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    Some carvings of mine. Hopefully they can inspire some of you to try your hand at carving After all you dont know what you can do unless you try. Im happy to provide advice too.
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    I didn't want to post this straight away in the Seed and Plant Exchange due to limited seed - but here's a seed giveaway combined with a picture thread - if you want to grow any or all of these shoot me a PM with your addy and I'll try and get these seeds out to you. The T. bridgesii v "SS02" x T. pachanoi v. "Mel/vin is seed grown by my friend Mel/vin and given to me years ago - the plant in the pics is the parent plant - longer spines like SS02 but grows a bit fatter like pachanoi. A strangely beautiful and thoroughly groovy plant. The T. peruvianus monstrose (TPM) waffles between regular and monstrose growth, but the monstrose is dominant - columns start out normal and then get super weird - and the freakish qualities certainly came through the other time it was crossed - fortunately this year I have it in more crosses, and got more seed total The T. peruvianus cristata (TPC) is a new addition to the hybrid pool - large freakish peruvianus cristata - even the flower was mutant - I crossed the single fruit with Juules, SS02, and (SS02 x pachanoi) - basically I hit it with all three of those hoping one would take - the seedlings may be any one of those three fathers or a mix of them - I hit it with Juules first, then SS02 a few hours later, and then (SS02 x pachanoi) a few hours after that - maybe Juules got through the most? Who knows.. N1 is a bridgesii that is excellent in all the ways that matter - one of my fav plants and I'm totally stoked about the Psycho0 x N1 cross - those should be some seriously beautiful and badass bridgesii seedlings - probably fatter and longer spined than typical bridgesii as well, based on the parents.. The T. pachanoi "quasi-cristata" (TPQC) is a non-PC pachanoi type that grew crested after an apparent snail attack - maybe it is genetic in there somewhere and the snail attack caused it to come out, or maybe it is purely from the infection - regardless its a beautiful pachanoi though I haven't taken good care of it these past couple years.. T. bridgesii "Psycho0" is, well, Psycho0, and was sent to me by PD a few years ago - strong work m8! Here's the crosses: TPM x N1 TPM x (SS02 x pachanoi v. "Mel/vin") Mel/vin x TPM Psycho0 x N1 Psycho0 x TPM TPQC x TPM N1 x TPQC TPC x Juules, SS02, & Mel/vin Mel/vin x TPC TPM: TPQC: Psycho0: N1: SS02 x pachanoi: TPC: cheers!
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    Alright guys, just want to share tech that can be used to fertilize the flower of a cactus that usually needs pollen from another one to develope seed: 1. Get yourself some Cement from the DIY Store. Very fine pulver. The finer the better. But the typical Commercial grade works fine as well. 2. Get yourself a small brush and apply some of the cement dust on the Stigma of the flower on the plant that you want to produce seeds with. Also try to blow a little bit of the dust inside the flower. 3. Cement works as some kind of irritator what makes the flower create some Anti-Bodies that enable her to accept her own pollen. 4. Then wait for half an hour and brush some of the own pollen on the flower and repeat this numerous times. Now heres some additional info: Usually, there is only very few seed to be harvested but it works and the seeds are usually viable. The reason why this works is that cement consists of highly basic calciumsillicates that tremendeously raise the ph of the flower. Because there also are aminoclusters on a pollencorn that are also responsible for raising the ph, the cement has the very same effect. Because of his highly basic potential, cement is even way more effective. Basic niveau reduces the ability of the flower to abort the pollen so it accepts it. IT ALSO ENABLES YOU TO CROSS CACTI THAT ARE INCOMPATIBLE WITH EACH OTHER! Like LOPHOPHORA x GYMNOCALYCIUM, MAMMILLARIA, TURBINICARPUS ETC. Its not guaranteed that it works all the time and you have to experiment a lot but i know that it worked in some cases. Another Advantage is that genetecially, defects will be passed down to the offspring so this would