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" Synthetic LSD "

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Posted Yesterday, 05:59 PM

" Synthetic  LSD  "  .....such an inaccurate and slanderous description for  very dangerous compounds .


is a vague and misleading terminology  frequently used by the media , cops , and other law enforcement agencies .

It is usually used in the context of the nbome , nboh , nbox , etc , class of drugs - which are in no way whatsoever  , chemically related to  LSD .


The NBOx  compounds are often sold on blotter  [ because of their potency ] ; and often misrepresented as LSD   [ because of somewhat similar effects , and possibly to make sales on the basis of LSD's reputation for safety - which often makes them even more dangerous when people might take more than one tab , as is often the case with LSD .


LSD  , while being a notorious psychedelic , is noted for it's extremely low toxicity and death by overdose is unknown unless , perhaps , in cases of extreme error  and mistaken I.D  .

The NBOx compounds are , however , notorious for their toxicity ...  the difference between an effective dose and a lethal dose can be very small indeed .


Much of the general public have never heard of the " new "  NBOx  drugs .   . But  everyone has heard of LSD ....

But , in terms of safety , there is simply no comparison ...

It is therefore  very irresponsible of the media and police to describe the the NBOx drugs as  "  synthetic  LSD  "   ; a misleading and erroneous description in all aspects .  

The NBOx type drugs have caused a number of deaths over the past year or so ..... AFIK , LSD has NEVER killed anybody due to overdose .


Time for the media and cops to get real  .... too much to ask ???

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Posted Yesterday, 06:06 PM


Time for the media and cops to get real  .... too much to ask ???


certainly not too much too ask, but fucking way too much to expect!

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Posted Yesterday, 06:39 PM

Thing is, people are so ignorant about drugs that inaccurate descriptions like 'synthetic LSD' are at least something people can understand (sort of).

Tell the average person that NBOMe is an hallucinogenic drug usually found on a square of blotting paper, and they will say 'oh, you mean LSD?'.

It is unfortunate, but even if the media tried to educate the public about the difference most wouldn't pay enough attention to understand.
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Posted Yesterday, 07:37 PM

One more reason(very unfortunately) to stick to natural hallucinogens, if that's your thing.


Bring back the nineties.....



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Posted Yesterday, 08:08 PM

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the petal said to me she "I can see into the future....this shwarma is beaut chilli hit fuckn"



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