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    From a small cutting I bought around 25 years ago.
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    Time spent getting ripped off trying to germinate dead seeds from ethnocuntes and portuguese peyote stealers while hunting worldwide for years much to no avail for the Lightening tree attempt at using the olde toad tank as a Virolador ... However , one fine day a lone supplier of integrity existed and thus; the project finally got somewhere in the darkest depths of the amazon rainforest box :3
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    I think this ladybird deserves a some exotic cacti seeds for her ungrafting efforts, she clearly has a natural ungrafting talent
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    latest week old hobby...( of Salticidae keeping )
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    noobing efforts to grow Cacti, courtesy of Wile E. Peyote ,*-. | | *. | | | |_| | *. `---. |_| | | .--` | | | | :/
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    Eileen and super pedro in small pot, but flowering! I had the super pedro 3m tall, and it never flowered, than I planted those cuttings in a pot and the super pedro flowered!! my instincts tells me, maybe the super pedro could "feel" Eileen, and as such, produced a flower in hope to produce seeds, just an idea... but probably it had planed to flower, when it was still 3m tall. all pedros got destroyed,or greatly reduced in size, after the blanket law.
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    Cacti make great fences. post pics here of cactus that you think would make a good fence able to keep livestock and even dogs contained. Self propagating, self repairing, what more could you want from a fence? Edible, Scented, medicinal, attractive, bird feeding.
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    Found by PD amongst a patch of 'Psycho0' and is most likely a hybrid of.