be very interesting for pollen from Cristates and other mutants. But in some cases, plants can be weak or not healthy and may need additional generations of breeding in other cacti. The produced Offspring thats created with this tech is not to be seen as clones as there is a recombination of DNA going on, what enables them to cross them in with the motherplant as well. Alright guys, this is no bullshit, its working so use this info to your Advantage and create some fucking freaks. ;) EDIT: I think this Post about encluding electricity is pretty much related so i wanted to merge it with this one but it would be too messy so i just add a link to the Topic. Its called Intergeneric Breeding with Electricity http://shaman-austra...showtopic=30745
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    WE WON!!!!!! The Federal Criminal Code schedules have been released and not a single plant was added to them. It appears that the nearly 10,000 submissions that were made to the attourney general's department via the Happy High Herbs and GardenFreedom websites (and the countless independent submissions) caused a rethink at government. Let's turn that success into a momentum to force the same rethink at the state level. The war is not over, but people-power won this battle Thank YOU all. http://www.comlaw.gov.au/Details/F2013C00619/Html/Text#_Toc363810126 This success did not come easy. At least 6 people worked on this issue for about 3 month on a full time basis and some for a lot longer. This includes staff at Happy High Herbs, the people at gardenfreedom, and many individuals who either helped as part of the group effort or doing their own thing. Most of them prefer to remain anonymous, but I would personally like to thank all of them for their dedication to the plants.
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    Kia ora whanau, I was rummaging through my sketchbooks looking for one particular piece of paper, i didn't find it, but i rediscovered lots of my forgotten drawings. Since i don't really show many people my art, i thought i'd make myself a wee thread and show ya'll lovely people. This is an accumulation of the creme de la crop of my work over about three years, there are many more, but these are my faves. I am still not very good with faces or bodies so a couple of these make me cringe a little with their bung-eyes and gammy feet, but they are a marked improvement from my earlier attempts and still an important part of my learning process. Two pics are copied from the encyclopaedia of psychoactive plants, one is a copy of an Escher piece and rest are original drawings. I can't plan my drawings anymore, they kinda just happen. Hope you all enjoy This was copied from the encyclopaedia of psychoactive plants, its the agave deity And this one was from the encyclopaedia too . Escher copy Birth of caapi
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    i passed through Bangkok last Saturday after About 6 weeks in Thailand,Cambodia and Lao and thought id stay an extra day to go to the amazing Uncle Chorns Cabin,i just about had a heart attack in the first glasshouse alone!!I want to really thank Kit at Uncle Chorns for letting the dumb felung in to have a look for half an hour as they were closed on saturday and i hadnt rung ahead.I saw maybe a quarter of the place i had no idea it was so big....more photos to follow this one of the small glasshouses
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    just a few pics of some of my favorite freaks and rare specimens from my growing collection (more pics to come later) enjoy Eulychnia Castanea spiralis Psycho x J3 crests Lophocereus Schottii monstrose Cereus Peruvianus crest Copiapoa Hypogea 2 headed Trichocereus Pachanoi monstrose Trichocereus Pachanoi crests Astrophytum Asterias Kikko crests Astrophytum Asterias Kikko crest (lizard skin / muscle form) (possibly also variegated) Astrophytum Asterias Vtype Kikko crest (multiheaded) Astrophytum Asterias variegated Lophophora Williamsii crest
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    A Garden Which Belongs To Bog Here is my little Boggy, note the monstrose bunny ears growing out of her head That'l do for now. I'll update this thread over spring and summer with any spectacular new growth or new plants. Happy "spring" everyone.
