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    Looking forward to meeting people and long fungi chats.
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  4. Mosh

    Brugmansia microdosing

    I have used tropane containing ointment on myself for control of severe pain. A TINY (Index finger-tip dab) amount is needed, directly on the painful area. Beware that approx. 20% people have a delayed response to tropanes, DON"T up-dose if delayed response upon application. Another 20% are very sensitive to tropanes, never use heroic dose applications! Topical application results in local anesthesia and CNS pain modulating effects. Do not apply for more than 3 days in a row, have a break of a few days between. Tolerance to topical microdosing is generalized thruout the body, except the heart muscle, do not use if you have any cardiovascular conditions. Stop if you start losing your memory, have blurred vision, dry mouth. That said, datura ointment is an excellent topical pain killer, used extensively around the world for such. https://banefolk.com/
  5. tryptamine

    Brugmansia microdosing

    Microdosing is best with non-toxic entheogens such as mushrooms and cacti. Microdosing with more toxic plants like nutmeg and the tropane bearing species may result in a build up of toxins in your body. This could result in the opposite of microdosings goals of increasing focus, creativity and mindfuelness, where instead the users mind comes somewhat unstuck or psychotic. In theory the only safe way to use these plants is in a micro-dose, however even a micro dose may be dangerous if used regularly. The tribes that use tropane bearing species traditionally claim regular use may result in insanity. I would tread extremely carefully, if at all. One prospect I find very interesting is the the potential of microdosing all the very mild entheogenic plants. Plants like Blue Lotus, (Acours calamus), (Targetes lucidia), various galangal, gingers and many others. these plants are legal, very mild, fairly safe and non-toxic. In fact the effect of many of these species is very similar to a threshold psychedelic experience, which is exactly what microdosing is aiming for. Using these species at a slightly less than regular dose every 4th day may offer many similar benefits as microdosing, especially if combined with things like mindfuelness, meditation etc.
  6. tryptamine

    Lagochilus inebrians revisit

    Its endangered in its natural habitat... But surely cultivation is a good thing. I smoked an extract PAH were selling back in the day, worst tasting smoke I have ever had with zero effect. I had wrongly assumed it was the active ingredient in the original Spice, before it was known to be synthetic. The herb itself was more interesting. Foul taste, but 15g as a tea gave a unique effect, a distinct head-change, not unlike (but not the same as) very mild weed or even kava. Fresh herb would be the way to go with this one to go I reckon. Be good to get viable seeds. I have read that much of the dried herb on the market is in fact a related species.
  7. Misko

    5 Flowhoods available

    I recently acquired 3 biological containment units in perfect working order. I pulled 1 apart and flipped the 1200x600 filter and blower horizontally and it has worked beautifully so far. I have two 1200x600 and 3 600x600 filters, along with blowers, speed controllers and a proper plenum for sale. I'd like to sell them as whole units ideally. The 600x600s come with a protective cage. I currently have my filter open on a table, level and it is working flawlessly. I can send pictures to any interested parties. I also have 2 fully working biological containment units with uv lights and vacuum/gas pumps if anyone is interested in the whole thing. 600x600 kit is $600 1200x600 kit is $1000 Location is Perth WA,
  8. Responsible Choice

    Post your track of the day

  9. Responsible Choice

    Post your track of the day

  10. woopwoop

    Whats wrong with this Loph?

    good idea. I think after the tomato dust has been removed, then regular applications of the systemic fungicide and potassium bicarbonate is all that can be done. Hopefuly it doesn't spread to the others. They have all been in close quarters for I assume a few years. These 2 here were from the same area, but had been moved away from the rest of the family 3-4 months ago. They have been repotted recently (they also got 2 rounds of 5-7 days of tomato dust prior to repotting, due to some critters, and they had their roots soaked in hydrogen peroxide). So far they have not showed any signs of anything wrong. (they aren't that green, its just the lighting. but that also haven't had much sunlight due to the weather). So hopefully at the very least, the other ones in the sepearte pots do not succumb
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  12. Andrew

    lance for sale

    Been years since I,ve visited this site,its grown a lot.I have a large Lance cactus that i,d like to sell.Its in a pot,largest column is 1100mm. has 4 columns but I want the smallest one.I think $160.00 is a good price.Obviously its pick up only.Let me know if I,m way off with the price. cheers. Forgot to mention I,m south of Wollongong.
  13. Solipsis

    Whats wrong with this Loph?

