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    EGA's new guide documents a simple, innovative and recyclable technique that anyone can use to easily grow plants from seed. Coke bottle tek is a modification of the famous 'take-away tek', which uses plastic bottles for raising cacti and succulents from seed. Coke bottle tek is a set-and-forget technique, allowing plants to become more established with less human intervention, better preparing them for outdoor, in-ground environment and reducing the need for up-potting. Coke bottle tek also represents a more recyclable and environmentally friendly alternative to take-away tek. This technique being used to successfully cultivate Trichocereus spp., Lophophora spp., Hylocereus spp., Gymnocalycium spp., Astrophytum spp., Ariocarpus spp., Ferocactus spp., and of course many different trees and herbs. Halcyon and Dr Liam Engel are passionate ethnobotanists and longstanding members of The Corroboree forum. If you find this resource helpful, please support EGA so we can make more! Download the tutorial here: https://gardenstates.entheogenesis.org/coke-bottle-tek-a-terrarium-technique/
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    Still after pere? I have heaps
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    I'd love to see the ANMF (nursing union) come and stand up to them. Protesting against fuckwits who make everyones life harder.
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    fully vaccinated, two doses of vizier. i now will be invisible
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    Actually that's meant to be "Imperfect Vaccination Can Enhance the Transmission" etc. And Rogan's cherry-picked a single line from a non-covid paper about chickens from 2015. Which is totally fine, he has the right to express his take/ opinion to another anti-vaxxer, but it's hardly case closed or anything. So here's my take on the paper... For a start, that paper wasn't trying to establish whether or not variants occur in the vaccinated (it's a no-brainer, afterall) but it aims to start exploring the realm of what might be possible. Indeed, it says "There is (already) a theoretical expectation that this happens" , and "The future challenge is to identify whether there are other types of vaccines used in animals and humans that might also generate these evolutionary risks". It's a shame Rogan didn't highlight these stipulations, but instead spin the paper as proof of his opinion, (or the opinion of whoever said it to him to begin with), because it doesn't seem like he read the paper himself. Just out of curiosity, did you, because playing 'chinese wispers' is not exactly a great source of scientific data. There's no dispute over variants appearing in people, whether they are vaccinated or not. But there *would* still be a lower rate of variants coming out of vaccinated people, based on the lower rate of infection to begin with, which seems to be the general consensus anyway (from what I've picked up). Covid will probably end up being like the flu IMO, regardless of vaccinations. It's just a matter of how many people want to be sacrificed unnecessarily for the same eventual outcome as it develops over the years or decades. The paper itself says that natural selection helps to stop potent variants from spreading, but it fails to take environmental factors into account. Natural selection worked well in a diverse, partitioned world, but we are a monoculture now, with very different dynamics and severe consequences of just letting a pathogen run rampant. Is that how we would really want to solve this issue? To randomly kill off millions of people as our way of 'living' with the virus. Remember, it's no longer just the elderly at risk, and Delta didn't emerge from the vaccinated, but the **unvaccinated**. There's a big debate over reducing global over-population, but there's better ways of doing it than dying a wretched painful disease-ridden death. Besides, if someone is such a champion for reducing over-population then they should put their money where their mouth is and get a vasectomy before having any kids, but I'm sure these proponents are happy for someone else's family to die of covid, who cares if it doesn't happen to them etc.. ...and then it DOES happen to them anyway SMH. It seems to me like anti-vaxxers are often arriving at their final solution of just letting a certain percentage of people die, and hope everything goes back to normal. But that won't happen, that's merely an untested hypothetical. Variants will still appear, new cohorts will die, people and the economy will suffer severely. And half-assed vaccination campaigns won't do much either, just look at Israel, they went in hard and fast, with incredible results, and threw it all away by opening up too early. The best way to reduce variants (AND keep people and the economy safe) still appears to be strong vaccination programs. But that doesn't seem possible now that the fear/misinformation genie is out of the bottle. Our only hope now IMO is to stay one step ahead of the misinformed, and take harder measures to prevent the mindless sheep from killing many millions of happy families, as well as their own. But that's highly unlikely now that many of our most powerful leaders like Scomo and Gladys, Trump-ism, are raising the white flag and kneeling for the slaughter. Prepare for the covid-appocalypse, people! When the shyt hits the fan, you'll be waiting a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time for a jab in a queue full of sick, coughing, zombies. Just look at pretty every other country who threw in the towel too early, that's only just around the corner. Don't be afraid, but also don't be a total fool during a serious pandemic. For the love of all that's good, use your f** brain. Time is close now.
