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    This fucking song makes me cry so often these days...
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    I think it's good to expose predatory and coercive behavior where it's occurring.
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    I do love my cheesy vintage pop. but there’s some stuff that still makes the hair on the back of my hair stand up… I lived in Ballina between 91-92 and I still remember driving past as passenger the cane fields during storms and smelling the burnt cane with the song playing on radio. Visceral!
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    Solid Rock I'll see your awesome Australiana, and raise you two of my favourites:
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    Keep your chin up mate. Will be good to see you soon.
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    Not sure why they would need to, seeing as Julian is, and has always been out in the open, so there is no need to disguise his identity. It's not like they blurred his face either...
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    Keen. Been slack here lately, have lurked a few times; just feeling flat.
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    I saw the Four Corners journalist interviewed on News Breakfast, her exposé was framed by comparison with a fictional drama series starring Nicole Kidman, Nine Perfect Strangers -- in which participants at a wellness retreat are unwittingly micro-dosed with psilocybin. Ugh. It's one of the worst TV series (badly written, poorly directed) in recent memory. But it demonstrates that psychedelic abuse is topical and current in the mainstream media--even alongside current Netflix offerings such as Michael Pollan's How to Change Your Mind. The insinuation seems to be that psychedelic drugs, in and of themselves, somehow attract rogue practitioners and sexual predators. The incident with the American woman could as easily have targeted exposure therapy (the problematic aspect of her treatment), rather than psychedelics per se. Far from showing potential therapeutic benefit, the reporter disputes that psychedelic "drugs" (as she insisted on correcting JP) are medicinal at all. She might have at least mentioned the work being done at Chacruna Institute, focused on eliminating sexist and racist practices from psychedelic therapy.
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    Sure it was a bit dramatised but this seemed more like an attempt to discredit dodgy players rather than psychedelics in general - Steve B, Paul L and the Australian trials got a decent wrap. Shit, even Dave N came out of this looking wholesome. The critiques of MMA, JP and MAPS were there way before the journalists were - 4C just made it shiny and brought it to a broader audience. For me, the main issue with the 4C episode was the lack of prohibition critique and overemphasis of medicalisation - but this is a limitation of most public discourse on psychedelics, cannabis and drugs in general. FYI I know of many people who were interviewed on and off the record - this might have been a hit piece but it did seem to be quite thoroughly researched. MMA's online meeting about the 4C episode last night was hilarious, and EGA is having Steve B and others on their webcast tonight (https://youtu.be/1JL_8Dd9a38) from 8pm to discuss the episode. Pure gold. This is like living an episode of the psychedelic Kardashians and while I admit I may be a trashbag I AM LOVING IT!
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    This piece of journalism was an attempt to discredit psychedelics - the rise in the public consciousness of these medicines threatens the established order and the vested interests of conservative groups in society. Now the accusation raised by the piece is concerning and as a community, we should never tolerate sexually predatory behaviour, bullying or intimation. Trial by media and public opinion is not justice but is driven by the worst instincts in human nature. Those interviewed should have known better, do not talk to journalists, never ever, they are like anyone with power they are not there to help you or anyone else but themselves and their paymasters.
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    Very good to see predatory behaviour exposed imo. That couple who abused that woman should be drawn and quartered, to do that to someone who is in pain and trusted them is atrocious. I think that Julian does push the boundaries, setting up a cactus session specifically for tv and charging $170/head for it, not sure what that was meant to achieve? A lot of commentary on Facebook about it today, seems his interview was chopped up to show the side the journo wanted to show to suit her theme of “drugs are bad” Perhaps he has misbehaved, but her “evidence” was based on one Facebook post, by him, 5 years ago. GTFO, tabloid trash journalism. WWA say they’re not in it for the Ching Ching. I call bullshit. Sad that Wile. E felt the need to leave. I really dig that dude
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    I did feel a bit sorry for Vic being character assassinated like that. Julian has always been out and proud about his activities, and seems to thrive on controversy. I have no information about the claims made about him. Love him or not, he's been a staunch supporter of the DIY approach and it would be a shame if his legacy is one of bad behaviour. Even once is too many times if true, which it might not be, although he seemed to admit there might be some truth in it.
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    I just watched it and came looking to the TDJ unappreciative thread. Honestly I think the whole thing was a bit of a beat up, exposed the worst of the industry and promoted Gina's Little Green Pharma medicinal setup. The shroom song was wack
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    Not yet sure where I’ll be staying, but I’m planning on attending. Be there or be a four-sided shape!
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    From old mate Dr McTaggert: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-04-02/new-species-of-magic-mushroom-discovered-in-kakadu/100960044
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    ok finally I got some time to upload most of the bank for the latest Acacialities