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  2. I found the label still attached to the grafting stock beneath the earth. Its a Psyho0 x Lumberjack. For that cross the spines are extremly short. Has anybody pics of that cross to compare? Thanks in advance.
  3. The multi-dimensional universe hiding inside your head very interesting find good to see science is admitting this
  4. sorta appropriate to post this here and i just realise i already said in this thread usa going the way of the roman empire. history can tell us a lot about what is happening and people are painfully unaware of it. its probably common now to think we are in such new territory and everything happening now is new, which it kinda is, but the same old shit is playing out too. some say history repeats; others say it doesnt repeat but it rhymes. he drags it out a bit and i know most people won't sit through it but anyway... the very last part i really like. after explaining all of the administrative mis-steps he summarises how the degeneration of society contributed to the collapse and how can anyone deny we are doing the same thing? its better if i don't spell it out cuz i might offend unnecessarily. i just want to add that some of this stuff can be a bitter pill to swallow but i really recommend trying it. so much of what stefan molyneaux or others have to say i guarantee i would have rejected at any time in my twenties, yet now i concur strongly. i dont know if young people just tend to fall on the one side of the spectrum or it has to do with the prevalence of certain views in education etc, maybe both. let stefan take you deeper into this and remember you're not going to agree 100%.... if ANYONE can make a large number of long, detailed podcasts about heavy subjects and you find each one entirely to your liking, then at least one of you isn't doing it right.
  5. Hope I'm wrong, but when it happens it will be our own fucking fault. On the upside (if it does happen) no one will be forced to watch a Jim Carey move ever again.
  6. Does anyone believe KJU really has a H bomb ? Seismologists in the US reckon the detonation didn't have enough magic pixies to cause a big enough seismic disturbance when he detonated that thing recently. Now KJU is saying he's gonna drop one in the pacific ocean which wouldn't be very good for us here. Trump wants to blow the fuck out of NK, which the yanks could easily do (again) but if KJU gets a few loaded missiles airborne before the country is reduced to dirt car park it could turn into a free for all with all the old enemies launching preemptive strikes against each other. Having those two nut jobs in charge of the public relations and hurling insults at each other from afar doesn't do much to relieve the tension. Anything could happen there. On another topic Large tracts of land have been bone dry for extended periods now so one little outbreak could burn half the country. Now school holidays have started the chances of that happening must be a lot higher than they were last week. & Parts of the US seems to be close to flashpoint these days too with all the polarisation that's been going on. Republicans v democrats, black vs white, etc,etc. Fuck they are copping a lot of natural disasters lately, fires, floods and hurricanes. I'm sure it's not global warming though, an American woman told my mrs on facebook that it's not from global warming and she was willing to defend that statement to the death.
  7. Hey all, chasing after some viable Nicotiana tabacum + Nicotiana attenuata seeds, if you can help please flick me a pm Cheers
  8. ok 8th it is. And Carl i totally get it. I will be coming in from Boronia to attend so appreciate that you be wanting a decent tun out. Be good to catch up with people before EGA. eee squeee :D lol
  9. alot of the icaros crosses have thrown mutants
  10. *bump* anyone?? has everyone got these by now? or has the trich hybrid market been flooded and everyone has too many seedlings already? i've got some other stuff too like boneset elecampane sinicuichi black radish banana cantalope rock melon ariocarpus retusus mixed forms ariocarpus hintonii ariocarpus fissuratus acacia acuminata acacia burkittii acacia floribunda
  11. yes, looks just like greenstone
  12. Truck in some loam and start again. The plants will do well if they are growing in well drained loam with access to the wetter soil below. Needs at least a foot of real loam though, 2 foot would be better.
  13. I've seen some hybrids that have flowered in just over 2 years so not quite 3 years old and that is from seed grown on their own roots. So, I can definitely understand your desire to get in on some of those hybrids and start watching your own seedlings bloom rather than simply reading about others seedlings blooming. It is indeed exciting to dream of a purple Trichocereus dominant cultivar. I like that idea a lot. A diurnal blooming Trichocereus would be a bonus in my book as long as were dreaming.
  14. you know it's not that hard to make honeycomb and cover it in chocolate. We would make it as kids.
  15. I wanted to send a birthday card to an 80 year old bloke I've known a long time. He lives about 20 kms away. When I went to the Post Office to buy a stamp, I was told that it would take up to 5 days to get to him: first it would go to Hobart (350km away) then back up to the NW for delivery! I drove over to his house and hand delivered it to him. Got some interesting seeds from his daughter. So, Auspost's loss was my gain (and some members here, as the seeds were the mandrake I have shared).
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  18. Here to bore you with a second cotyledon graft and an updated picture of the first cotyledon graft on the left.
  19. I'm about to bite the bullet and buy violet crumbles and get them shipped here. I need a fix
  20. Have a few cuts for those seeking. PM me.
  21. I recently started collecting salvia species that are reported to be psychoactive. Some are hard to track down so I've been starting most from seed. I had a few more germinate than I was planning on so I've got a few plants spare, thought I'd see if anyone here was interested I currently have available for trade: 3 x Salvia Coccinea (Snow Nymph variety) 4 x Salvia Splendens (Blaze of Fire variety) Interested in any interesting plants, seeds, or cacti
  22. saw a crow today placing mowed grass on top of each other wondering what the heck it's doing. but then he cam back and picked up half a bread roll from underneath. i fucking love crows.
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