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    Sasha's perspective on science in general and pharmacology in particular was what motivated me to start and persist with wandjina gardens and these forums. It was also his influence that pushed Daniel and me to lead the organisation of the Ethnobotanica conferences which started a whole cascade of developments in Australia. He was one of the greatest influences on my life not because he worked with interesting compounds, but because of how he worked with them. I feel very lucky and privileged to have had a chance to communicate with him at a time when his mind was still sharp as a tack. I am also very proud that the type of scientific thought process he inspired in me allowed me to brighten his day 11 years ago to which he replied: "Oh my, you did awaken old memories and old dreams with your letter. The rainy day is here!". Those who have read PIHKAL will know what this means I will miss him, but then again I have missed him for several years as this was just the inevitable end of the decline that started a few years ago. PS: Eclectus parrots are commonly called eccies, so we decided to call ours Sasha. He makes me smile every day.
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    Hey guys, Just wanted to thank everyone for there nice comments & offers to help , this is a great little community! I have had a few really rough weeks, mentally & financially but I have tried to keep positive & on Friday it payed off , I went for a drive to help a mechanic mate fix someones bobcat, it turns out the man owns a nursery & has offered me a job as a nursery manager, if all goes well he is willing to let my family move into a 3 bedroom house that is behind the nursery. It only gets better he wants to add cacti to his nursery & wants me to use my collection for propagation !! This could possibly be the new start I have been waiting for, I am starting this Monday a can't wait!! Thank you again to everyone, I can't explain how much your support & kindness has helped me :worship: :worship: . Cheers Jox
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    Just warming up for the year... Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year SABers! Micro
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    any thoughts on this one cactus admirers.. this came from a lot of seeds i put down including, 'Los Banos' X pallarensis SS02 X [Juul's X peruv] 'Los Gentiles' ss01 x ss02
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    Started from Zelly's seed - at nearly 2 years and growing great - just starting to show their traits. These have always been outside and are currently under 30% shade cloth. (Phoenix, Arizona) http://misplant.net Lumberjack-x-Juuls Juuls-x-SS02SS01 (Edit: changed to a better photo) Kimnach Assorted Hybrid Seedlings
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    My Bunning's Peru. First photo I loaded here on the 3.11.2012. Check it out now, almost 2 meters tall and such a lovely colour. -3rd Nov 2012 Getafix
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    heres some pics of my 2 latest pieces. ive cast these before but this time i cast the glass around some copper nails to give them a nice single spine foe that mean look
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    Legendary and all around awesome guy Nitrogen contacted me recently in regards to some serious health issues he was having with his beloved and monstrously large TPQC mother plant. Do to a recent relocation & issues beyond his control, he was more or less forced to continue nurturing and growing the plant in an indoor environment, and certain bugs & critters were gaining the upper hand. When he invited me over, I was completely blown away seeing the mother plant in person. Mere pictures cannot convey the magnificence, size & grandeur of this plant. It was totally gut wrenching to see many of the crested areas under vicious attack, to the point where some have totally succumbed to death & rot. Other crested areas are still firm, but brown and obviously dead or dying. The plant desperately needed help, but more importantly, it needed to be back outside, where predatory bugs & critters have a much tougher time attacking and killing defenseless plants. Devising a plan, we proceeded with the task of moving a 400+ pound plant and HUGE clay pot across his apartment & down flight of stairs. Nitrogen was skeptical two guys could do it, knowing full well it had taken 3 grown men and a huge effort to get the plant into his apartment in the first place. Getting it down the stairs turned out to be the easy part. Loading it into a truck for safe transport was a whole new task, ensuring the crested branches were fully supported in a laying down position. Once that was accomplished, it was all down hill from there, but in a really good way. Arriving at its new location, Nitrogen & I hashed