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The Corroboree

Sausage Fest Peru (more pics inside)

I love this monstrose peruvianus, I like to call it sausage fest, for obvious reasons :lol:

This isn't witches broom as I've had the comment often. Some close-up porn after the rain:

5b922e5461b57_IMG_20180907_0943382-2016x1512.thumb.jpg.7a278ed3466904e3b1a4c0d0760775c8.jpg 5b922e5722476_IMG_20180907_0930502-1935x1966.thumb.jpg.83eb8486eb316a22122b7190644f31e3.jpg IMG_20180907_094346-2016x1512.thumb.jpg.fc585a862ceea417cd86065e59eb0f85.jpg

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From the album:

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Haha, the little seedling on the left is poplar I think, I pull those out as they have aggressive roots.

But I did start cover-cropping some of my cacti with crimson clover, white clover, alfalfa, mustard, phacelia and tares.



I use this mix on leafy plants and it makes a great mulch & compost, innoculates the soil with N-fixing bacteria, helps soil structure, fights bad nematodes, and is a first line of defense against pests.

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