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The Corroboree

catha edulis "planthelper"

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hi, i think i created a successfull vienna white x narrowleaved!!!.

the bush has the appereance of the narroleaved as far as compact bushy growth goes (lot's of branches, hehe!!!) :uzi: . but the leaves are broad! so it turned out excactly like one could have hoped for combining boths special attributes into one (broad leaves x lot's of branches).

i think to remeber that the mother was a vienna white and that it was quite tricky to achive the pollen transfere.

i allready started probagating this beauty and i will put her on the market in one or two years time.

so in the future, if it comes to catha edulis strains make sure to ask, "is it a planthelpers strain?"

and yes, somehow she looks extreemly healthy and showes very good virgor, just what you would expect from a good cross! :rolleyes::wub:

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