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    Well, if there was ever a year for pollination, this would be it. Show me a better display of flowers and I'll concede...
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    Found a couple. One I knew of close to Fernvale looks to have closed. There are one or two council reserves that free to access, but will have to put up with others close by and previous visitors rubbish. Have a look at these. https://wikicamps.com.au/site/Queensland/Campground/Allawah+Scout+Camp/279970 https://www.hipcamp.com/en-AU/queensland/weefarm-brisbane-river-camping/weefarm-brisbane-river-camping#group_size=1&adults=1 The first one is closer for those from Bris and has showers and toilets. Pretend camping really. Says it gets busy though but I reckon with our numbers we could claim a large section. The second one is a private place, up to 20 people I think it said, but only two vehicles? There is of course the camping area on the other side of where we catch up?
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    Hi there, my mango was being strangled by vine so I had to cut it back. Lots of fresh woody cuttings available by the kg. Pm me for details
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    Keen to bring my rod too Well if everyone's OK with it can we let Boof give us his top pick, and then we can all see what we reckon. We wanna establish a date and venue ASAP. Cheers Boof, I think it's safe to say this one is yours to run with mate
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    I'll be there! There's a couple of good youcamp places along the river there too, to guarantee privacy.
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    LOL, Good stuff Boof! You've earned yourself a top reputation here and we're with you all the way. It's all too easy to get scammed these days, and we all have to make a stand whenever it rears it's ugly head.
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    Random! I recently took up film (analogue) photography which I’ve been loving. I hadn’t even really used my digital cameras properly much by the start of COVID. But it’s so much fun and so Interesting that I’ve been teaching myself from FB groups and YT how to develop it at home as well. I can even clean up and do basic repairs on old cameras! I wouldn’t really consider the instant type of photos to be film - even tho they are - but still heaps of fun! Scored an old Polaroid the other day. Now I just need to scrape together a few bucks to buy a newer instant I had to trade for fungi ☹️
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    Hey all! I've got some extra Astrophytum capricorne seed leftover that I'm not going to sow for the year. So I've got x7 packets of x25 seeds for anyone who will sow & enjoy them. To claim a pack, just number off from 1 to 7 (so others know who's claimed a pack) and then drop me a PM with your postage deets. Cheers, Q
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    Its ironic when a 'exotic' plant you have devoted passion into growing, turns out to occur near where you live. but at the end its all really funny and lucky...Well while 3 species, foeminea, distachya and nebrodensis (2 ssp) are reported from greece, I really thought distachya distibution was limited to the few undisturbed costal regions in north greece while it hit me! I feel really lucky.. because while I was chatting with a new botanist friend, and talking about valencian distachya and central asia distachya, wanting to show him north greece distachya pics I knew I could find from greek fb groups, I found a set of pictures that def seemed distachya from 2018 I didnt remember next to an asphalt road (a new one at that) .. and it was a guy from my region.. so I sent him a message - was he really in my region?? and the kind dude gave me enough hints for me to get to the spot... ! Long story short, this is again, like all ephedra habitats in my region and propably all greece and maybe even all the ephedra euro zone of greece-italy-spain , a remanant , relic population. So this particular remnant population seems to come from when this use to be a real delta .. delta in the rivers sense.. lots of river material and river round stones... Which is one of the typical habitats of distachya in greece.... At once this population in my opinion is of immediate danger.. but thats another story... the dude that gave me the locations also told me the place had been burnt in recent fire and that he doubt the plants wouls survive, but he told me there are several ephedras in the area.. I was still sceptical then .. so yeah, I went and (lucky first??) I parked and found the first plants , baked from summer 2021 fire, but when I checked the biggest ones more, I saw they were resprouting. I was immediately happy the plants seemed to have survided the fire, and went on to walk more.. I found pieces of plot that hadnt burn thus I saw several patches of the plant unharmed... there are some really fucking old plants there, and I am sure some of them burnt... but because distachya is a sucker plant, I seems like a pretty firer resistant plant to me .. and thus , not only I now have a real distachya habitat to explore, but I have the opportunity to do a case study about how it recovers from a fire too! cheers to everyone!!!!