out the next course of action. Choosing a spot, Nitrogen asked me if I had a pickax. Mystified, I asked what in the world for?? Grabbing a nearby shovel, I said my hard pan clay soil has been so thoroughly turned and composted over the years no pickax needed, and then proceeded to dig a hole. Nitrogen grabbed the shovel from my hands and dug the hole himself, amazed how easily he could dig a rather deep & wide hole so effortlessly. Once the hole was dug, Nitrogen then took a hammer & broke the clay pot away from the solidly packed root ball. At this point the plant & pot were laying on its side, still securely fastened to the hand truck. With no weight on it, the pot broke away easily. Grabbing a butcher knife, I then sliced off the compacted & matted root mass at the bottom & sides of the root ball. The next challenge was devising a method of getting the plant off the hand truck & standing it upright in the hole. Leading the way, Nitrogen said to use the hand truck to get the plant upright again right at the edge of the hole. Once that was accomplished, we then each grabbed a massive branch and threw our backs into lifting the plant & root ball into the freshly dug hole, with Nitrogen doing all the positioning for its new home. Happy with its positioning and vertical plumb, he then grabbed the shovel & proceeded to backfill the hole. Finally, he was able to do what he'd been itching to do for the last 6 months, that being grabbing a garden hose and spraying & hosing off all the bugs & critters that had been taking a toll on his plant. With so many folds & crevices in the numerous crested areas, it was just impossible to enact a treatment of the plant in any other way in getting rid of the bugs & critters. First blast it with water pressure & then invite a few nearby spiders to take up residence. No chemicals needed, just a healthy dose of Mother Nature. I'm still kicking my butt for not taking a picture of his plant, in the pot & standing in his dining room. She was a good 16" taller then, but she's so much better off in her new home. And the really great news is, the bugs & critters have gone to their personal form of hell. Protective shade cloth was tied on to protect the plant as it acclimated to its new home in full sun. Come to find out, another TPM plant I've been tasked with taking care of, originated as a cutting from Nitrogens mother plant. Yes, I think I have been totally TPQCeed Thank you Nitrogen I did manage to take a pic of his grafted Ario fissuratus 'Godzilla', and in doing so discovered a seed laying on top of the wool.
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    Hey everyone, Here are the latest photos (hot off the press) of my Trichocereus. They've been moved into the sun, and mostly weeded, and once I've fertilized them - then we can sit back and enjoy the sun. :)/>/>/>/>/>/> We'll begin with a sunset from the farm. The sun "setting" is just a sun-rise from another perspective. ;P Here's the eight-pupper bridgesii I talked about. There's another pup on the other side too. Really weird. I'm guessing it had some BAP exposure? If not, then this plant could be a bushy brancher. These are the bigger columns; growing doggedly. Peruvianus 'Martin' on the left fore, the bent one is a Pachanoi 'NZ Yowie', 3rd to the left is my vigorous Ecuadorian Pachanoi (my favourite clone of Pachanoi so far), on the far right is a Peruvianus (presumably hybrid) that grows quickly and fatly. 2nd Bridgesii to the left rear might be distinct enough to get a name, and if it keeps growing like that - I'll call it 'Nailbat' (it was seed-grown by bit). Centre Peruvianus is 'MB' clone. This is a nice bridgesii hybrid, long yellow spines (has the ordered spine-layout of a bridgesii hybrid), and a blue coat. My Peruvianus 'MB' clone. Really dark blue, wonderful spines - it's a real fetcher. The pale color is because I've taken it out from under the shade of the Cyprus tree and it's a bit shocked my the full-sun. Some more plants chilling out. The smooth pachanoi on the right was my first plant, and all this growth here was grown by me (this was a cutting from the original). The back left plant is a distinctive Peruvianus clone that I'm waiting to 'blue-up', as it's got fantastic golden spines - it was sold as variegated too, but none has shown yet (if it was true). Pach 'Omar' x Peru. The cross was done by Hellonasty (thanks again good sir), and the seedlings are all wonderful. The tallest three were potted up the earliest, and as you can see benefited greatly. They also fell off the deck and got wasted up from a 3m fall, but came back strongly. The plant on the far right was originally grafted to a Selenicereus, and was the biggest originally. But once it transitioned to its own roots, it was quickly overtaken - - it looks like the derp of the group, so I'm hesitant to invest much more in grafting as a result. Some seedlings from early last