Notocactus scopa



Frost Protection:

Sun Exposure:


Growth Habits:

 Watering Needs:


Silver Ball

Parodia scopa

Tender 4C

Light shade to full sun

Southern Brazil, Uruguay, northern Argentina

Clumping columnar cactus, up to 45 cm tall , 10 cm in diameter

Moderate water during the growing season, keep the plant dry in winter



Blooming Habits:
Yellow flowers.

Native from southern Brazil to Uruguay. Stem is solitary, spherical to cylindrical, to 10cm across, 25cm high. Plants are almost entirely covered in soft, white spines. Has 30 to 35 low, blunt ribs, closely spaced , small tubercles. Areoles each have about 40 slender, radial spines. Has multiple bright yellow "straw flower" looking blooms.

Likes strong sunlight, but keep shaded during extended hot periods.

Reported to contain unspecified alkaloids.