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    Went to Melbourne on the weekend and spent a morning wandering through the gardens. I was very impressed with the cacti and succulent collection and thought i'd share a few photos. Not sure what this is but it looked interesting and an intriguing Acacia and a little art to finish from AC/DC lane
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    Op will be put on mod preview so they cannot post anymore for sale adds until these issues are sorted. They can answer PM's. Feel free to PM me @Emeraldjewels if you have a problem with this.
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    https://www.neowin.net/news/google-engineer-believes-companys-ai-has-become-sentient-gets-put-on-administrative-leave/ I don't think we're in Kansas anymore...
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    Hey fine SAB folks. Yes, it is time for a national meet-up and educational expiration of the mind and body. I know many of you will be looking into this special event and travelling to this from interstate. Just a heads up, we are working on a community camping site for around 100 people. So get your tickets, and I will pass on more info about this soon. But for now, I say the site is near a station on the same train as the Conference. The site owners are also looking at a shuttle bus option so you can think less and play more I am looking forward to seeing the community old and new this December. Please let us know below if you're going. We love seeing as many SAB members there as posible as always. If anyone is interested in having a market stall there's a form on our website.
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    There is no distinction at a quantum level, you cannot separate the observer from the observed. Modern science makes allowance for what Einstein dismissed as "spooky action at a distance".
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    back to check the paddock today, wasnt expecting much with it being winter (start of), there were quite a few cubes, but we had to search for them, i would say this place would be prolific in summer
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    I’d recommend watching the movie A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night before listening to this song, but it digs hooks in,.. the movie is fucking amazing. Black and white, vampires, drugs, a western aesthetic… and entirely in Persian? Farsi?
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    I was bumbling around Sigma Aldrich's website this morning after reading a thread on here about p-coumaric acid. While I was having a look around I came across this: http://www.sigmaaldrich.com/technical-documents/articles/biology/interactive-metabolic-pathways-map.html?cm_sp=Insite-_-Academic-_-MetabolomicPathways It maps the entire human metabolic process. Thought a lot of you would dig it. Peace
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    nice post, fancy pants. with most healing, as with the above written, it;s the power of the mind, which seems to be the major factor. i have read a lot over the years about faith healing, and shamans do the same, with plants or without. i watched for example a lot about bruno groening, and i try to be a very sientific person. i wondered if, this web site could be used for some trials, and if the data gained could give more insights into this phenomena. my brain is slack, today, but the bottom line of, this research would be two groups, one that knows, healing vibes are being sent, and one who doesn't know if they get "good vibes sent". as well, you could ask for good vibes, if you have an important test, or have to face a situation which would fill you with a lot of anxiety. it seems that, very serious conditions can;t be healed, by distant healing. now i wan't to make a point that i totally oppose healers, that are after money and power. maybe i can come up with a format, or better somebody else how to test, if the good vibes generator has some merit.
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    Send me a PM, I've got loads of varieties in all sorts of colours ranging from the bog standard to blacks and dark purples, pinks, orange, reds etc...
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    Hey Macca, hope you've been going well. The reason that I asked to see photos is because they are a very rare treasure to find in QLD. Actually the more I've thought about the opening post the more I doubt that they would be subs, for one I don't think that the minimum temperatures would have been getting low enough yet and the other thing is that I spent many winters searching those mountains and never came across true wild (in the bush) patches of subs. Now I can say that I did find and identify a couple of little patches of subs on those mountains but they were in man made parks and gardens. To this day I still question whether you can find endemic subs in QLD or if the handful of subs that have ever been found and positively identified have been introduced. Cheers Jox..
