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    I have some very chunky cuts of Tricho. Cordobensis 'Lance' that I recently pruned (what a tricky procedure that was). All about 30cm (and nearly half as wide ). $30 each plus postage. Cuts are a good 3 to 4kg so be warned. Shipment is via post or express post and calculated separately at cost. Please PM me if interested.
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    When I heard he'd 'misspoken' I suspected it would be lapped up by the theorists: https://www.theguardian.com/world/video/2021/jul/30/nobody-in-icu-fully-vaccinated-how-one-small-mistake-became-fodder-for-conspiracy-theorists-video
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    ^ anything that mutes Alan Jones has to be a good thing
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    The Murdoch misinformation campaign is real, people... Youtube Blocks Sky News Videos https://www.theguardian.com/media/2021/aug/03/six-videos-by-sky-news-australia-hosts-alan-jones-rowan-dean-and-rita-panahi-removed-from-youtube
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    The wee dog, as big as she’s going to get!
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    Let me tell you folks, when Say says these are chunky cuts, he means Mama Cass eating a leg of ham chunky sized. FATT!
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    After an additional 3 packs I now have only 2 packs left. Thanks to all who bought some. Peace H
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    Mark Plotkin https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/plants-gods-hallucinogens-healing-culture-conservation/id1549464922?i=1000505515993
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    listen anytime... https://plantsofthegods.libsyn.com/plants-of-the-gods-0
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    Don't even know who that is, but I'm assuming he is a TV person? Dude I don't own a TV, and haven't for almost 20 years for a reason. It would be great if peeps could just put their 5 cents in here without triggering others to 'defend' their position on it all. No-one here is wishing any ill will to anyone else, and I really value getting as many perspectives as I can on any given topic, let alone one that has led to massive increases in our goverment's desire to take away what used to be quite basic rights, regardless of their supposed or professed motives. Share on I say, but don't crack the shits when someone expresses a view opposed to yours. Please.
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    I thought Fauci was in the middle of some massive corruption and gain-of-function nonsense? Dunno if I'd trust a word this guy says...
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    Morning Cubisum, Im confused about what the point of things are too…Is the point of the vaccines to prevent transmission via herd immunity or is the point of the vaccine to prevent serious illness requiring hospitalization. My confusion about these vaccines is mostly sparked via the WHO recommendations don’t seem to be lining up with Australian health authorities. I agree that we want to be reducing the burden upon the health care system, and from what I’m reading about Ivermectin, it seems to be effective as both a preventative and a treatment, therefore dosing people in high risk areas would reduce the strain on the healthcare system by preventing infections from occurring at rates similar to what is required to achieve herd immunity. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC8248252/ And i totally agree with the investing in hospitials comment, its extremely disapointing that rather then investing in Australian healthcare and medical research we just keep outsourcing the funding to multinational pharmaceutical companies. This is likely due our leadships being more concerned about funding big bussiness than about supporting Australian scientist and their research. idunno why they cant seem to get their head around funding Australia science would allow for a science Boom in australia, sorta like the mining Boom. I probably boils down having dinasaurs controling most of societies investment, if you got wealthy with a concept as simple as digging coal out of the ground, its unlikely your going to see the value of science research.
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    Championship Point!!! C'mon Ash! Yep, she did it! You little rippa! She worked hard for this one...
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    Adriana Seserko - The Emerald City
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    Whole album Katalog https://g.co/kgs/EfcqQP
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    Found this myceliated hairy caterpillar on a bushwalk. Since finding it a day ago, the mycelium grew from about 30% to full coverage. I'm guessing it's Beauveria / Cordyceps. I'm gonna put it in a humid takeaway container and see if any fruitbodies grow off it