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    your not alone Wolf for well nkown years but if mind is sick noo kusha because then compounding of pain eps are compounded But, for fit head, kusha is killa eventually after all the merry-go-round of lifes ecesses Kusha is King Smack a bunga in ya piehole
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    Honestly can't get enough of this track lately
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    Possibly, but they need to compete with other fungi which can be much more aggressive. The benefit is you can get to fresh chips and start sub spawn before other species have a chance to dominate. Every bit helps.
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    Don't you dare partake in it's euphoric glory one more time until you've propagated the crap out of it and shared it with the elders in this community. People live for this kinda opportunity, nay, honour! Picture yourself as Gollum and the ring. Wisdom, sacrifice, devotion. Good luck bro. If what you're saying is accurate, a huge responsibility rests on your shoulders. May the plant-gods shine their light upon your path and carry you safely on your journey
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    extremely rare new horned leaf variety of khat. From the horn of Africa.
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    Lol, I have the opposite problem- wallabies stripping branches of young NL trees, bending down and breaking thicker vertical stems and ultimately killing the trees Weirdly enough not the largest, oldest tree- they don't touch that, maybe it's too exposed But I planted another six a couple of years back in more sheltered areas- they've never thrived and that's prolly the reason another old tree has never thrived either. One of the young ones is 2m high and completely stripped up to about 1.2m Totally deliberate IMO- nothing nearby targeted. Explains why I don't see as many dead wallabies out the front these days, they're all hyped up and hopping faster ;)
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    Do you pay for the programs? You could just go to a Buddhist temple for free right? It just seems like neo-buddhism, only having to pay for it? And what could you achieve on a 3 day program? Would anyone truly liberated claim to be liberated? Unless you're a Buddha or something similar, it just goes against the whole idea of liberation doesn't it?
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    But promoting nationalism has always been the ABC's raison d'être. (Just as the Shrine of Remembrance has always been a monument to sacrifice, not freedom.) One thing I've noticed about the ABC and Covid -- it's politically correct these days for all ABC news personalities to express concern over mental health issues. Any mention of trauma, abuse, anxiety, depression, is followed by a disclaimer: please seek help if needed ... unless, of course, you're opposed to mandatory vaccination -- then the gloves are off, and you're just plain batshit crazy. No Lifeline support for you. Being the paragon of political correctness, the ABC is naturally opposed (at least in principle) to totalitarianism. But if fascism may be defined as the merger of state and corporate power (Mussolini) then what word should be used instead to describe the all-but-mandatory rollout of Pfizer et al.? I won't be cajoled or ridiculed into vaccination. Am I just plain batshit crazy? So be it.
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    Not construction workers but "neo-Nazis" -- this a bit rich, coming from the ABC.
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    Brave Australians stood up to tyranny just days ago. Posting here a link to standard Australian media coverage which as we all know is free of disinformation so it's OK for this thread. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hqlpO785Y90 The ABC should be de-funded.
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    Not sure what to make of that post WB on one level it's mindless cliche driven populist group think and on another level it's a veiled swipe. I've never seen that sort of commentary from you before. Have some testicles and nail your colours to the mast, do you believe it's a genuine pandemic and the unlawful political over reach is justified? Can you see the parallels to what happened in Germany when the country was divided. As Sasha stated in the vid I linked, these restrictions are much worse than Hitler imposed in the early stages of his regime. Do you believe this is just a temporary imposition and life in Oz will just go back to how it was before this plandemic/casedemic kicked off? Do you support a cashless society where all your transactions are monitored and the social credit system that comes with it, or do you believe humans should be free to live their lives on their own terms - what was enshrined by our forefathers when the constitution was penned? Try as I may I just can't understand the endemic psychology of submission to people who write words on pieces of paper and I'm perplexed by those who do. This has nothing to do with a virus, this is all about submission to self imposed authority and anyone who submits is a traitor to the rest of humanity who places freedom above mindless compliance. So are you aligned with the corporate government or are you aligned with humanity, freedom and basic human rights?
