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    EGA has a special playlist for this Sub mushroom season - Psilocybin mushrooms in Australia: From ID to Therapy Emerging research around psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy, drug law reform, ecological sustainability, harm reduction and mycological research all intersect with the needs and values of our ethnobotanical community. Enjoy this playlist at the myceliating edge of psychedelic fungi. Featuring Dr Vince Polito, Dr Shevaugn Johnson, Dr Symon Beck, journalist Rich Haridy (TBC), mycologist Caine Barlow, Horticultural Science Alistair Mctaggart. Click the below link for all the videos Psilocybin Mushrooms in Australia: From ID to Therapy --- About EGA. Entheogenesis Australis is a charitable educational organisation established in 2004. We provide opportunities for critical thinking and knowledge sharing on ethnobotanical plants, fungi, nature, and sustainability. Through our conferences and workshops, we aim to celebrate the culture, art, politics and community around medicine plants in the hope to better wellbeing for humankind and the planet. To find out more about what we do, head over to our organisational website - www.entheogenesis.org Also, head to the conference website for more info - www.gardenstates.org Be sure to stay up to date by joining ethnobotanical our mailing list HERE
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    Both harmine and harmaline are reversible inhibitors of monoamine oxidase A (RIMAs). The mechanism of action is different to irreversible MAOIs like: Isocarboxazid, Phenelzine or Tranylcypromine. The bonds for reversible inhibitors are more easily broken as they are bonded through non-covalent mechanisms. Irreversible MAIOs permanently inhibited and altering the receptor site they target. Which is why pharmaceutical MAOIs have more dangerous interactions, whereas many who have extensive use with harmala will tell you the fears are offstated. Ofcourse mixing harmala with stimulants, certain pharmaceuticals, amphetamines etc isn't a good idea and there are ofcourse other factors such as half lives etc, but generally interactions with harmala are overstated. Now THH found in caapi is a bit different. It is thought to be a SRI with minimal reversible MAO-A activity. But i believe this is still controversial.
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    The problem with a lot of these kinds of people who set themselves up as facilitators is they don't believe in traditional medicine so they thought they knew better than to call an ambulance. Nothing a little guitar playing and chanting can't fix... Criminally negligent not to be prepared for a medical emergency and act fast.
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    I've just been reading about this (in fact, it's my reason for checking SAB today). In both cases it is clear the organisers decided not to bring in medical assistance when they clearly should have (and were probably hoping these people would just pull through so they could avoid outside scrutiny and some difficult conversations). This Guardian report on Jarrad Antonovich is saying that after his death, one of the people involved told his partner that he died "beautifully" and that “the koalas were making a special sound known to the Elders when the land accepts a spirit”. Dickheads.