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    There is so much to love here. The voice! The socks and sandals! The left-handed guitar played a la Jimi style! Awesome.
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    Last of a batch. Best till last. PM if interested in trade.
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    I've had a number of peeps out there flick me pics already for IDs. It depends on where you are though re rainfall as it's been super localised. I just want to take the opportunity to put it out there that there are optimal conditions which are harm reductive to forage in. By that I mean, in the right conditions there will be little other mushrooms to confuse active ones with, and there will be a lot more available, making exposure to other less-favourable 'random variables' due to excessive time in the field attracting unwanted attention. Remember, one of the most harmful things about mushrooms are the laws surrounding their use and possession
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    Been seeing Toadstools popping up everywhere last two days thought I'd check a local spot. Looked great from afar but no Cigar, not a Goldtop in sight. Signs for a season to come though maybe, When do you expect first flush RC?
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