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    C'mon Cubism, Andrews is spouting statistics about cases and not telling anyone how many have been tested, how they've been treated or what co-morbidities they have, the overwhelming majority of deaths are geriatrics who were on their deathbed anyway, his fear mongering is completely baseless without the rest of the information to put it into perspective. look into how many people die each year from the flu and compare that to covid moralities we've never shut the country down for the flu and the death toll from the flu is several magnitudes of order higher every year than this scam. Any mass diagnosis for anything is political and the statistics are meaningless without context, you have to look at all cause mortality rates and that hasn't changed (to any statistical meaningful level) to see what's going on. If it is a pandemic those numbers should have skyrocketed, but they haven't. You mentioned clinically meaningful outcomes which is pertinent to this situation but you didn't give any examples to exemplify your point.In the US the clinical treatment has bypassed all normal intervention protocols and covid patients are put straight on to a ventilator (which doesn't work because the haemoglobin's oxygen carrying capacity is compromised and no amount of forced air will alleviate that situation), so they anaesthetise the patients which creates stasis and they check out from a malady of problems caused by the intervention. They also get a cash bonanza when anyone is diagnosed (by a bogus antibody or TC-PCR test, some states are paying over $400 000 for each patient they put on a ventilator. What's even worse is that there are proven treatments with a high efficacy rate that have been prevented for physicians to prescribe and their use has been controlled through the government restrictions mandated to pharmacies. Sure, death rates are very low here but in the US where all this nonsense is emanating from they are fudging the figures every way they can just like they are here. If anyone tests positive once they test them every two weeks and each time they test positive they are counted as a new case, some people have had 5 positive tests and they're all registered as new cases. Anyone who dies from anything can be listed as a covid death and the AMA has changed its guidelines to instruct doctors to implicate everyone as covid deaths even if they die from a heart attack, car accident or old age. One guy in the US died in a motorcycle accident and he was counted as a covid death. So this is just my opinion but it's also the shared opinion of a group of MD's, virologists and epidemiologists in Germany who have initiated an extra parliamentary inquiry into the misuse of statistics by politicians to undermine all our freedoms and basic human rights. There is growing number of medical experts rejecting the official narrative all around the world (but not in Oz, here it seems anyone in the medical industry just blindly accepts the narrative because they are on the payroll) they still have their jobs while many many others have lost their ability to make a living. It seems anyone in the medical industry in Oz (who still has a well paid job) is more than willing to let this forced tyranny perpetuate while the rest of the country is having their lives destroyed and they'll defend this tyranny to the death because they have a financial interest in the situation (their pay cheque) This guy is a borderline moron but even he can see what's going on, skip his ads and watch the rest of the vid. The same bullshit is happening here in Victoria. In the words of Benjamin Franklin. Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety. This scenario has played out many times in history over the last 400 years, each time with a different catalyst for change. This time it's global.
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    You think that's a fair assumption that I came came in with all guns blazing and calling people names (sure I had the guns blazing but I didn't call people names) I did go on a rant about the government response but I wasn't directing anything at anyone here. I was just trying to express how urgent this situation is and I was attacked for it. I was vilified and belittled and took the first few hits on the chin and even tried to make concessions with Cubism because I felt we had unsettled issues that resulted from my attitudes in days gone by. When SayN joined in and attacked me for the second timeI, I flew off the handle and it was over the top, so sorry for that mate. That's genuine mate, I'm really sorry I wrote that shit. Can you guys see that our federation is on the verge of collapse here? Victoria is now a separate entity from the rest of the commonwealth and they've basically trashed our constitution, breached our human rights and contravened the national biosecurity act with the draconian statutes they've decided to enforce (unlawfully) and WA has been implementing statutes designed to destroy our Commonwealth for years. None of the acts have been through parliamentary process and in effect they are just edicts implemented by by a rogue premier (dictator) funded by China. Federal politicians have basically abandoned all parliamentary process and they just issue edicts as well - they're acting outside the boundaries of our constitution and have total contempt for it. They swear an oath to Queen of Australia FFS (as do our all our police), If anyone can show me the Queen of Australia I'll take my hat off to you because she doesn't exist. Hawke created that fictitious entity when