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    hi! i noticed since quite a while, that some men, when they talk to me, touch there genitals very briefly. they do that repeatedly, and i sometimes thought, they want me to look where, they touched them selfe, but i never do. maybe thats why they repeat the process? i never asked any of them why they do it, or if they even aware of it. it could be something close to a tick. some of them lived in my area, and when i met them, they always do the touching thing, which is slightly anoying. i sometimes thought is this a secret gay thing (i'm a bit a feminine male), but i know some of them are certainly hetro. has any of you noticed the same thing? is any of you a groin toucher? can any body shed light to this phenonoma.
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    Theres Aus shops like this Home - My Terpenes Australia For pinenes, I tend to use frankincence essential oil unless you can get the pure terpene - ~30-60% α-pinene. There seems to be different enantiomers in different oils which needs to be taken into account. Even between B. carterii and B. sacra there seems to be different pinene enantiomers. α-pinene: anti-inflammatory via PGE1, acetylcholinesterase inhibitor - aiding memory, positive modulator of GABAA receptors at BZD sites. α-pinene was observed to initiate soothing physiological and behavioural responses with a significant impact on physiological and psychological relaxation. (1R)-(+)-α-pinene was more prevalent than (1S)-(−)-α-pinene in pine oils (+)-α-Pinene was the predominant enantiomer in most rosemary, this is intriguing as (-)-α-pinene displays partial modulation of GABAA-BZD receptors and direct binding to the BZD binding site of GABAA receptor while the (+)- enantiomer is less characterised. α-Pinene shows anti-metastatic and anti-tumor activities. Moreover, it seems to be anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and an anti-allergic bronchodilator and can produce anxiolytic and hypnotic effects via the GABAergic system (α-PN shows anxiolytic and hypnotic effects upon inhaled administration. α-PN evokes its hypnotic action through direct binding to GABAA as a partial modulator at the benzodiazepine binding site
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    https://www.aph.gov.au/e-petitions/petition/EN6127 I've signed, love my vape!
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    It's common for young seedlings to have a larger number of ribs to begin with, before assuming their mature form. OP will probably be able to confirm that with the T. scopulicola (which virtually never has more than six ribs, according to Keeper Trout's book on San Pedro). I had one branch of a mature scop with seven ribs, but it eventually reverted to its more common 5-ribbed form. Of course, OP might have an exceptional bunch of mutant freaks. But scopulicola is generally (almost always) 4-6 ribs. A seedling with 10 ribs could crest, or (more likely) drop a few ribs. I haven't seen a "four winds" pachanoi, a form which is more common among scopulicola and bridgesii. Some specimens do seem to have a propensity for it, but there are no exclusively 4-ribbed trichocereus varieties that I'm aware of. A 4-ribbed branch will often revert to one with 5 or more ribs, in any case. I had a seedling which looked, for a long time, as though it had just 3 ribs! But on melty specimens like that there's often little point in trying to count. Ditto, the crests.
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    I got 50 Trichocereus pachanoi seedlings from a 6 rib parent - the seedlings have ribs ranging from 5, to 9 and one even has 10 ribs. Most are 5 or 6 ribs and some have gained and others have lost ribs and they are only 16 months old. Unfortunately no 4 ribs in this batch.
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    Anyone used theobromine for a sustained period and found it useful for attention deficits? The cacao flavonols would likely be synergistic over theobromine alone It's only an animal model study so far but potentially an option Theobromine improves hyperactivity, inattention, and working memory via modulation of dopaminergic neural function in the frontal cortex of spontaneously hypertensive rats https://doi.org/10.1039/D4FO00683F While it has a nonselective PDE inhibition effect greater than caffeine, oral theobromine inhibits mTOR signalling in vivo which is of relevance to multiple conditions [1] and elevates cerebral brain-derived neurotrophic factor and facilitates learning in animal models [2] and orally supplemented, it upregulates the pathways in the mPFC, which may then improve working memory in animal models [3]. MTXs act through a variety of different molecular mechanisms: mobilization of intracellular calcium, inhibition of phosphodiesterases (PDEs), modulation of gamma-amino butyric acid (GABAA) receptors, inhibition of high affinity ATP-dependent cyclic nucleotide transporters and antagonism of adenosine receptors. The plasma levels that could be reached under dietary regimes and the fact that MTXs readily cross the blood-brain barrier indicate that these drugs inhibit adenosine receptors in the CNS; higher doses may be required to mobilize intracellular calcium, inhibit PDEs or modulate GABAA receptors, or to unselectively inhibit ABCC5 and ABCC4 transporters. Moreover, despite the physiological relevance, also under scrutiny is how caffeine, theobromine and theophylline are able to interact with native double helical DNA [1] https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/30451374 [2] https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/27833051 [3] https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/31010016
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    Gday my fellow psychonauts Does anyone have any thich species seed available atm? I am a decent grower and would like to try my hand at cacti again, now that Im not so tropical.. I think a victorian bred variety that can tolerate cold nights (1-2 c is "generally" the worst we get near river).... I can trade you any seed from my collection, I have many... f1 of pink dwarf cosmos that were fregggin so cuteeee lav sub prints pan cyan prints calendula various veg etc PM me please if anyone is still here - I miss this community Is anybody home??
