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Trading Unrooted Cuttings Still OK?

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Posted 11 April 2012 - 09:13 PM

G'day, I saw hillbilly made this post, seemingly in his moderator capacity:

"Just a reminder guys, any cappi traded within Australia must be rooted"


So I asked a few questions to clarify (I could'nt find anything with TSE) but never recieved an answer:

"Why is that Hillbilly?, Has there been a change in policy here?

Plenty of people have traded live sections for rooting on here in the past...

Comparable to cactus cuttings without roots... or psychotria leaf cuttings, are these still Ok to trade?"

So has there been a change if so can someone detail them or point in the right direction?
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Posted 12 April 2012 - 12:02 AM

Just to be clear about the LEGAL situation, ANY material that contains an illegal drug and is not a live plant is illegal in all states [in Qld even the live plants are illegal under the strictest interpretation]. So when you offer a psychotria leaf for sale you are essentially offering a drug and you [and the buyer] can be arrested for this. However, if the material is CLEARLY for propagation then a judge is likely to throw the case out - if it gets that far. However the onus will be on you, not on the prosecution.
For cacti it is standard to propagate from cuttings and any horticulture specialist will testify to this in court. A 5kg cutting of caapi stump is not going to fare that well even if it is technically a good method to propagate that way. Ditto for leaf cuttings. Just imagine having to get up in court to explain this - do you think the judge will believe you? he won't, so you will need an expert witness, which costs thousands of dollars and many won't get involved in drug matters.

Personally I am fine with any propagation material trade that is clearly and believably defined as such, BUT I have also left it open to the mods to enforce this as they see fit. If they feel it is too difficult to police trades of cuttings because noobs won't understand why the limitations exist, then the safest may be to stop all such trades of that item.

It would be good for the mods to state this clearly in a sticky thread [which I presume they have]
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