he introduced the Australia act so he could sell us all out (all without the referendum he was required to carry out under our constitution), but he lied to the real Queen & told her we'd had the referendum to deceive her into giving it Royal ascent and then implemented his own re-written constitution. Hawke was a Fabian socialist and publicly declared he wanted to do away with private ownership of everything, cars, land & houses. This exact scenario has played out in every eastern European nation where a communist takeover has ensued and now it's happening here and no-one gives a fuck. Most Aussies just aren't capable of putting history into context and seeing the parallels that are happening here right now. I'm sure most people assume it's just going to go back to the laid back care free lifestyle we had before all this shit blew up but if you don't wake up soon and unite we'll all be living in a technocratic hell where we have the same control system as China. And it's mot China pulling the strings they're just the ones we can see bringing all the the surveillance tech in and and acting as a conduit for the money that's driving it all. This is a full scale Bankster/corporate takeover - the same families who funded the Bolshevik revolution and installed communism all around the world are playing the same game again. Australia and New Zealand are the testing ground for the incoming shitstorm (look at what's going on in NZ) they're going to put people in detention camps and allow the army to enter houses and use any level of force they deem fit soon.. Learn your world history guys. I know all of this is really hard to accept but just because you don't like it, it doesn't mean it isn't true. Shoot me down on the facts that I bring to the table but character assassination based on you not agreeing with me without checking the facts is really a waste of precious time. Read some of the work from Charlotte Iserbyt and see how we've all been programmed to accept what's coming and not have the capacity to understand what's coming. http://deliberatedumbingdown.com/ddd/ We've been trained to submit from the day we entered pre-school and most people will defend the new order because they've been trained to support the system with techniques such as as operant conditioning for their whole life. I love you guys and I loved living in free country for over 50 years but what's coming is going to be the rudest awakening anyone can imagine if people don't wake up now.
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    Wow that was deep and full of unfounded assumption, full marks for the cognitive dissonance and lack of comprehension! I know a guy in his late 70's ( a respected friend of the family) who was living in a nursing home, he got really sick in March and was taken to a local hospital, they slapped a suspected COVID diagnosis on him without even testing him and put a DNR order on his chart. Then they left him in a corridor on a stretcher for 2 days and no-one went near him, they didn't even give him water. Then someone decided they should test him for COVID and he tested negative so they decided to put him on an IV and he recovered. As it turned out the nursing home staff had miscalculated his heart medication. I went to see to see him in hospital and they wouldn't let me in. Why should co-morbidities matter because that's where the deaths are, they aren't dying from COVID, it's people on their deathbed dying from other things who are dying with COVID and the test is bogus, they can show a fucking paw paw has COVID with the TC-PCR test and anti body tests aren't specific to SARS-COV2 they will show a positive for any corona virus (the common cold). It's worse in VIC, they send nursing home patients to hospital and Daniels has implemented a policy where they refuse them admittance to the hospital, so they take them back to the nursing home and they get zero treatment in most cases (just like Coumo did en masse in New York). So they get locked in a room alone and can't see their family or friends while the staff are too scared to go into their room and just they check out. Social isolation is one of the worst forms of torture in existence. How dare you insinuate that I don't care about old people and human rights, that's why I posted this thread, if fuckwits like you don't wake up and smell the shit now we'll all be living a communist dystopia and our future generations will all be living in a technocratic prison where our elders will have a use by date (that includes you when you get older if you aren't intelligent enough to understand the inference) Disappointed about the low death toll my arse, that figure is representative of how non lethal this virus is and how it's being used to manipulate idiots like you who don't understand statistical relevance. The figures prove there is no pandemic but you think it's worthwhile to virtue signal in a pathetic attempt to score points. Go to the world economic forum website and see how this has been planned for 50 years and has more layers than an onion the size of a baseball. My Mrs has lost her job because of this scam and the way it looks we'll be on the street in less than a month, so there's another bullshit assumption on your part. Keep watching your TV, keep listening to the radio and keep buying into the fear. If this were a real pandemic lots of people you know would be dead. Come on tell me about the masses of people you know who have died from this BS.
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    Sally on a tear! How the fuck did you write all that drunk? +1 for drunk literacy skills bruz!