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    Vaxx gang represent. Disapointed im not magnetic or a 5G signal amplifier. Mental health epidemic is concerning me more but....
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    Hey all, After 4 lovely years in Melbourne (where I was made to feel truly welcome & loved by @etherealdrifter and @Amazonian), I’ve relocated to the mid north coast of NSW (Forster-Tuncurry). So, once we’ve settled in (and assuming we don’t all end up in lockdown), it would be cool to catch up with any peeps that might be around this neck of the woods.
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    further debate is unnecessary then. (and foolhardy)
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    ^ they certainly don't intend to take it lying down.
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    it is very difficult to do anything useful with a sub print. either find a cube print, or, collect a sub in the wild and isolate it on agar yourself. if you can't isolate a culture on agar, you probably don't have the 'microscopy' skills to do what you probably want to.
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    Protests are now underway against last nights earthquake. Shaking of the earth is an invasion of our individual rights to stand unhindered.
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    SEASONAL / GENERAL UPDATE: Despite a great and lasting heat wave this summer, the plants were okey protected in a bright shady spot on my roof. Reaching september and the heat wave leaving, the distachyas started growing and as soon as a cool wave in mid september hit, the went full on veg mode and even went to start a second flowering session! So now I have brought them to more light The sinicas remain the most stubborn in their growth. Equisetina are similar with sinica in all their habit, a bit slower but with a taller pheno and noticeably bluer - the bluest of the species I have grown. nebrodensis with the appropriate pruning is the most handsome of the species I have grown as an ornamental plant and also its remarkably hardy in my climate
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    He is a super nice guy. We were talking about his research that has just received funding from the federal gov into psychedelics. He's doing population studies of cubensis and looking at DNA stuff around whether subs are native to Australia. Or some such. He's got the golden ticket in terms of picking mushrooms (pun intended). Oh, if only I could pick mushrooms, frolicking gaily in the summer sun, for science of course. We can all dream. I thought I might be able to help, but I'd need similar authorisation to do so...
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    yeah whatevs this site still so hard to use and gave it 3.5 years to fix up n still like it .. what a shitbag, would so have been posting the last 3 yrs had it worked right ... anyhoo tryna just post this was enough of that for one year and sure bored of that already so who gives a flying fuckstick anyway well here's some acacia project all grown up over the last 3n a half years while waiting for the cronkys to undo the posting hold backs *shrug*
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    i don't think all boomers are 'bad' folk bro, you're probably just matuing - nice place to be. Peace be within your heart
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    Hey Change - you know how much I love you mate but I think you might be oversimplifying things a bit here. I don't think HD and I are so much discussing the politics of the situation. Rather, we are against the blatant misinformation being bandied about - it's downright dangerous. There are still way too many people thinking the vaccines are injecting Bill Gates' microchips - I shit you not - old(er) people that should know better. They have totally discarded logical thought (like why do we need two shots? was the microchips missing components in the first shot? doh) and jump on any human mistake (like mask wearing or slips of the tongue) as proof that its all a scam. Others think its 5G. FFS. HD and I just want to dispel these myths and encourage vaccination - it will save lives and get us back to (the new) normal quicker. And Zedo - it's super tough out there at the moment. You are not alone - my single mates are all suffering big time - I do what I can to help but its not enough. Try and hang in there and, when its possible, get along to one of the SAB meets in your area. The people on this forum are uniquely special. Post more here - pics and random thoughts. Try and stay busy. It is a shitty time there is no doubt but I have seen this pandemic bring out the best in people (and sadly, the worst as well).
