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The Corroboree

Friggin Snails... (Part 2)

This poor bridgesii seedling got munched on by a snail, hope the little bastard enjoyed his trip...

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little gits, fire definitely works ... , I was gna link a nematode site but I found this when I looked into it deeper..

  • Can I use Nemaslug for Snails?
    Nemaslug will kill snails, but is not particularly effective due to the snail's life cycle. I would not recommend using Nemaslug for snail control. However if Nemaslug gets into a pond it may kill water snails. Keep application 15cm from the edge of ponds.
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Thanks a lot mate, I'll look into those. I tried a lot of things like the old beer trap, diatomaceous earth, copper wire... There's just so many of these little buggers in my garden, I throw at least 3 or 4 a day I swear if snails throwing was an olympic sport I'd make my country proud haha

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I honestly had no idea they were brave enough to eat through cactus spines though, gotta give them that.

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