    Is Trichoderma more aggressive than these pest molds? I know it can be protective generally but not sure if it is able to kick out the rust or whatever that is. And an antifungul would also be expected to kill Trichoderma ^ so I doubt you can really combine that. IDK how long the antifungal works. With soil its probably good to have healthy soil with bacteria to 'man the fort' when you use antifungals, because it creates a sort of power vacuum. I am personally not gonna use Trich because I also grow fungi lol, so not gonna encourage any Trich xD Pretty much agreed with Darklight, it's a good point.. not surprising that people want the best for their plant and want to try things out of desperation but it can get even worse if they start drawing false or biased conclusions from what happens next. And yeah if you have healthy ones nearby and have the possibility of separating healthy ones (there may very well be an invisible infection / contam that started but has not really gotten far yet), that could help because you can limit the sporeload of the sick ones, produced by the mold. And you can apply preventative measures mentioned in the thread on the healthy ones so that sickness does not progress or really start on them. It always starts with observation and figuring out what is going on before you do anything. And in my personal experience: i have more than once noticed something odd but came up with an explanation in my mind for how it could be normal or okay. For example i have gotten a little scale once because I did not realize that the weird bumps could be insects. I have more than once thought that variation in plant growth just happens.
  14. Solipsis

    Cultivation of glowing mushrooms (ABC news article)

    Thanks, good to know
  15. yeahnahright

    Seedling heat mat

    Your seedlings need much more light and you need to open those containers
  16. noname

    long established graft having issues

    :( it was going incredibly well for years now all of a sudden this... and it's spread in last couple weeks. It got a bit of damage a couple months ago, some cunt tradie ripped a button off, not sure if that somehow prompted the disease to take hold. i had watered pretty regularly but it always seemed to like that and drained well. any ideas of how to treat if possible? or should i try to regraft healthy looking buttons?
  17. DiscoStu

    Youtube vids

    to think people actually want this
  18. Hey All ! The Australian Psychedelic Society-Melbourne is heading to the hills once again to talk all things mushroom! Winter means mushroom foraging for a growing number of Victorians seeking culinary delights, mycological intrigue or psychedelic venture. But those seeking psychedelic venture have also been the target of authorities for a number of decades. For Western Australians, a small southern regional town has been the battleground between shroomers, authorities and locals for a number of decades. Fungimentary: The Magic Mushrooms of Balingup is an award winning Australian made documentary, first broadcast on SBS in 1995 looking into this strange stand-off. We've had the film re-mastered and are bringing it to the big screen in Belgrave, in the historic Cinema 1, first built in the 1930's. Following the film, we'll be taking a look at some of the themes that were raised and looking at what has and especially what hasn't changed since the documentary was made in the mid-90's. Panelists to be announced. For those looking for some hands-on experience, we'll be holding a workshop next door at the Inspiro Communiy Hub (the one with the mushrooms out the front, of course) on mushroom cultivation and identification. Our experts will guide you through the cultivation process so you can start growing your own culinary mushrooms at home and teach you how to properly identify mushrooms in the wild, so you can find the mushrooms you're looking for and look after the environment that you're in too. We'll be running two sessions of the workshop, one in the morning and one in the evening. Spaces are limited, so book quick! Date and Time Sat 20th Jul, 11:00 am - 7:00 pm Location Cameo Cinemas 1628 Burwood Hwy, Belgrave VIC 3160, Australia Tickets: here Facebook Event Page: here Hope to see all you Melbourne Myco-minds there
  19. Insequent

    CBD oil?

