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The Corroboree

Nexus Flowers

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No berries yet.


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thats one helluva beasty nexus, care to share some leaves with me ? i recently lost my nexus leaf cuttings when i went on holiday and would love to get one going ! Can trade or cash upto you !

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You can buy these plants from Herbalistics. You may be better off starting with an established clone. They aren't all that expensive and you may have more luck getting them going that way.

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hey man i have pretty much 100% strike rate from leaf cuttings, the last lot were left alone for 2 weeks thru winter though >.> so i kind of expected to lose them. I might just end up buying an established plant but i like to try and trade to get them first !

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Yeah cool, glad to hear you've had such great success with your leaf cuttings Darkspark.

Marcel the leaves are quite broad they have just curled a little to conserve water in the afternoon heat.

I'm not sure if these flowers are fertile. I've tried to self pollinate and cross pollinate with viridis and haven't had any luck with getting berries. Maybe someone else might have better luck producing some nexus berries.

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