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  2. Glaukus

    Post a random picture thread

    The youngest cat is becoming quite the ratter. I heard Covid is causing a lot of rats to move out of their usual homes and into the suburbs looking for food.
  3. moon_unit

    Pereskiopsis spathulata anyone?

    I’d be happy to help bro but someone local hopefully has some, if you get stuck let me know and I’ll send you some cuts
  4. Hey All, Currently have the following prints available; Get in quick before they all go B+ Print Leucistic B+ Print Creeper Armageddon Print ** Limited Qty *** Golden Teacher ** Limited Qty *** PESA ** Limited Qty *** $20ea (inc. Express Post!) - Or build your own Pack 3pk $50 (inc. Express Post!) - Any 3 5pk $80 (inc. Express Post!) - Any 5 (Paypal Only; Thankyou for your Understanding)
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  6. Tassiescott

    Newb over winter question

    Cool. Thanks heaps for the info guys.
  7. immanuel

    Post your track of the day

    I’ve never felt so good
  8. immanuel

    Youtube vids

  9. immanuel

    Post a random picture thread

    My peruvian heart
  10. DeadStar

    catha edulis back budding?

    I will let you know how I go in spring. It has slowed down now it's cold. I haven't done anything but feed it so far.
  11. waterboy 2.0

    Sowing seed for the summer

    Four seasons... Depends what needs what. Getting seed down now that needs stratification that goes outside. Anything else project wise under light on heat.
  12. waterboy 2.0

    Newb over winter question

    Cold AND wet is the big problem If the are plumped up with water then freezing can really do a number. Bridges I've found are the first to succumb and melt if not catered for. Need constant cold for a true dormancy, a blue sky winters day is enough for heat for a few hours for most to try to punch a bit of growth if there is some soil moisture. Under 8 degrees for a least a fortnight(day/night) is what I think brings it on. But if it gets above it you need a reset. No science to my thoughts, just watching. Some of our European members might have better thoughts. I get well minus cold and some years a fair bit of snow, but it's not constant... Pretty sure I've only had dormancy a few times, mostly Damn slow growth otherwise. I focus on keeping em dry these days and let them do whateva they want until it's time to water them regularly . If hard pressed even getting them hard up against a wall under the eaves will get most through. Dont forget to use whateva microclimate you can. Edit - smaller pots also seem to be more likely to succumb, than a larger one with a well draining mix.
  13. Apology accepted @Gimli
  14. I apologize for my tardiness with this giveaway and taking so long for people to get the goods
  15. One for our friends across the pond in the US lc-timber.press.southwest.medicinal.plants.identify.harvest.and.use.112.wild.herbs.2020.pdf
  16. https://www.springer.com/gp/book/9783319995458 Springer.Lessons.on.Caffeine.Cannabis.And.Co.Plant-derived.Drugs.and.their.Interaction.with.Human.Receptors.2018.pdf
  17. https://www.springer.com/gp/book/9783319158136 Springer.Practical.Pharmaceutics.An.International.Guideline.for.the.Preparation.Care.and.Use.of.Medicinal.Product.pdf
  18. Enjaytee

    Sowing seed for the summer

    Depends on your climate I suppose. I sow seeds all year round Here in the subtropics (arguably the best climate ever). I have a basic greenhouse and a few heat mats and some plastic tubs and mini propagation dome things. I Just germinated some silene capensis and some Syrian rue aswell as some nicotiana and datura varieties coz why the hell not. Where there is a will there is a way.
  19. https://www.springer.com/gp/book/9789401792752 Springer.Medicinal.and.Aromatic.Plants.of.the.Middle-East.pdf
  20. https://www.springer.com/gp/book/9783319903644 Springer.Cannabis.Use.Disorders.2019.pdf
  21. https://www.springer.com/gp/book/9781588291295 Humana.Press.Medicinal.Plants.of.the.World.Volume.3.Chemical.Constituents.Traditional.and.Modern.Medicinal.Uses.pdf Thought someone might like this
  22. https://www.springer.com/gp/book/9780896038776 Humana.Press.Medicinal.Plants.of.the.World.Volume.2.Chemical.Constituents.Traditional.and.Modern.Medicinal.Uses.2001.pdf Thought someone might like this
  23. https://www.springer.com/gp/book/9781588292810 Humana.Press.Medicinal.Plants.of.the.World.Volume.1.Chemical.Constituents.Traditional.and.Modern.Medicinal.Uses.Second.Edition.pdf Thought someone might like this
  24. waterboy 2.0

    Post your track of the day

  25. FerdieJ

    Isolation chamber

    I have been busy making frames and now you can start to see what’s going on. As you can see I’ve laid out the base so you can see the size I have to work with. obviously there’s still a long way to go but things are coming together quite nicely.
  26. Last week
  27. immanuel

    In light of poetry

    There was an opening as I found my knowing in the other half of me I spent time writing on focused intent and shared the truth of spiritual law and love It was a perfection of protection that I understood as my completion As trust returned anger subsided and I agreed to see things clear My faith was placed in front of me yet it was broken by tests There was not one but two others and my own mind it finished last Serenity could restore beauty and trust but would it remain into tomorrow My heart broken a few rare times and seeing true I could carry on I could tell so many times that there’s nothing like coming home True love and truly known then forgotten myself and thrown to the wind What’s it worth to you I may ask if the wind blows these saddened tunes This time I remember something never felt and more than anything before I use my mind to imagine I’m so small as only a cell in two infinite beings in love and intertwined I visit the very heart of god then even larger and ask our humans aligned to our true hearts also Nothing better I pray than love bliss and joy expanding beyond all existence of its very self This feeling it may come or go but I feel home and want truly nothing more than that Consuming with everything that I am and expanding beyond more than anything that I am Separation it hurts when finding union is a spark that frees us wholly totally and completely Beauty could burn a lifetime as connecting the essence of higher levels was a soul split in two A bond for siblings of magic and spirit running deeper than blood a mirror of hearts aligned Not if but when We savour now our calling to source This bliss and this knowing Our wholeness is only growing into seeds And the blossoming into trees Is our reaching to greater spheres
  28. Zonad

    Climbing gear for sale?

    Hey mate, I have been indoor climbing In Brisbane on and off for years. Have done bits and pieces of outdoor but have just been getting back into it after a long hiatus. Mostly prefer indoor bouldering - getting to old to drag a harness and draws around. Lol... not that old! A few good Facebook groups for climbing gear but not something I would be taking the cheap route on. Send me a message if you want to chat climbing more. Always keen. Good luck and chat soon
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