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    There's been lot's of people placing oxygen sensors inside face masks and showing how your oxygen levels drop when you wear a mask. Atmospheric oxygen levels are variable and fluctuate around the planet but a standard baseline level is generally around 20.5%. Within seconds of donning a mask an oxygen sensor placed inside the mask will typically register around 17-18% and that is a range deemed as dangerous by USA OSHA safe working levels. In that saturation level of O2 you become hypercapnic (excess of CO2) and blood oxygenation starts to drop. Many studies have also been carried out on surgeons to determine the effects of wearing a mask and they all show lowered blood O2 levels, elevated CO2 levels and many of the studied subjects experienced nausea and headaches and an increased level of bacterial infections from breathing low quality air and some studies even show a reduction serum calcium levels. I'd provide references but hey I'm drunk I really couldn't be fucked. Some interesting facts to ponder while our Victorian brothers are experiencing the most draconian upheaval of human rights the country has ever seen. Victoria has been insolvent for at least two years. The Victorian Labour party is signatory to the Chinese belt and road initiative and has received massive amounts of undisclosed funding from Chinese interests. The USA threatened to sever our military alliance with Australia if the dictator of Vic didn't terminate the agreement. Anderson held firm with the agreement with China. At least 8 planes have landed at Tullamarine in the last 72 hours full of Chinese tech specialists to install the Chinese AI surveillance grid (like they already have in Darwin) while the lock down is in place. Anyone who is still naive enough to believe this psyop probably still watches TV, Netflix or Stan etc or listens to the propaganda on the radio. I would so love to be wrong about all of this and wake up Tomorrow and realise I'm just a deluded tin foil hat wearing ***conspiracy theorist** and feel free to come back and drag me over the coals if I'm wrong by 2025. Look how they are manipulating the figures. https://www.bitchute.com/video/K0wWmQu1nFs/ and that's doen't even begin to explain the depths of this scam, if someone tests positive once, they retest them every two weeks after the original"diagnosis" from the bogus TC-PCR test and each subsequent time they test positive they are counted as another case. Anderson is now issuing unconstitutional unlawful edicts and bypassing all political process using a bug that statistically kills no-one, FFS more people die each tear in Oz from skin diseases. So much for the two week lock down to flatten the curve. Wake up and smell the communism. Flame away guys, but come back in a few years and see this in retrospect, you have no fucking idea what they have planned for us. If you fucking sheep don't wake up and smell the shit soon this country and our lifestyle will be gone forever. Just wear the mask, conform and virtue signal if that's your thing. It's all over now baby blue. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L4HW33SgZlM Compare annual all cause mortality rates to previous years, if it were a real pandemic that figure should have skyrocketed but it hasn't. Now all they need is a a war and they'll have the figures to present it to the sheep in future generations. Get ready for your digital ID, AI facial recognition, digital currencies and social credit scores and embrace the freedom - work makes us free!
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    Gotta say I've been spouting the same rhetoric around fatalities. Statistically insignificant in our country is a fucking understatement. Lockdown is a joke, and I have to agree that all I am seeing out there is a lot of government "You can't's" instead of "What is your will citizens?" Our will counts for nothing and the governments of the day seem to think it is their job to tell us what we can and can't do. That isn't their job at all; it is to action the will of the people. But you can't rally when there is a pandemic, can't protest your rights being taken away when the government says stay at home aye? Oh no, not more cases. They're cases, not deaths for fucks sake. QLD has a handful of deaths, a HANDFUL. Yet everyone better do as gov says or else. The fucking flu kills 3500 in this country per year on average, sometimes much more, sometimes much less. The mortality rate in OZ is ridiculously low, and no I don't want to go on the roundabout around how it would've been much worse blahblah because VIC is in lockdown again, has had the most deaths and they went in the hardest out of all states. Urge to revolt rising...
