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    Hello, Been part of the forum for some time. Thought i would log in to share my first album. Its kinda ambient/classical with a track resembling metal. Hope someone gets some enjoyment from it. Thanks Dan https://dansutherland1.bandcamp.com/album/time-of-decay
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    Last of a batch. Best till last. PM if interested in trade.
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    Nice ambient soundtrack
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    First flowers emerging, from one of my potted specimens, around 3 years old.
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    I am not living in Witta this year. So no daily checks for me. Although I was up in the hinterland today didn't get out to the farm but it was dry most places I stopped to look from the road, with only a few Pan Ants visible
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    @Alchemica Sorry that are feeling lost. Ceremonial Cacao bars jump out to me. I think it is the best idea because people love chocolate, however getting something that tastes good would be a challenge. Because people will compare into to a sugary inferior chocolate bar taste. Rose and saffron are not the usual flavors Australian consumers. Very Arabic/Indian. I am not sure if Kanna can be hidden, that green vegetable taste would a challenge. I am a foody and avid home cook. So flavor is something that is important to me. Maybe selling it also as a block to melt down into a drink. The same way Mexican drinking chocolate is sold. I would be interested in a legal harmine addition to Ceremonial Cacao. ++++++++ As for money - I hate it but if you cannot cover costs with a small profit to expand your service and product - the products will not be sustainable. ++++++++ Tea is always popular but it is also a saturated market.
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    Hi Guys, I am selling these 2 grafts one TBM crest and a TB crest. Make me an offer on one or both
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    You would just ask here https://www.righttoknow.org.au/ They will most likely ask you for $30 though. I paid the money for my police file. was interesting reading.
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    I've had a number of peeps out there flick me pics already for IDs. It depends on where you are though re rainfall as it's been super localised. I just want to take the opportunity to put it out there that there are optimal conditions which are harm reductive to forage in. By that I mean, in the right conditions there will be little other mushrooms to confuse active ones with, and there will be a lot more available, making exposure to other less-favourable 'random variables' due to excessive time in the field attracting unwanted attention. Remember, one of the most harmful things about mushrooms are the laws surrounding their use and possession
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