year. Mostly SS hybrids, each pot is a different cross. Growing really well, and just about to take off in these pots (full sun). Sadly (for you guys) there's nothing funky from this lot, and they'll all normal - albeit exciting plants. Under the tree I. These have almost all come from cuttings, and are the Trichocereus with larger areoles (mostly). Peruvianus 'Martin' apparent in front right. Couple wildseed-sourced bridgesiis growing in the back. Some macros in there too. Some mutts as well. Under the tree II. Another view. :)/> Two fat tersceckii are easy to spot. There's a T. Candicans in the middle I think?, Chiloensis, Taquimbalensis and Werdermannius at the back. SS02xBridgesii hybrid on the far right. Some Qat babies. Getting used to near full-sun. Some leaf curl and such going on, but otherwise they're doing well. I'm worried about winter though. ;o Assorted Trichocereus from above. :] In the foreground, you can see just the tops of both of my Terscheckii open-hybrids. They're very fat, areoles are not circular, little squat yellow spines in the shape of Tersceckii but the length of Pachanoi. Some bridgesiis in the middle, and some of my better Pachanois on the middle right. You'll be able to notice a square pot with a plant that is curving - that was my attempting at side-rooting, and persuaded me to never ever ever waste my time with it in a pot again. :P/> It was put in that pot at least 2 years ago. The longneck herd from afar.
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    Hi all, well after working around the garden for the last month, things are starting to come together. I still have some re-potting & organizing to do but I would like to start showing you all my garden. A special thanks must go out to 2Deep for giving me some help . I hope you like Exposed to the elements Euphorbias Cactus (cereus, echinocactus,myrtillocactus,oreocereus,parodia,pilosocereus,polaskia,stenocereus,trichocereus & others) Echinopsis (unknown random spp, crosses) Greenhouse (astrophytum,blossfeldia,haworthia,lophopora,mammillaria,pachypodium,selenicereus,stapelia,trichos,seedlings & others) Mammillaria's Pachypodium's Lophophora's (grafted,hardgrown) Seedlings (astros,lophos,melos,turbs) If you have any questions or what to see a more detailed photo of a plant please ask, these photos are just from a distance to give you an idea of my garden & don't show everything clearly. I also have a grow room with hundreds of seedlings & grafts but I only take photos on my phone & they come out funny because of the light in there, you will have to imagine it for now until I can borrow a camera . Thanks for looking, I will add more photos in the future. Cheers Jox
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    Hi Guys, just saw that its Psycho0´s Birthday so i thought it would be appropriate to post a small reminder about the friends and members we loved and lost! Psycho0, Wandjina, Chemical Shaman and all the others that gave us the gift of sharing a short part of their lifes with us! You know, life is short and this should remind us to live every moment to the fullest and to never take the great people that you have the joy to be around for granted! We are all just one breath away. Take care of you guys and girls out there! bye Eg
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    I had a few unexpected windfalls lately, and having already bought a bunch of new toys I decided to put some of the money to good use before I spend it all on hookers and blow. So, I am offering a $300 'research grant' to help any small study or project that may be stalled due to lack of funds (doesn't have to be "research" as such). I realise that won't go a long way, but perhaps there are some smaller projects that have run short of money before they could be completed, or people who have access to cool labs but no cash, or something. Also I'm treating this as a kind of trial run, if it goes well I might look into some kind of fundraising effort for larger projects. My idea was this: people post their proposals here, saying what the money will be spent on and what the aim of the project is. For eg, maybe people could use money to go towards… *materials or equipment for analysis purposes *plant stock for hybridisation project *small print runs *materials for propagation greenhouse …etc, etc. People can use the "like" button to vote for the proposals they approve of. I will also take "likes" as votes of confidence that you believe that member can be trusted. This will not be democratic, I reserve the right to pick any project I find particularly awesome. I will give strong preference to anything which benefits the community - whether materially (eg. seeds, plants) or in the form of interesting new information (eg. whether or not native plant X contains compound Y). This grant is based on the idea that your results - whether positive or negative - will be made