    So here's a little info if anyone wants to try the route of getting a prescription for MedCan. There's a Canadian company set up in Melbourne who handle everything about your application. (www.tetrahealth.com.au). Your G.P. gets in touch with them and they will guide the G.P. through the process (they have greatly simplified the things the docs have to do), then they take care of all the bullshit dealing with TGA and other regulators, submitting applications and the required letters. Up front cost is $350.00, which is pretty good considering the first couple of patients I was involved with forked out between $1500.00 and $2000.00 before they got a yes or no. Average cost of oils works out to around $150.00 per month, depending on what you're using and there are a number of pharmacies around Oz (and the number is growing quite quickly) who are set up to fill the prescriptions. Tetra Health can advise you of your closest one, and the pharmacies are permitted to post the oil. Myself and the G.P. I've been working closely with over the last 10 years are now seeing a turn around time anywhere between 48 hours and 2 weeks from application to approval. There are a lot of G.P.s who are not interested in having anything to do with Cannabis prescription, but there are a growing number who are, and some of them are consulting all over Oz via Skype. If anyone would like more info, have a squiz at their website, have a chat with your G.P. and if you think I can help further in any way, please PM me. Peace and Love. Insy.
  20. woopwoop

    Whats wrong with this Loph?

    good advice guys. So right now they have tomato dust on them (This has been done with other lophs, that had mites, and didn't damage them), which will be left for a few days. after that, they will be sprayed with the Yates fungus gun (claims to be systemic, contains the Myclobutanil), after 7 days of that, then it will be repotted in mineral mix that has 1% neem meal. Then a paint brush application of the sodium bicarbonate. After a few weeks (once it has had a good water in spring) then will apply the Trichoderma spray every month or so. every 3 months or so will apply Myclobutanil. And hope for the best.
  21. Misko

    Prints wanted

    Still after prints?
  22. Responsible Choice

    CBD oil?

    Everyone is acting like this isn't the intention of our current legislative setup. Of course people will charge whatever they like for questionable potency, because the state of affairs makes it easy for profiteering. Meanwhile stocks are on the rise I hear...
  23. Darklight

    Cultivation of glowing mushrooms (ABC news article)

    LC of Panellus doesn't glow IME, but I did only try it in one media. Other media could work
  24. Darklight

    Whats wrong with this Loph?

    This. Exactly. Do not throw more than one treatment on any sick plant at a time unless you have experience with that combination and that species. Give the treatment time to work ( or fail ) before throwing anything else at it You might lose your plant anyhow, but you're giving it a better chance in the meantime. And if it fails, you can tell people that specific tek didn't work- for your species and pathogen, in your area. Which will help others My suggestion of Trichoderma has only worked for me thus far, for pathogens in my area, on cactus I've previously had problems with. I've not yet enquired if the protocol has been tried on cactus in other regions by other people. I'd expect anyone throwing Trichoderma as a new treatment for a sick cactus in another bio-region would regard it as an experimental treatment. My extensive experience in people telling me what works for them has shown that about 80% of people throw a bunch of random stuff at their sick plants, in an entirely undocumented and cavalier way contrary to any instructions, then pick one thing from the bunch and blame it for the success or failure. It makes for unreliable data. Yup. Lophs here in NNSW can stand being pulled out of the ground over winter to dry out then repotting, but not sure if I'd recommend that til yours has at least started to heal- or even fully healed
  25. Darklight

    Whats wrong with this Loph?

    Yup, as a foliar spray It's a coarse sharp sand blend, I think it was commercial. Planted it in that pot about 15 years ago Yup. Mostly via what falls on the soil from the foliar spray. Ideally I apply it once every 1-2 weeks when I foliar spray everything here
  26. Insequent

    CBD oil?

    Amen Brother.
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