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    You can get grass and other weed seeds in horse manure, as well as in cheap commercial potting mixes. I tend to withhold rich organic matter from cactus and succulents. Something like coir is "organic matter" but without the nutrient load (mind you, it retains too much water, probably). Wood shavings and sawdust deplete nitrogen, but also retain moisture. They can be used very sparingly. Someone has used mushroom compost with great success, as a soil admixture for growing Trichocereus. I tend not to use it unless I can find/afford to splurge on the certified organic one. Commercial mushroom cultivation is pesticide-intensive, for the most part. Keeper Trout made the point in one of his lectures, that the (minimal) nutrients in peyote habitat were mainly of plant, not animal origin.
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    You should buy this book
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    Its time to stock up before the Nanny country makes these impossible to get. They are less harmful than alcohol unless you're a nangaholic. Too much of anything is bad. A few people spoil it for the rest as usual.
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    Looks a bit like damage caused by thrips (according to Patrick Noll's book)?
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    What is m spec? I have Mesembryanthemum spectabile seeds.
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    so a real fixxer-upper hey. A repairable or statutory write off. I'll send you a message.
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    I also have some feedback about prescription cannabis ( herb though, not oil). Funny story ( to me anyway)…I took the script to the chemist and as I am presenting the script to be filled I notice it said ‘farm gas dried flower’, so I ask the chemist what gas is used to dry the flower??! ( I’m thinking that sounds so unnatural, lol) , The chemist said he didn’t know and I would have to ask the company that dried it. Later I googled it and ‘farm gas’ is the strain, LMAO. I also read ‘heavy notes of kerosene and diesel’ which wasn’t inviting and yeah, the vapour tastes terrible, stunk out my room for days . Lol.
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    Are you confused that the seedlings have more ribs than the parent plants? I don't think rib count is phylogenetically informative in this case.
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    I'm still learning to write rap but here is another song I wrote today: https://www.bandlab.com/post/ca81e0f9-0109-ef11-aaf0-000d3aa5105b
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    Haha that's what I use...love it! I had to buy another one recently, just weeks before the ban.
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    There used to be a thing called the free spore ring, all i got from that was a realization that i have a black thumb when it comes to mycology, the prints were good free and clean, but i wasn't. I'm pretty sure that's dead now and I'm not gonna recommend or vouch for any of the popup variants/replacements for it. But if all you are looking for is a certain but non specific print for research purposes there is a good chance(if nz is anything like the southern states of aus) that in the next couple months if you have a quick little look in some pine plantations or places where there may be some buried woody matter you will be able to make you own prints to study.
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    Arizer Solo II for the win!!
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    I've played around a bit with terpenes/Citrus oils, even making a transdermal spray. I find they get more interesting as synergistic blends. Komiya and colleagues (2006) observed that lemon oil vapor inhalation causes an anti-stress effect by modulating serotonergic and dopaminergic in addition to GABAergic systems in mice. Limonene enhances neurotransmitter release and could inhibit HPA activity under physical stress, It may act via regulating dopamine levels and 5-HT receptor function, along with GABAA activity. Citrus essential oils have been utilised widely in traditional medicine "Improvements in neuroendocrine, neurotrophic, and monoaminergic systems are related to the antidepressant effects of limonene". It produces antidepressant-like effects that seems to be mediated by 5-HT and dopamine neurotransmission and is an agonist for adenosine A(2A) receptors. Lemon essential oils showed strong ability to improve memory in animal models It is suggested "metabolites of these monoterpene compounds contained in citrus essential oils have a stronger effect on monoamine release from brain tissue than the monoterpene compounds themselves"
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    hey guys just a heads up that old mate wont be at the market this weekend either. he has a gumtree ad that he updates weekly n you can check availability that way. its way too hot at the moment n hes staying home to tend to things. i sell plants as well but have been taking a break the past few months due to a death in the family, but am gearing up again. if you msg me with what youre after ill let you know. ive got all the usual suspects plus a few other guys like ginger, white sapote, aji chillies. oh n ive got a heap of cactus needing new homes. some bigger guys plus a bunch of year-old seedlings in tubs. this heat is doing my head in by now n i need to thin out the collection again so im not running around watering all day
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    I went to see him last weekend. First week back so he said he didn't have all his stock out. Was no psychotria or caapi that time. He says he is there every week so I'll try again. Saw a tan fellow buying a dozen khat plants.
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    Ever Been to East Vic Park Sunday markets? There is a dude there who sells special plants.