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    Cactus pics

    Icaro pach x psycho0 bridgesii
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    wanted solanum cleistogamum

  10. levicacti

    Positive Drug Drive test may not show impairment

    Yeah might've just got lucky twice then, was hoping that might be the case but I thought they were testing a byproduct not actually thc so sounds unlikely, damn just a role of the dice then. Definitely bad oral hygiene at the time, unless that can somehow mask it lol. Anyway thanks for the response
  11. Responsible Choice

    Watch this space

    Australia's bullshit medical cannabis access getting you down? Try the 'Thailand Twist'. All the cool kids are doin it: https://www.watoday.com.au/national/western-australia/the-thailand-twist-how-a-wa-man-believes-he-can-secure-legal-medical-cannabis-year-round-20190418-p51fgc.html West Australian man Jim Plamondon claims to have found a loophole to legally import medicinal cannabis into Australia. The former Busselton resident said he used the Therapeutic Goods Administration Traveller's Exemption to bypass Australian bureaucracy, and claims to be the first Australian to have succeeded at the feat.
  12. Insequent

    Positive Drug Drive test may not show impairment

    I'm not sure there is an answer to that one, but I've some friends who've had the same experience. A friend's son had finished eating a cookie only moments before being tested, still had bits of the cookie in his mouth, and his came back negative. If your friend is a long term smoker, the THC will be there, in the fat cells, the mucosa and the saliva. The test can't tell if you're stoned, it just detects the presence of THC. Ask him if he's particular with his oral hygiene, scrubs the whole mouth, teeth, tongue, cheeks, gums and roof of mouth at least twice a day, use mouthwash like Listerine. Maybe something he eats or drinks, how active he is. Or he may have simply been lucky twice and reported a false negative both times. Hard to say. The question then would be how many times in a row would it take to return positive. Like you, I have no desire to find out, but I don't think it would be many. I know there are different brands and types of test kits, though I'm not familiar with any of them. We know that all have pretty much the same accuracy, giving both false positives and negatives. I read a review of several studies which mentioned the incidences of false results, both negative and positive in their data, but without reading the actual studies, I don't know if they were able to explain why they occurred. And I remember some discussion along these lines a bit back in this thread, but haven't gone searching yet. If I do find something, I'll bring it forward. I wonder if Pat Uri's dog may be able to shed some light...
  13. Motorhead

    Red leaf Borneo Kratom?

    Take a high dose magnesium supplement, works for me.
  14. levicacti

    Positive Drug Drive test may not show impairment

    Interesting I'm wondering if you know why someone who smokes all the time can pass a mouth swab, I assumed what was tested didn't reach a detectable level but if it's in the fat cells of the mouth too I'd think it would be stronger. A friend has had two mouths swabs on separate occasions not long after smoking and has come up clean so I've assumed if you smoke all the time you should be ok, which makes sense seeing your never really stoned lol. Don't wanna have to test the theory though and maybe just got lucky those times.
  15. Insequent

    Psychedelics used in psychotherapy

    I enjoy reading comments on articles like these, as much as reading the articles themselves. There are always those diametrically opposed to the views. I can't help but wonder how much more progress would be made if, instead of falling into ad hominem arguments, they stimulated constructive debates where each side listened with the intent of understanding why the other holds the views they do. The former promotes a sense of an "us and them" mentality, where the objective is to prove one view absolutely correct and the other absolutely false, (a "state of war" mentality where you must win for your side). The latter promotes an environment conducive to arriving at a consensus, derived from views from both sides, which leads toward constructive dialogue and an outcome which can only be closer to truth. Perhaps it would help if the social construct of political correctness, the restriction on what is considered permissible to discuss in open/public forum and the "rules" which dictate this, were revisited.
  16. Is this the Himalayan honeysuckle (Leycestria formosa) that you are offering? If so, I would definitely be interested.
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  18. Insequent

    Positive Drug Drive test may not show impairment

    Yeah, pretty much correct. Put simply, when smoked or vaped, the THC is introduced into the mouth in very fine particles which are readily absorbed through the oral mucosa. They call this oral contamination. There are fat cells within the mouth which love storing good ole delta 9, and can do so for quite some time. Fat cells, or lipids, break down via a process called lipolysis into glycerol and fatty acids, subsequently releasing any THC into the blood stream and saliva (called re-intoxification). Edibles tend to be "washed out" of the mouth quick enough so that oral absorption of THC is much less. Some studies show edibles give a much more inconsistent mouth swab result with more false negatives. One possible reason for this is when eating, the body's metabolism is more active, increasing the chances lipolysis reduces the incidence of oral fat absorption of THC. Though I don't know of any study which demonstrates efficacy, it is thought by some that several things might increase the chances of beating the mouth swab test... In the days following smoking, using mouthwash and thoroughly brushing teeth, tongue, gums, cheeks and roof of mouth 3 times a day may repeatedly stimulate lipolysis as well as remove any mucosal residue. (this one, for my mind, is your best bet) On days following smoking, some suggest a keto diet which increases body metabolism, reducing stored THC levels. Some suggest a meal high in fats immediately after smoking possibly reducing the amount of oral THC which can be absorbed because it gets taken up by the fat in the foods. If you have a 20-30 min window prior to a mouth swab, rinsing your mouth with acidic solutions like lemon juice, vinegar or a very weak hydrogen peroxide solution could remove mucosal residue and stimulate lipolysis resulting in a temporary drop in oral fluid concentration of THC. There are many other factors which affect the way the body stores, releases and metabolizes THC, for example BMI, foods consumed, hydration, amount of exercise and amount and quality of sleep etc. On a side-note, the science of sleep has shown our poor sleep hygiene may be either more likely responsible for some of the negative neural effects (apparently) attributed to cannabis use (decreased cognitive function, impaired motor skills, short term memory loss etc.), or have a profound effect in exacerbating those negatives. Given no study of the effects of cannabis to date have incorporated the negative psychoneurological effects of poor sleep (which are prolific), or the amount and quality of sleep when interpreting data, I believe study results should be called into question and more studies including this parameter really must be done.
  19. Ethnoob

    Noob's cacti

    Thanks mate I'm terrible at making memes but I was told my old man of the mountain looks like a hairy prick by a girl I know so I sent her this back. She didn't respond lol
  20. ph7

    Noob's cacti

    You're building a very nice collection mate! Also very neat and tidy in the garden, those square pots look good.
  21. I think I could be satisfied with "very rapidly" if I knew just how rapid that was... Is this essentially saying that smoking (or vaping) leaves a 'residue' in the mouth that is detectable for far longer?
  22. Ethnoob

    Trichocereua cuts for sale

    Are these still available?
  23. Cimi

    Post your track of the day

    Merry 420 to all
  24. Louza8

    Ids please

    Awesome, thanks mate.
  25. Thanks for clearing that up @Insequent. Yeah, I’d love for this to lead to some convictions being overturned.
  26. Glaukus

    Post your track of the day

    Wishing you a merry 420. Feelin Irie
  27. Holy shit (no pun intended)! I never knew there was so much science involved when inserting things in your arse!
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