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Shaman Australis making headlines

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#1 noisyturtle


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Posted Today, 03:32 AM

Hey everyone,

So i was just bouncing around the youtubosphere and stumbled across this. Hahaha anyone seen this? While the battle of ideology in society may sometimes be hard I found this sctrangely refreshing. In the form of bad publicity I could do nothing but giggle. Anyway guys peace!

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#2 Nailthesnail


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Posted Today, 04:58 AM

"May lead to permanent brain damage."

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But some of you won't survive the changes the earth makes, Swallowed by tsunamis, hurricanes and earthquakes. And that's just the first stage if you cannot reverse ways and realize that we are one regardless of our birthplace.

#3 HolographicYou



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Posted Today, 05:32 AM

Yeah I found this beautiful when I found it some time ago. Clasic a current affair, today tonight bullshit.
As per usual every story "You're not safe, live in fear" and every now and then "Shocking facts that will make you buy from our sponsor"
Brings a tear to my eye. :')

No but seriously every time I hear of them and there abomination on television it brings tears to my eyes.
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Humans have been in the grip of pain for eons,ever since they fell from the state of grace, entered the realm of time and mind, and lost awareness of Being. At that point, they started to perceive themselves as meaningless fragments in an alien universe, unconnected to the Source and to each other. - Eckhart Tolle

#4 bot6


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Posted Today, 06:06 AM





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What’s remarkable is that atoms have assembled into entities which are somehow able to ponder their origins.

#5 Fenris


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Posted Today, 09:12 AM

FFS what a crock. I liked Torstens quote. Slow news day?

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The potential for a mystical experience is the natural birthright of all human beings.

#6 Dreamwalker.


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Posted Today, 03:23 PM


...its like mainstream media is from another planet....cause they don't seem human too me....& that walking corpse (er dr expert ) obviously hasn't been treating his body with any respect...give him 3 years more of life ..tops, before his cancer hits critical...the a. general obviously an anally retentive  alcoholic..."ok boys & girls I want you all to do what simon says..I know what's good for you...I don't care if you are highly intellectually adults...I crawled & licked so many arses to get to where I am today...blaa blaa rant rant grrrrr


seriously ...is it any wonder the world is dying ..look at the idiots who are in charge...............

...they have obviously withdrawn from the evolutionary race....devo's

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don't take any thing seriously, you die every moment :)

#7 ballzac


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Posted Today, 05:12 PM

I guess a lot of current members weren't around when this happened. For context, this was discussed here in depth both before, and after, the show was aired:

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A wank, I think!

#8 Alice


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Posted Today, 05:52 PM

Man, that mexican dream herb is some potent shit. Especially if you inject it. Into your eyeballs. All the kids are doing it.

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#9 Dreamwalker.


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Posted Today, 09:51 PM

damn I thought it was a depository..........

don't take any thing seriously, you die every moment :)

#10 Sabry


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Posted Today, 10:56 PM

"...They emerged from the jungles of Mexico and infected all the hard working tax-payers with their illegal Islam herbs that they brought over in the shaman canoes! Their clothes stained and knuckles white from furious masturbation when a rape victim could not be found..."

Haha, I've seen this video pop up so many times but that's the first time I've watched it.

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