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  2. Looking to trade some true heirloom strawberry seeds for other true heirloom seeds. They were collected at same elevation huckleberrys grow at. The berries were tiny but I figure that’ll change w some love. Dug up a few plants and they transplanted well. also have huckleberry seeds. Berries too but shipping won’t be cheap.. very limited supply
  3. sharxx101

    Australian film tour 'From Shock to Awe'

    Hey Flux im interested looks good. might cya Sat
  4. Mine also arrived! Thank you @teamwhy
  5. Paradoxical

    Closed - please delete

  6. Paradoxical

    Closed - please delete

    Sourced from some legend
  7. Thank you @teamwhy, received yesterday <3
  8. Paradoxical

    Cabin Porn

    Not sure if anyone has posted this before, but this is an amazing story of Dick Proenneke who hand build his his cabin and lived in it in isolation for over 30 years in Alaska
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  10. Good to hear you can get some that have been sexed. Young males can quicky go from 1st crow to becoming aggresive towards the ladies if another male is also about. I got caught out once, bad news, they can be cruel. After plenty of discussion at the pet shop im pretty sure the breed is Coturnix japonica not chinesis as earlier stated. King is smaller than Jap and not as easy to handle. They shoot up like harrier jump jets!
  11. Very cool... "Scientists are constantly re-discovering knowledge that others have not had the time to publish and improving existing methods without the ability to share the improvements. Our mission is to change this with a free, up-to-date, crowd-sourced protocol repository for researchers." http://www.protocols.io
  12. Jester988

    advice needed please

    thanks ph7 ill habe to buy some more de
  13. ph7

    advice needed please

    Apparently DE needs to be on the surface of the soil to act as a deterrent to snails/slugs. You can also top dress with coarse river sand. Also for most insects I use neem oil, about 1 TBSP diluted into a 9L watering can. I rub the leaves (or use a soft brush for cacti) while showering the plants, then pour the rest into the soil around the plant to treat the roots. For infestations I do this twice a week, until it clears. Works for me against scale which is my only real pest. Cheers
  14. Jester988

    advice needed please

    thank you for you help ive got sticky traps in there and diatomaceous earth in there which has helped a bit but the whitefly and snails are having a free for all on the sally unfortunately ive got some snail pellets on the way but hopefully the baythroid gets rid of the white fly
  15. spooge

    Closed - please delete

  16. Paradoxical

    Closed - please delete

    Looking to expand the variety of my garden, by adding Eileen and Bruce. PM me if you can help, and we can work something out.
  17. Paradoxical

    Closed - please delete

    Still looking for a Sina cutting
  18. SayN

    Post your track of the day

    live version lacks the oomph of the studio, but still good
  19. hey man you've done really well to drop that much in that time, definitely has to be slow and steady unfortunately but I'm with you just so sick of it which makes it tempting to try speed up. I've spent well over 10 grand now at the same chemist and the fact the government pays for it then the chemist charges anything they want drives me nuts, don't know how that's legal. I'm on 7 now, was fine dropping 1 per week from 30 something until I got to single digits it got harder, now doing 1 only every fortnight from 9 and plan to go down by only .5 once I get to 5 as of course each time you drop the same amount its a bigger ratio than the last drop. anyway we're getting there, I know one person who got off completely which I try and keep in mind just gonna take a bit longer than I thought
  20. Thanks a heap for the offer Humbolt, very appreciated indeed : ) There is a lady near by here who has the same type as you and going to get some from her, thinking about starting with 1 male and 3 females and take it from there : )
  21. Not much has really changed in the space, Illumina has a bigger machine and nanopore has released some new flow cells that are making Illumina and Pacbio quiver a bit methinks. I did a few algae genomes last year for $2k with nanopore kit, it's still a bit of a pain in Australia because there are no distributors so you need a specific Bicon permit and the shipping is killer. But long reads are amazing, just not accurate enough but great for resolving repeat sections in genomes, Illumina is still kinda unavoidable. SDN-1 is kinda funny, it has to be markerless to start with. From what I understand its no plasmid and no DNA. That means you need ribonucleoproteins ie the pure cas9 protein and a pure guide RNA that will randomly perform insertion or deletion and you don't even really know how many bases will get removed or inserted because it depends on what repair mechanisms are available in the organism you want to transform. This gets really tricky because you have only really one option, you have to fuck with a gene that will allow you to select a line that has your SDN-1 as well, this means it probably won't have it and just your selection in/del will be present. So there is still a lot of parallel replicates needed in order to get a line with what you actually want. You cant insert a gene, you can only remove its function or slightly modifies it. And yeah @Darklight the hardest thing about nanopore and Pacbio is the extraction, you need ultra-pure and unsheared DNA if you want to get long reads and the most out of your flowcell. Kinda funny but, there is a legend from ANU that has made a group on a website called protocols.io that has customized extractions people have perfected for heaps of different tissue. It took me the better part of 4 months to get my extractions clean and big/unsheared enough to run, I had to make up a whole custom protocol. Database access is still amazing, bioinformatics is mostly opensource still, between GitHub/NCBI/jgi/ebi basically everything is there, not everybody does it but you should put your raw data on the sequencing read archive (SRA) at the NCBI. So you can go on SRA make an account and reassemble peoples work with newer/better techniques/use it to beef your own sequencing up. Something I have been doing a lot of is metagenomics, which is heaps of fun. Take a sample with a complex mixture of organisms and sequence everything and see what's in the pool. Its a really cool diagnostic tool for anything from gut microbes to algae in a creek. I think Metagenomics is something lots of you guys might be interested in because its a way to look for pathogens (bacteria/fungi/virus/etc) with plants and is starting to get really approachable price-wise. I can do a 16/18s run on Illumina for ~$80 (but that's just prok/euk) and if you want to look at everything you just extract DNA and run it on a nanopore and blast as your sequencing, start to see everything in realtime which is cool for viruses and weird stuff.
  22. Last week
  23. sagiXsagi

    Ephedra minima fresh seed for sale - FINISHED

    thanks for interest, dont send any more requests, seeds are all reserved. I will be getting back to you in the next days about details
  24. totemgoat

    advice needed please

    it sounds like you have a problem with a number of things attacking your babies - remember first that weak/unhappy plants find it hard to defend themselves against pests, so make sure you've got them as comfortable as you can get them before you resort to using a chemical that will just as easily kill bees & other friendly creatures in your garden you can also use bait plants to distract caterpillars, use companion planting to steer away predators, and caps of beer to kill slugs & snails if you must use the baythroid: start low and increase as necessary, follow the bottle's instructions leaning towards using less than they recommend, and maybe be aware that trichocereus stomata are open at night and not during the day (not sure if that'd make any difference to the plant/critters but worth noting) fungus gnats can be controlled with diatomaceous earth from what i've heard, but if you have them in your mature trichos' soil i would recommend transplanting them into a more free draining mix with a a good layer of inorganic material around the base of the stem - if you're growing things indoors, fly paper has also worked wonders for me in fungus gnat control good luck!
  25. Cimi

    lophs in SA?

    In NSW got some if you're interested pm me
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