time flies) Approx 25-30cm tall. Postage covered by me, not to WA or Tas due to plant quarantine restrictions. Australia only. The winner will be chosen by random number generator at about 8pm on Wednesday 7th October Pics when I get home from work
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    Just a few photos. Found on the outskirts of Manang, at around 3600 m At Tilicho Base Camp at around 4200 m. Small plants in the fresh snow at high altitude, at around 4800m, outside of Gokyo. As above. It was difficult to tell whether the yak was grazing on the Ephedra itself, or only the grass around it. Not the most palatable of plants.
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    Decline in forum posts isn’t specific to The Corroboree. We considered this decline in relation to the Bluelight forum, and one possible explanation we came up with concerns how and why people are accessing different online platforms. The ease of access of FB and similar platforms has helped them become perceived as centralised social spaces, while forums such as Bluelight, Corroboree, Shroomery, etc. have become perceived less as social and more as informational. People are likely to search the forums for information but are less likely to contribute. Unfortunately, I’m not sure there are many forums that have retained previous levels of engagement. If trades are what you’re looking for, and you’re not wanting to use FB pages, I’d suggest trying to identify people who live nearby and who have interesting plants via FB/forum search engines and messaging them directly. I feel I’m a bit more pro-FB than lots of the people here, and I’d like to point at something positive that I’ve seen relevant to this issue. After the ‘mass MDMA overdose’ in Melbourne a few years back, we were surprised to see there was very little discussion about this on Bluelight, or indeed anywhere online. So, we created the Australian Harm Reduction FB page, which has been quite popular. Engagement hasn’t been huge (I think there is still a gap for online harm reduction discussion, as FB is more identifiable and people are less willing to discuss illicit use there), but this page has been incredibly useful for the mass dissemination of drug alerts. I don’t think it would be unreasonable to assume that lives have been saved as a result of this page. I think it is the same as anything going mainstream or public, it is a trade-off. You can engage a lot more people and spread information far more quickly and widely, but social chatter and general assholery will also increase, which you might have to pick through in order to find what you’re looking for. https://www.bluelight.org/xf/threads/melbourne-ecstasy-ods-bluelight-social-media-and-online-hr-communities.813338/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/1284325304939474 https://www.bluelight.org/xf/threads/australia-bluelight-discourse-policy-and-drug-users-a-research-project.809715/
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    Jeesus h. $50 for 30 grams! Mate next time hit me up, I'll fill a bag for you for the price of postage. Harvesting vine, the thicker the better. Anything around a finger thickness is fine for a brew. I find fresh vine makes a sweeter tasting brew than dried, but either is fine. Dried is easy to measure doses, say 90g dried per serve. Fresh, you need to estimate what the water content is, and I usually go for 150g per serve. You can make an extract if you're wanting to capsule it or for other uses. Vine is MUCH MUCH easier and less messy than leaves, even though by weight leaves contain more active alkaloids. Brews made with leaves don't settle as well as vine. You end up with a very fine suspension. Not really an issue if you just want a brew. If you're extracting, you might find adding a clearing agent like gelatin might help clear your solution before basing. All theoretically speaking of course... You can cut your vine right back to a stump and it will shoot again, faster and thicker. I mostly wait until my vines fall off their supporting trellises and cut. This wind usually helps. Even small tendrils are worth saving for use.
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    I wouldn't get too hyped out. There's always a lot of crazy shit going on on the internet. People say the media pushes fear but its more like the internet nut-jobs that are pushing fear, so don't buy into it. Government institutions taking caution is not pushing fear either, it's actually what you'd WANT them to do. And just remember the whole bird-flu thing. Some people went stark raving mad over all the conspiracies and fear-mongering, and then it all just ran it's course without causing the world to end. Just take sensible precautions and you'll be safer than what you'd usually be. Just look at how cases of the flu has dropped this year thanks to social distancing measures. Once a vaccine comes ut and most of the population gets it, the virus will be stopped in it's tracks so you may be able to avoid the vaccine if you really object to it. People only take vaccines because it's the lesser of two evils. No one really WANTS to inject some foreign substance into their body, but if it stops them from dying they'll begrudgingly acquiesce. As for gold. it's already on a run, but remember, any (or all) major governments who want to rescue their economies could at any time dump their gold reserves on the market, crashing it's value. So you wouldn't want to be stuck with it in your hands when the ship goes down.Also if there's a war, Governments can make Gold bullion illegal to own as it gets classified as a strategic resource, and you MUST sell it to the government in return for their 'worthless' paper money. You'd wanna hope your side wins because the losing side just ends up with hyper-inflation and piles of worthless paper notes. Doomsday prepping is a good idea, but I don't think the virus is our biggest concern. -War is.