available to the community in an appropriate way. And I know this will probably trigger some shitfights, but if a project is redundant or unfeasible in some way, please let me know about it, preferably by PM so as not to clog this thread up with arguments (remember if you make it tedious to read this thread, no one will read it and so no one will see your ideas and vote for them!). Posts which contravene forum rules should be reported directly to mods. I won't set a deadline until I see how fast proposals come in, but I'm thinking you'll have at least a month. You can make multiple proposals, just write them up as separate posts to allow the voting thing to work properly. (I'm making this all up as I go along so keep checking this opening post for changes to conditions, and please be patient with me while I learn)
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    Admin, Can you please have a look at the following link. This has the code for enabling us to post soundcloud players in our posts in the creative section. This will make it alot easier for us to share without diverting people to another site. Thanks in advance http://blog.soundcloud.com/2009/07/28/soundcloud-player-in-forums-5-step-guide-for-soundcloud-bb-code/ Please like this post if you agree this is a good idea, I have been trying for this for quite a while now.....
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    Searching around for ideas for a new project I'm planning I came across this site: http://freecabinporn.com/ Lol...its safe for work folks, there are some beautiful structures in beautiful locations. WB
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    Just needed to share this...... Up the road from my mother (the house I grew up in), there is a house that has the most insane cactus garden, with so much interesting stuff. They have had this garden for years, as long as I can remember (and I'm over 40). They have a T. bridgesii that you would not believe. I'm living in my home town again, and have bought a house with a place to have a garden. Well, I got their phone number and gave them a call today. They invited me over to look at their garden and said I could have cuttings of what ever they had, in fact, they mentioned that's how they got their garden started. I'm going over tomorrow.... I promise to post pics of this bridge and everything else. My wife just doesn't understand my excitement. But you do....am I right?
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    Visited my friend's garden in the weekend. He started collecting at the same time as me, about 3 years ago. There is were lotsa plants in there so i really couldnt capture every one, so here's what grabbed my attention. Variegated euphorbia lactea cristate Mammilaria 'Fred' Copiapoa sp Larryleachia cactiformis Euphorbia symmetrica
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    A few months ago I was marginally involved in a legal situation that was quite bizarre. I was not at liberty to discuss details publically at the time because the situation was 'developing', but I did promsie to eventually post about it to serve as a warning to others. There are several lessons in this story and I will summarise them at the end. A friend in Qld was ordering AM2201 last year when it was still legal. However customs had obviously been made aware of its 'threat to the community' and was holding parcels indefinitely. Part of the game of importing was to just keep ordering and to play the numbers game [ie let them have a certain percentage of parcels]. To do this different addresses needed to be used everytime a parcel got seized. Eventually my friend ran out of PO boxes so he used his home address. Eventually this was also compromised and he stopped. By this time 3 parcel were being held by customs. He had ordered his last 1kg of AM2201 in June. It was held by customs. After 2 months the postal tracking stopped as is normal. 2201 was still legal then. On sept 6th 3 cannabinoid agonists became illegal in Qld. AM2201 was NOT one of them but as I have stated publically, it is an analogue of the 3 scheduled ones [something that was widely argued to be a wrong assumption, but was later proven in court when people got busted for it]. Early november my friend gets a post notification that a parcel has arrived. The parcel that was sent to his home address had been released by customs 3 days earlier. he had forgotten all about it as he had assumed it would be seized and destroyed after being made illegal. Being unaware of what the parcel was he picked it up from the PO which is when he realised what it actually was. This is where things got complicated. My friend made the parcel disappear. Not that he actually wanted to have this stuff, but he knew that he could be arrested for handing it into the cops. That same day I was visiting him and after hanging out for a while I dropped him back at his place