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    ok, big update! a friend of mine did lend me two books about probiotic (fermented drinks) which inspired me greatly. seems that some people use only sugar for the primary fermentation, and only add fruits (simmered down in a little water and sugar) at the botteling (second fermentation stage). this would keep the granules much cleaner which could be a big advantage (fruit pulp is hard to seperate from the granules), but i still add fruit to the initial fermentation, as it produces a better brew. my current batch had raspberries and a little sugar added at botteling stage. the book said the fruit sugars (fructose?) will produce the fizzyness of the drink and i agree. thats why i add fructose in form of ginger and citrus fruits to the first fermentation, already. maybe thesecond fermentation is enhanced, by already fruits beeing added at the first step. i found out that the granules can be stored in the fridge (not freezer) once they have been cleaned, for a few months. as well i had a bottle of second fermentation brew in the fridge for maybe 2-3 months and it was delicious, and a little psychotropic.. i have not yet experimented with ginger out of a jar, but reading suggested that water kefir granules don't like metal, and detergent residue. what i observed, but never read about, is that water kefir seems to be able to keep fruits and ginger and galangel very fresh (it is conserved well) so maybe it's good to use the same ginger for several brews (i use ginger thinly sliced currently). i still havent brewed by adding some of our "more beloved" ethono plants, but the fact, that the second fermented drink keeps very well, in the fridge for a long time, gives me hope it could work. in other words, i always thought the added organic would be in contact with the water kefir for a too short periode, to facilitate a transfer of active compounds. my initial excitement, was brought on by the thought that, similar like "spit kava" the granules would help to extract compounds. i would like to add kava or withania to a brew, would be nice if it would work. withania is quite heat stable so one could add this plant, in form of a simmered water decoction.
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    Update: The cacti are doing really well. I re-potted them on a very non-organic substrate, but I have been feeding them heavily every week with urine and fertilizer. They have all gotten their colour back; they are still a little yellow in spots but looking way better, and they are showing new green growth at the top. When spring comes, they will be solid. A big thanks to @Siggor
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    The smell of limonene could be sufficient to induce synergistic effects: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/274641213_Physiological_and_psychological_effects_of_olfactory_stimulation_with_D-Limonene The use of essential oils and incense is well-known. Rätsch has a section on incense in his psychedelics encyclopaedia. I've come across Syrian Rue in a Persian incense (with other spices and resins), probably for good reason. Brugmansia blossoms are said to be psychoactive, with caution advised.
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    ^ looks like I missed a good post.