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    street drugs are super, addiction is bad. cane toads are troopers, killing is sad. covid's a killer, elbow jab's, just a filler. the shamans of oz, are the thriller, he's name was miller.... deticated to all the "past on" sab members. gomoas, wanjina, chemical shaman, endorfinder....
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    Welcome. I greet you in the Love and Light. It's come to my attention that I've been distributing imposter Kanna plants. I sold some of these via the SAB forum and a number of members acquired some of my stock at plant meets. The plant I was selling has been botanically identified as Delosperma tradescantoides by another SAB member. So to make things right I kindly ask that anyone who acquired one of these plants to please contact me to arrange full reimbursement or some other appropriate arrangements. Again I'm really sorry about this but I genuinely didn't know I had an imposter and I just want to make things right so the incorrect plant isn't further distributed a Kanna when its not. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me. Love & Light Infinity
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    Hi everyone, I'm planning on moving and unfortunately need to part with my lovely plants... I've got a few acacia varieties (about 1.5m+ tall) to give away: 1. 1x Acacia Floribunda 2. 1x Acacia Obtusifolia 3. 1x Acacia Acuminata (Narrow phyllode variety) 4. 1x Acacia Confusa 5. 1x Acacia Acuminata (Broad phyllode variety) 6. 1x Acacia Victoriae (bramble wattle) - this one is smaller, like 0.5m tall See below attached pics for what they look like - I can also PM more pics if you'd like. Pick up south-west Sydney region. You'll need a large car, similar in size to a ute or a van for pickup. Cheers!
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    What leads you to think the cambium layer is the highest concentration? I'll run a few small changes experiments to see if it adds up, might take a while though. It's an interesting discussion for sure, but I'm not sure what difference it makes in the end though. If, for a length of vine, the majority of alkaloids are in the cambium, you would still need to cut the same length of vine to achieve the desired result. It would certainly be easier to process the whole cross section that it would be to remove only a part of the cross section. My experience with thicker vine leads me to believe it is stronger per weight than the same weight of thinner material. And thicker vine would have a higher proportion of core than thinner vine by weight, so my assumption is that the core holds the bulk. Maybe it's like cactus though. The green layer of outer flesh has the highest % but overall, often more total alkaloids are yielded by the white flesh due to its total weight. It's been a while since we have done any experiments like this here, back to what SAB used to be about; knowledge!
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    Here’s a song I wrote on a throwaway account that I thought was kinda cool Wisdom salutes those victorious in the ways of old for all time and being Insisting I change could be succumb to emotional states passing by Returning from zero point ok but not friendly The be all and end all is lying on my front porch dazed and confused
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    Eileen from the OG grower reshroomeED
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    Yes extremely polarizing but everyone needs to remember that we upon ourselves is not the enemy. Government has been slowly eroding our freedoms for yonks. Stay on the path and be true to yourself. Love..........................(yes love, is that such a foreign concept or is it something we've been forced to forget) yourself and others. Sometimes it's hard because it rubs you up the wrong way but its a concept i'm holding on too. Do not be fooled by smoke and mirrors, hold true and steadfast. Lockdown is a test(im a mexican) so don't fool yourself into a double double psych out about our future. Our liberties have been eroded yes, but don't let propaganda throw you down a rabbit hole of convenient lies. I won;'t be drawn into negativity, leave that for dumb, naive, uneducated fools. I believe in science and facts. Let's keep discussion vibrant but respect each other - remember to respect and love each other here because 'out there' it's a nasty place of intolerance.
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    Finally, the book is done! Behold - Psilocybin Mushrooms of South East Queensland: Eliminating the Harms. https://www.responsiblechoice.com.au/product/psilocybin-mushrooms-of-south-east-queensland-the-book/ I'll do a separate post in the mycology forum for the book itself, but thought it best to post here first. Enjoy!
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    I reckon cast your seed far and wide Buttsack; sounds like you've got itchy feet mate so get out there and report back what you find! As far as my knowledge of alternatives to this place goes, there really is none. I don't play that fb, instagram, twitter bullshit (which should be telling given I have just published a book), and the name is australis which is my land, so it's a pretty good fit, but my needs aren't super niche - psychedelic talk, plant sharing, experimental and expert knowledge, and a bunch of crazy bastards like myself. Actually it's glove-like now I think of it...
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    The bank of knowledge in here is what I love about it.
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    Wow, a whole week? That's scandalous!! Let me drop everything just to make sure you are not inconvenienced Karen.
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    The fear being created over a vaccine that is not even released is coming from a minority but they game the system and too many are allowing their shit to take space in their heads.... Like a vampire they let them in the door. Honestly, I don't reckon there will be a effective vaccine with a sustained response.... But that's a side issue. But as also a fella with immunofuckedness, if they do produce an effective one I'll get it, like all the others.. Vaccine hysteria has gone beyond chucklin at.