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    Sorry to hear you're struggling bro, My one and only local ethno-bro just left town recently and that's been a major bummer. I love going to meets though, even if it's a bit of a drive to get to them. I do have a few local gardening friends that make life a lot more enjoyable. As for covid, I genuinely felt a lot better once I was fully vaccinated, like I was part of the solution rather than the problem etc. so I would encourage anyone to get vaccinated. It's funny how previously people believed in vaccinations enough to literally wipe some things off the face of the planet, but now with all this social media power in the hands of the reclessly mis-informed, we're seeing (for the first time) vaccination rates dropping so low in some areas that a virus is wreaking havoc. My only humble but genuine advice is to steer clear of the anti-vax hysteria going around and just stick with the science. Our medical science is the best it's ever been in the history of humanity and there is no grand conspiracy to inject us all with microchips or take away our liberties, or whatever the latest BS is. Murdoch's business model is literally to divide and conquer. He's not interested in journalism, he's a power-broker and that's it. So yeah I agree we need to unite and look out for eachother. My personal approach has been to take a stand against misinformation and advocate for the science as much as possible, and I do get a sense of satisfaction in seeing my friends and family staying safe and all of us getting safely through all this.
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    I recommend using the forum search engine and messaging people privately, this is a bit of a sketchy topic. Search terms like 'speciosa' are likely more handy than the K word. For this reason you might also have more luck if you edit that word out of the thread title and your post. If you don't find anyone it does seem like XXX often stocks it under the counter, but you might need to find someone on good terms with the vendor to ask. I've heard their XXX store only sells small quantities for people looking for OST, but I've also seen them selling huge bags of the stuff at a festival in XXX quite recently. Worth keeping in mind that as well as being illegal this plant still works on the opioid receptors, and withdrawal, dependence and tolerance are still real risks for everyday consumers. Could be a shitty situation if you ran out of supply, but if someone is on opioids anyway I can definitely see the appeal.
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    I read that release as "Emyria will be harvesting the data collected during sessions and will use this for unspecified and possibly non-aligned purposes".
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    American gods is good for couchlock - i fear it will peter out after the first serious though :( - no spoilers fellow travellors
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    From my experience years ago, Ephedra are not really that difficult to germinate. I germinated and grew 5 species form memory. Like all plants they requires certain conditions to germinate, all you need to do is provide those conditions and the little tackers do the rest. The reason Ephedra has a reputation for being tricky is due to the seeds viability dropping off over time. To get good results you need fresh seed, or at least not old seed.
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    This graft was done as an experiment back in 2011, to see if multiple cacti rootstocks could be used to support a single scion, and observe any effect it would have on growth rate. In this example, 4 Pereskiopsis plants were used as rootstocks, to support 1 Lophophora off-set. Each Pereskiopsis was approx 30cm in height to begin with. They were positioned around the 4 sides of an empty pot, and held securely in place with vinyl (electrical) tape. The leaves were removed from the top of each Pereskiopsis. The stems were held together using non-adhesive teflon tape. A healthy Loph off-set was selected and removed. The Peres stems were cut. The edges were evenly bevelled. To maximize surface contact area with all 4 stems, a small piece of flesh was removed from the Loph. The Loph was held firmly in position using the same vinyl tape. It was left to heal, undisturbed and out of direct light for 1 week. The hold-down tape was then removed, and the plant(s) were reintroduced into normal growing conditions. The tape holding the stems together was left in place for an additional week, allowing time for them to adjust, and grow into their new shape, without pulling away from the scion. After close inspection, each of the 4 stocks appear to have made a successful union. The graft sat dormant throughout the first week, as it continued to heal and recover from the initial shock. During the following weeks, growth literally exploded. Pics were taken over an approx 2 month period, during which time the Loph had been in almost constant flower. In the last pic there were approx 14 off-sets with more visibly forming.