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    i think, one can't give advice to ephedras in general, as they come from very different latitudes and climatic zones because of elevation. some grow in the desert, like nevandesis. some high up in the alps like helvetia. some grow close to the seashores. asking, 'might a saucer help', could be answered with yes, for some plants, under some circumstances and no for others. many ephedras i did grow at my location died, either because, they did not like the extreem heat, or it was not cold enough for them. sagi's location allows many ephedras to flourish, whilst mine favors only a few. one thing is for sure, they all like good drainage, and can die after heavy rain causes water to remain in a spot. those ephedras grew the fastes in my garden, but monsoonal rains killed them after 5 years. btw, the university botanical garden in vienna has some minimas which set seed regularly, they got as well a helvetia (sorry to use this term) but i never seen fruit on it. ephedras are living fossils, and even more special than ginko biloba, we can learn a lot about evolution when studying ephedras. WE NEED TO PROTECT THOSE EPHEDRAS, EVEN IF THE LAWS SAY WE HAVE TO DESTROY THEM. FUTURE GENERATIONS WILL HAIL OUR FORSIGHT!!! i don't think fragilis and major are the same. my 2m tall big plants are maybe 16-17 years old and at least one of them came from some seeds torsten did sell via his shop. a very good methode to get an idea about ephedras is to taste them. i once did this at kew gardens, which do have a very big ephedra collection, you can test, one ephedra sample every 15 min or so. take a few stalks and chew them thorougly, watch out for taste sensation and effects. i believe that ephedra alkaloids have never been investigated in detail, and many surprises and discoveries will be made by future genarations. i suffer from hayfever and globus sensation, ephedrin is only one of very few substances that can help me. unfortunately the tga and lawmakers, don't care if ther restrictions of ephedrin, causes me suffering. they believe the alternatives are even better, but they ar useless for me. if you suffer from a condition where ephedrin is the best, than good luck of recieving help. all doctors get brain washed by the pharmas, and are delusional when it comes to many drugs. they think, IF IT CAN BE A DRUG THAT CAN GET ABUSED, IT HAS TO BE A BAD DRUG!! THOSE IDIOTS. EDUCATE, DON'T MAKIE IT ILLEGAL!! I DON'T USE EPHEDRIN OFTEN, DON'T EVEN LIKE IT, AS IT GIVES ME AT TIMES TRACHYCARDIA. I AM LOOKING FOR EPHEDRA SINICA SEEDS, I HAD A GOOD SIZE PLANT, BUT RAN THE MOWER OVER IT, and it did not come back.
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    i have been in a few abusive relationships, receiving end. until last year being in one with the mother of my child, one night i thought she was putting our son at risk and i bitch slapped her a few times, she was hysterical and scaring me, i didnt want to call pigs on her. i was not thinking straight... i ended up called the police but on myself for assault and going to court over it all, she tried to get the charges dropped but because a child was involved she had no say. after i got bailed out i took myself to the local mental institution (James Fletcher) and spent a bit of time in there aswell just to be sure. i am not a violent person, i find it revolting hence i reported myself to be punished for my actions, but i am also in no way a bad person because of my mistake. i admitted my wrong and did everything in my action to resolve it. this is not justification for my actions but explaination to the situation leading up to it. people all to often judge on the actions ignoring the situation the individual was put in. which in alot of cases does have relevance. anyway, just thought id add my experience. ive been wanting to get it out there so people can judge me .
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    Well, that was about 7 years ago now. Virtually forgotten now, but I'll never forget the experience. I know first hand that domestic violence is not always the man's fault, and I get a little upset when people make the issue black and white. I've currently been in a wonderful relationship with my wonderful girlfriend for about 6 years, so yeah, it has worked out for me There's still one loose end though... I gave up trying to find out if the kid was mine or not. I tried for months to organise a paternity test (through a lawyer) but she never turned up to any appointments. One day she came to my house and was bashing on my door yelling and screaming. I didn't answer the door (in fact, I called the cops) because I would have been in violation of a frivolous intervention order if I did. She was after 'child support' as far as I could tell. I can't help thinking that if she thinks the kid is mine she would have gotten the paternity test done so that she could get money. So...this makes me think the kid probably isn't mine. However, the possibility remains that he is mine. If he comes looking for me when he's old enough, then I'll be happy to get a paternity test done. In the mean time, I don't think it would really help to have the paternity test done at the moment, either for him or me, so if she suddenly had a change of heart and wanted the test, I think I would refuse.