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    Hi folks, for any of the Facebook inclined people, I have listed hundreds of small plants on this page linked below. There are tons of Terscheckii crosses, and all sorts of other things at very very cheap prices, lots of fatty genes and some varis amongst them too. I'll have loads of cheap cuts up soon too. When the dust settles I'll put up a bunch of sales here also, but the traffic is all on FB lately so here's the link... https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=pfbid02LceguRUkEYi2HdpQcNJMiWUc9a9mELYeEZgczyULVLrRwyaLKzGtrCnYQTTYuJaZl&id=100057478118119&mibextid=Nif5oz
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    Someone sent me this link (below), I'm not related to this retailer nor even a customer of theirs. Some nice varieties on offer (browse by price> lowest to highest). But only a generic photo of each, it seems. Hey , Just letting you know... The store is packed a load of 'Ugly Ducklings' in need of new homes, and Hundreds of Trichocereus Australia hybrids, at a smooth $5ea, or $4ea when you pick 10+! Use code 'TRICHO20' in checkout. thecactiguys.com.au/our-store
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    From about the 50-minute mark, investigative report into TGA approval process, discussion of who benefits, etc. https://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/sundayextra/sunday-extra/102057916
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    When the dust settles from the initial flurry I'll probably list sales here for the gang with some good stuff too. Just got smashed with sales to deal with for now anyway...
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    This goes out to @Change doing it tough and @freakazoid whose doing it even tougher. I have something in my eye...
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    Fuck cancel culture. Lame as fuck. Grow up.
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    My favourite song and clip at the moment, can't wait to see Kurt end of this month.
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wAvIljbIAY4 A summary is that this is a non-starter the TGA's approval is essentially worthless at this point. This decision has come from lobbying - more negative ideas are insinuated about behind the scene dealings That this decision breaks the process for approval - approval follows research & consultation NOT approval follows lobbying There are zero trained psychiatrists currently available in Australia There are no certified training programs to train them The panel all agreed that the psychiatrist to be effective must have had several psychedelic experiences before they dose others. However, to do so the psychiatrist would need to access psychedelics illegally - they would have to break the law to get effective training in psychedelic-assisted therapy. The projected cost is $20,000 per session WTF Each session will need to go before an ethics committee and be part of a research program - therefore if your condition is not part of the current research program you will NOT have access The patient will need to have used and failed every conventional treatment before they will be able to apply for treatment The announcement has seen a growth in underground sitters who are increasing prices ALL psychedelics remain illegal and anyone who is not an authorized prescriber will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law This announcement might kill further researchers as researchers will have little incentive now Vested commercial interests will arise from this announcement and they will actively lobby to resist the legalization Ibogaine is schedule 4 in Australia - interesting !!!! It could be used as an alternative psychedelic with fewer restrictions Best quotes "psychiatry has its beginning in shamanism" & "the war on drugs is going strong it is just now more profitable" & "Carefully designed to help as few people as possible"
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    Kava is almost harder to get than cannabis lately, at least for half decent grade anyway. And it's stupidly expensive now also. I have tried the OTC extracts in tablet form and they are useless. Anxiety is one of those things that you need to get to the root cause of so you can address it. Treatment is hit and miss. Mindfulness can be helpful to get through severe episodes, but as long as the root cause remains, it's not going away.
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    I've been in Lamiaceae land quite a bit lately, find they're really good healing plants. I'm actually happy if my potted colours are not blatantly psychoactive but instead provide the healing components I seek, flavonoids/rosmarinic acid etc. There's one overgrowing awaiting relationship, it's probably one of the fastest growing ones I've got. If I can use it for a good flavonoid/rosmarinic acid + source, even if it's not particularly psychonautic active, I'm happy. There are very mixed reports from people looking for mind-bending effect. I'm looking in another direction, it being medicinally beneficial... Anyone used it as a health tonic? Coleus blumei is an edible of flowering perennial plant in the family of Lamiaceae used for healing and shamanically. For centuries, the Mazatec Indians of southwestern Mexico have known and used El Ahijado in their religious healing ceremonies. In traditional Mazatec communities, Coleus blumei is considered ‘the male’ (El Ahijado) Sterol and triterpenoid compounds, including abietane type diterpenes, are found in the leaves of Coleus blumei Benth. Flavonoid compounds were also detected in high levels, along with rosmarinic acid. Another analysis found Coleus leaves consisted of flavonoid, steroid, tannin and saponin. Traditional healers use it for diarrhoea as an oral infusion. Coleus blumei has been used to treat many common ailments. Most commonly, the Mazatec used this magical herb to treat stomach pains, digestive problems, dysentery, and even elephantiasis. In other parts of the world the plant is used to treat headaches and ulcers and as a contraceptive to prevent pregnancy (Voogelbreinder 2009, 135) I just like high healing flavonoid etc plants, Coleus grows well and I have an abundance.