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The Corroboree

EGA - GARDEN STATES 2021 - A Forum for Cultivating Ethnobotanical Plant Knowledge and Community - @ www.gardenstates.org

This announcement is no longer active


Note: EGA is move to next year because of COVID - More updates on our website. We will also update this info as soon as we lock in the new dates.


We invite you to join us at the Garden States botanical conference for three days of ethnobotanical knowledge sharing on plants, fungi and the environment. Our program will explore relationships between humankind and plants, including gardening, conservation and sustainability, culture, art, spirituality, philosophy, research and politics. Garden States is designed to encourage community building around medicinal plants, research, and psychedelic culture. 


Get your hands dirty and learn from the experts on how to grow and share ethnobotanical plants. Participate in community-lead learning and meet like-minded botanical folk from across Australia. 


The main conference will be on Friday, December 3rd, and Saturday, December 4th. On Sunday, December 5th, we are currently planning to host an informal community element in the afternoon. The community element will involve a plant meet and a book swap in an outdoor space at the same Springvale venue. There is also a possibility that we will provide additional online content on the Sunday that will be accessible remotely, to permit us to respond to any limitations of COVID-19.


The Garden States conference will have multiple stages hosting simultaneous presentations, some live streaming elements as well as a bustling, ethnobotanical marketplace. We hope you can attend this special event. Join us in planting seeds for earth, body, and mind. 


Visit - www.gardenstates.org