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    At least psychedelics are efficacious and relatively safe, with fewer side effects than SSRIs. Safety is proven over millennia of traditional use. Furthermore, psychedelics lend themselves to DIY forms of therapy which (potentially) circumvent the medical establishment -- an emergent imperative of the economically disadvantaged. A war against (so-called) "alternative wellness" is thus of real concern. I'm unaware of any concrete proposals for the abolition of structural inequality.
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    I've devoted quite a bit of time to researching succulents so would like to share the love. Can spare a couple (2) packs [Edit: one left] of free mixed succulents to the first couple of people interested (reply here and I'll get back to you) 1. Sceletium tortuosum cuttings 2. Sceletium emarcidum cuttings 3. Delosperma bosseranum mature plants 4. Delosperma echinatum cuttings 5. Trichodiadema stellatum cuttings 6. Lampranthus spectabilis (red) cuttings 7. Mesembryanthemum (Aptenia) cordifolium (purple) true form seedlings/cuttings. Can also include others including Aptenia haeckeliana if interested 8. maybe some Lampranthus aureus cutting No WA/TAS Something like this: Some of them can be a challenge to root up but see how you go. Only express interest if you're dedicated and keen please. I'll include postage.
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    A giant thank you to Alchemica expecting 9 or so cuttings I was greeted with 10 packets of plants and no just finding one example of each but rather several cuttings contained in each packet, included were three plants that were already rooted. In total Alchemica has furnished me with almost 40 plants. I had to double up many of them because I ran out of spare pots and soil. A huge thank you. I used a mix of potting mix and 4mm pumice stone for drainage - tomorrow I got to get labels for each and I will fertilize with some root stimulants.
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    At least, that's what I think the author is trying to get at, from behind all those acronyms. TESCREAL? Sounds like a distant galaxy to me ... https://akjournals.com/view/journals/2054/aop/article-10.1556-2054.2023.00292/article-10.1556-2054.2023.00292.xml
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    In addition to overseeing the development of ChatGPT, Altman now serves as the chairman of Journey Colab, a pharmaceutical startup that is pursuing FDA approval for psychedelic medicines including mescaline, the use of which originated with Indigenous ceremonies involving the San Pedro cactus and peyote.14 Within the psychedelics industry, Journey Colab has been praised for its emphasis on Indigenous reciprocity, beginning with its decision to place 10 percent of its founding equity into an irrevocable “Reciprocity Trust” for the benefit of Indigenous communities and “other stake- holders in the psychedelic sector” (Journey Colab, 2022). In 2022, the startup also issued a “Patent Pledge” in which it committed to not enforcing its mescaline-related patents against any “Indigenous communities and practitioners who use mescaline for bona fide traditional ceremonial purposes” (Psychedelic Alpha, 2022). Following the analysis by Williams and Brant, such displays of reciprocity obscure a deeper, colonial imposition of power directed towards capital accumulation, enclosure, and extraction, which is inherently at odds with genuine reciprocity. Altman’s praise of Journey Colab’s reciprocity initiatives emphasizes capital accumulation as the driving goal: “Those [Indigenous] communities will share with Journey what they know of the history of these medicines, and Journey will share what Silicon Valley is good at, with how to use startups and capitalism to deliver something to people who can really benefit from it” (Al Idrus, 2020). For Altman, “reciprocity” is code for strategic research and development towards the further enrichment of Silicon Valley’s tech elites. In this context, Indigenous knowledge is framed as a source of extractable wealth to serve as grist for the TESCREAL mill. ^ The part about OpenAI and other tech elites funding research into synthetic mescaline for treatment of alcohol use disorder, is somehow extremely depressing. Perhaps because alcoholics are just a low-hanging fruit to be exploited in the service of larger profits, greater inequality (and consequently, the author implies, more alcoholism). Under different circumstances, the prospect of a mainstream psychedelic treatment for alcohol abuse should make anyone happy. But the social conditions that make alcohol abuse possible, and even likely, remain inviolable (misery and mental illness being an essential component of the business model). I don't see much hope that the masses will "organize" (as the article's author concludes) to resist such powerful forces as Big Tech with its newfangled (pharmacological) machines of loving grace.
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    Interesting plant just because it is devoid of the conspicuous morphology of the standard cannabis plant. However I would guess that a cluster of these plants would exude the heady cannabis aroma. Turns out In addition to its curious taxonomy, it has a very discreet aroma of fresh fennel, which we will not be able to detect unless we stick our nose to the flowery tops. Found several sellers selling seeds for $100 to $200 for 10 seeds https://seedsforme.com/product/australian-bastard-cannabis-abc/ https://dcseedexchange.com/product/australian-bastard-cannabis-abc-7-regular-autoflower-seeds/ https://www.insaneseeds.com/product/australian-bastard-cannabis-ibl/ https://www.nomadseeds.com/producto/australian-bastard-cannabis/ https://humboldtcsi.com/product/australian-bastard-cannabis-site-4/ I am not a cannabis fan but would grow this plant just because its low THC and being a oddity. I am sure that their must be someone in Australia who could supply these seeds. BRING ON LEGALIZATION
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    This on my to-read list. The author, Nese, steps on a some ppls toes, but she’s a solid scholar and does important work, IMO. Unless I’m mistaken, her point is that psychedelics, like AI, are being developed to be used in ways that entrench inequality instead of living up to their potential, which should be to make us more free and the same people or at least people with the same ideologies are responsible for using these tools to fuck us over.
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    Hi All, been a while since my last lurk around the forums I've got some Courtii seed available for purchase. $25 per 30+ seed pack. Or $1 each. Harvested January 2022 from seed grown trees in southern Tasmania. Message for inquiry ✌
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    transhumanism, Extropianism, singularitarianism, cosmism, Rationalism, Effective Altruism, and longtermism. (tEscREAl) and This article demonstrates that TESCREALism is a driving force in major segments of the psychedelic pharmaceutical industry, where it is influencing the design of extractive systems that directly contradict the field's world-healing aspirations. These findings contribute to a developing subfield of critical psychedelic studies, which interrogates the political and economic implications of psychedelic medicalization.
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    I noticed a mountain of gravel, crusher dust, road mix, sitting on the nature strip in Clarendon St, Coburg, Melbourne. With a cardboard sign saying "FREE" -- looks like leftovers from an Astroturf job. I filled a few buckets, but barely scratched the surface. Ute or truck would be the way to go. Just putting this out there for the benefit of my fellow sacred gardeners.
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    @Yeti101 Gone fully pro in the non-earner field aye? I knew you'd always make it to the big leagues mate
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    A few mid-cut sections of this special scopulicola available, for anyone interested in propagating. I've never seen a scop with such pronounced horizontal strata, which definitely caught my eye (and I've already got quite a few scop varieties, including some real stunners). It's absolutely spineless to the touch, with deeply recessed aureoles. The mother is no longer, unfortunately. These chunks are fat and heavy (CD in last pic. for reference). PM if interested.