and went back home to NSW. Later that night my friend rings me to tell me he had been raided and arrested and that the cops assumed I had the parcel in NSW because his txt record showed we had met up. For a number of reasons he could not tell them what he had actually done with it. I wrote a sign for my door that stated "Dear NSW Police. Please don't break down the door, we have cookies and coffee waiting for you". After getting some legal advice which confirmed that handing the parcel to the cops is risky as they can arrest the person holding the parcel even if arrangements had been made and guarantees were given, it was decided to wait a few days. This was because my friend had actually mailed the parcel to another state where AM2201 was still legal at the time. However being a weekend it took 4 days for the tracking to show that the parcel was at its destination. While we were twiddling our thumbs and getting up at 5 am every morning expecting a visit, the Qld cops were ringing my friend every day to try and get the parcel back. He had been charged with possession of 1.6million dollars worth of drugs. In Qld it is not the quantity, but the value that determines charge and sentence. It was 2 weeks before schoolies, a time when the Qld drug cops go completely nuts because the government is on their ass and they need to show results [ie headlines]. So here they were very happily looking at a 1.6 million dollar drug seizure that would make for great news headlines, if it weren't for the fact they'd lost the actual drugs. See, they could only charge him with possession because the import was actually not illegal, but for possession they need to prove intent and knowledge, neither of which would have stuck from a simple pick up CCTV video at the post office. That's why they needed to catch him the next day with the drugs still in his possession. After midnight they can add a new charge for every day that they can prove possession. So essentially my friend was set up. Once we had confirmed the parcel to be in the state where it was still legal our solicitors contacted the cops and suggested that we would surrender the drugs, but that they had to make it 'attractive' to my friend. Keeping in mind that the cops still thought I had the parcel in NSW. It was round about then that it surfaced that the Qld cops had asked the NSW cops about the legality of AM2201 and had been told it is not illegal in NSW. THAT'S why the NSW cops hadn't raided me! Kinda hilarious cos that information was actually wrong. AM2201 is smack bang covered under the analogues clause in NSW - no doubt about it. But it gets better. They kept going on about how the kilo represented 1.6 million dollars worth of drugs in the community and how it was imperative that they retrieve it, but they would not drop the charges. With nothing to lose at this point I suggested that maybe we should hint at how badly this could be perceived in the public eye [ie a roundabout way of saying 'I wonder how the media would take 1.6million dollars worth of drugs going missing in a botched operation 2 weeks before schoolies']. 20 mins later we had a deal that the charges would be dropped if we surrendered the parcel. At this point they were still expecting that i would be taking the parcel to the NSW/QLD border for them to pick up. I would have loved to have seen their faces when they were told the parcel is in Victoria The drug squad was VERY keen to retrieve the parcel even once they knew it was in Victoria and after some negotiations our solicitor managed to make arrangements for surrender that did not bring any risk to any of us. This turned into another comedy though as the Qld cops now got it into their heads that AM2201 was illegal in Victoria and hence they would have to get a Vic drug squad agent to do the pick up etc. My solicitor got quite freaked out and it took me some hours to convince him that the Qld cops had it wrong AGAIN. Good thing is that solicitors can read legal texts so eventually he just had to believe the evidence I presented to him about the legality. The hand over did not go smoothly either. Seems the Vic cops worked out it was not illegal and hence couldn't be bothered to be involved. Hours passed, but eventually the solicitor got rid of the parcel. The charges got dropped and I've been advised to keep out of Qld cops' way for a few years ;) A few lessons were learnt here: 1) No one knows what's actually legal or illegal, yet decisions get made in this vacuum. 2) Customs will release an item that is legal under the customs act even if it is illegal under state law, but will inform state authorities of the release so they can raid and prosecute. This seems like entrapment to me, but my solicitor assures me it is all legal. 3) Surrendering illegal items can get you busted. 4) if you've already been charged make sure to surrender it before midnight so you don't get charged again.