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    It doesn't have to implicate any contamination they just have to make a correlation based on a statistical relationship . If you amplify any sample as the PCR test does you can arrive at a conclusion that the sample is positive for almost anything you test. I'm not trying to deny that SARS-COV2 exists, it's a patented biological entity that's been worked on & shared all around the world for well over a decade.Here's a paper that was jointly funded by the CSIRO from 2010 https://www.msi.umn.edu/~lifang/otherflpapers/bat-ace2-archivesofvirology-2010.pdf But as far as I can ascertain it's just a common cold with a sequence that can be fingerprinted. A lot of the early work was done in CSIRO labs in Melbourne BSL4 labs partly funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation. Having said that, how many of your circle of friends have died from this (so called) pandemic. I still haven't met anyone who even knows anyone who's died from it. I did hear a second hand account of 1 person who got sick but they survived and now they're OK. If it's so deadly where are all the casualties? If it's a pandemic as they say on the television and radio why aren't we hearing of hordes of people dying? We saw all the dramatic footage from Italy and New York where they stated so many were dying but Northern Italy has some of the worst air quality on the planet and an aged population with multiple instances of confounding co- morbidities that would have killed them anyway and the scenes from Italy were regurgitated all around the the world (channell 9meven used footage from Italy and suggested it was from here, and New York did too )in an attempt to imply that they were happening locally. The New York scenes (Staten Island) we saw where they were digging mass graves was just was grossly over represented as that's where they have buried unclaimed bodies for nearly a century - they were just filming a normal day's procedure and misrepresenting why it was happening. Admittedly there was a small spike in casualties at that time but it was statistically irrelevant. Now the focus has shifted to cases, they've mis-represented the ratio of cases to deaths, cases are statistically irrelevant if the death toll doesn't correlate. They are implying that cases ares are skyrocketing beacuase they are doing mass testing but death rates have plummeted. Watch this for an explanation. https://www.bitchute.com/video/hp80hinUBXnb/ We've lost all our human rights, are under house arrest without being convicted of any crime, have our rights to travel impeded all for a virus that statistically kills no-one. I really respect you Cubism, you seem like a very intelligent guy so I take no offence in your reply but you've really got to start looking into what's going on man. This is all playing out to the Rockefeller script, digital I'D's digital money (monitored by AI), vaccines, facial recognition and a massive undermining of our human rights accord (which Australia is signatory to, Victorian police laugh at the suggestion that we have human rights these days). Lock Step -see Harry Vox. I've been opinionated on the issue of Christians against Muslims in the past and I fully recant on everything I've written, they are playing us off against each other, any man who walks in truth is my brother. A divided society is easy to control and allegiance to any group think is littered with folly, a predominant factor as to why I've alienated myself from here. Look into the new legislation Dutton is trying to rush through parliament. It's much much more draconian than that article suggests. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-05-14/peter-dutton-introduces-bill-giving-asio-powers-to-talk-to-teens/12246886 Look into the all cause mortality rates around the world, if it were a killer pandemic those rates would have skyrocketed but they haven't. Why?
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    So did you project the R0 rates and extrapolate? I did and it fell over in the first 4 weeks, it just didn't project. I made a java script to run the projections and if they were legit we should have had more fatalities than you could count by the time I posted the OP. It just didn't happen, by early June there were just over 100 deaths from the scam. That equates to 0.0004% of Australians died (which is statistically insignificant) , pandemic my arse. Most of the deaths have been geriatrics with co-morbidities and now if you die of a anything you're a covid case. The PCR test is fake, the inventor of the test Kary Mullis declared that this test should NOT be used to to diagnose infectious disease. It expands or multiplies samples to produce a statistical meaningless outcome. The same test could be used to prove a cat has the same percentage of human DNA and prove that a cat is human. Where are all your dead mates and family members? Paraphrasing the words of the only doctor I've respected -Vernon Coleman who has awesome youtube & LRBY channels. Distrust trust the government, avoid the lies and avoid mass media. But line up for a test, give them ammo to lock you down, wear a mask and hate on anyone who can think for themselves. Virtue signalling is highly encouraged here.
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    The stoats,cats & rats have contributed to the loss of native wildlife BUT the Hangi wiped out a lot of the wildlife long before white fellas turned up. You would be very lucky (some would say unlucky ) to see a snake in NZ as it would be an escaped pet or a visiting sea snake, there are no native land snake found there. Sounds like you had a good time there, I have heard despite the lack of wildlife it is one of the most beautiful places that you can see. I will get there one day. Cheers jox
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    Nice work HM. Beautiful spot for it. The sloping hill should work well to keep your patch moist. I like to use a bit more sub, leaves less room for contaminates & col's quicker. The scattered aproach is good, I like to use a handful in a grid sort of fashion, then top with a thin layer of chips then another layer of grid spawn then topped off. But theres lots of things you can play with over time. Best n`ot to make the bed too deep your irst year otherwise it can take too long & will fruit poor, 10cm max. I also realy like logs, they wll last alot longer than chips & after some time turn into pithy sponges that retain moisture much better than chips in the long run. Spring is the best time to make a patch as the mycelium is just charging along. Feedbags, the kind chook food or grain come in work well for spawn containers too. As do large plant pots 20-44 gallon drums & styro boxes, or you can just make up a patch on the ground & raid it for spawn when you need just leave a little there & replenish with more chips & it will col super fast. Good work,