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  2. ^ this reply was written before I saw your last post crop, so I will up date it by saying I appreciate you addressing some of what I was talking about in your last post, I honestly do.. i agree with with a lot of what you said. I think it is true that we need to stand up for what we feel is right & I ultimately if everyone is doing that then some kind of balance may be achieved. I meant it earlier when I said we most likely agree on most points. i brought up sharia because Islam was on my mind the other day being here in Krabi. I only bring it up to make a point about how to know where a certain line is.. how do you personally determine who to 'tell off' on the street? I mean to highlight this because it actually is one of the big philosophical conundrums in human life. Where is the line & how do you determine what is good & just as opposed to what is infringing upon someone's freedom of choice, freedom of religion, thought, culture or personal expression? This is not even close to being as simple as it might seem. I think sharia is a pertinent topic to use to make this point, as there are certain tenets within it that could be said to be pretty broadly questionable by many people.. which is a way to simply highlight a philosophical point. how does say, a feminist determine when it is good & just to 'tell off' a man for believing that a woman's opinion is worth less than a man? If that man happens to be a Muslim whom believes in sharia is it good & just for her to do so or is she infringing on his religious freedom &/or being intolerant of his specific cultural values? you see what I'm saying? Sharia is not the point, it was just on my mind & it's just a fairly clear vehicle to bring attention to what I see is the entire philosophical point of this conversation & the reason I ever thought it's worth discussing. this is a difficult question that I don't think we should take so lightly.. it really is deeeeep one! & incredibly important to consider before we go throwing our weight around.. & im not even saying someone is definitely wrong to tell off someone if they see fit.. but if we don't consider this question at a deeper level I think we run a real risk that what we assume is a positive action may not be so at all..
  3. Heres a purple cauliflower that's just come up in the veggie patch
  4. I believe it is a SAXON 10" DEEPSKY DOBSONIAN TELESCOPE. She's big. I would highly recommend a smaller more portable model as much as I love the power of it, i never get to take it out because of how massive it is (Phrasing ) The 90mm refractors are the perfect balance of power and portability IMO The photo was taken with a 9mm lens and a 2x Barlow lens
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  6. Ego is a real slippery thing. I wouldn't presume that ego is your motivation to do the work you do, I couldn't possibly have any real insight into that as I know next to nothing about your life, all I know about you is these few posts. you'll have to forgive us for noticing that your attitude in this discussion is oozing with ego.. i also can't pretend for a moment that my ego isn't a big part of why I'm getting involved in this.. this is just a intrinsic part of the human condition & it's best we are simply honest about it. absolutely my ego is coming into this discussion but I am at least trying to have a fair & reasonable discussion & address the philosophical implications of the topic at hand. Perhaps my ego is blinding me? But you appear to be avoiding actually dissecting & explaining your position so we can understand it in a reasonable way & refuse to address the elephants in the room. Again, perhaps my ego is blinding me but it comes accross as though you have superiority complex.. which I personally wouldn't mind if you would actually make a case for your position rather than simply using snarky ad hominem attacks to avoid the discussion as though you feel you are so right your position doesn't need to make sense or stand up to reasonable criticism
  7. Mate my concern for your well being is real. Looking back, you have been a little like that all along. So maybe it’s just the way you are. You also got more nasty on Friday. Not sure why you think I have been inconsistent. I have always been consistent. I strongly believe everyone should help out others. That’s how the world becomes a better place. You don't have to agree with that. My only problem is with people which are hurting others. In particular those that can't defend them selves, like children. I've taken that so far as to make a career of it. Our conversation started with me stating that pear pressure is one of the main drivers of social change. A statement you were not comfortable with. I’m sure you can understand; social change is a big part of my business. It’s something I very much like to hear others perspectives on. For the record I don’t much like how big a role, peer pressure plays in social change, nor do I think the people in my examples went about it in the best possible way. unfortunately, that alone does not affect the reality we live in. Nor do any of your objections. I personally think it’s all our responsibility to try and steer that change in the direction we want it to go. Make no mistake there are plenty of others out there trying to steer it in theirs. Which brings us to Sharia. Sure Sharia is a threat to some people’s freedoms in some parts of the world. However, you live in Australia, where all the extremist political parties are based on Cannon Law not Sharia. The Christian lobby, along with the coal lobby, remain the biggest threats to democracy in Australia. Constantly influencing law, policy and the media. The once clearly defined line between religion and state has openly becoming blurred. I know the main stream media keep pumping the fear the Muslim message, I’m sure you can see through that. If there is any credible, religious threat to your freedom, isn't it from Cannon Law not Sharia? So why do you keep bringing up Sharia?
  8. Mate strange reaction, I take it I was not supposed to agree with your links. As for the trolling, you were caught red handed. I would like to hear about that. I am genuinely interested. If you where genuinely trying to make a point, I don’t get what it was. Talking to families about this stuff is my job. Sure it’s a small part. Usually I am dealing with extreme at risk children. A lot of the parents of kids in this extreme category, come across the same way you have throughout this thread. As a result, I have probably been harsh on you. Why do you find helping others so strange? Both Paradox and yourself think ego is motivator. I’ve been in the non-profit sector for decades and I can only think of a few people with anything resembling an ego problem. If you understood the shit you need to wade through on a daily basis you would get why. Mate I was only dismissive once you started posting dodgy newspaper articles claiming smoking is not bad for you. Can we agree that was stupid! regardless whether you were trolling or not? You might not take child safety seriously, but I do. Not smoking around children is an important message. One that has gone way past the debate stage. One you were undermining for what reason?
  9. And how would one stand up to this ? with your wisdom what alternatives may we adopt ? and what process must take place for us to adopt the alternatives ? please oh mighty help us transition from our erroneous ways and implement your system of world peace and pollution free society. Teach us how we can be 100% in synergy with the environment without creating any harm at all with our current and growing population. Please find us worthy to share your wisdom with us lesser beings. P.S I am sorry for being a bit of a dick, truly, i don't want to offend you and i will if wanted share seeds and plants with you when i put things up for give aways etc. and respect you as a human being, i think its great you care about earth, animals and people. however it seems we just won't see eye to eye about some perspectives, we may agree about many things and issues tho not share the same outlook about those things and issues, i feel that is good thing not a bad thing, expressing differing views can very well help an individual to encompass more knowledge and broader views and understandings etc. Being dismissive and to disparage others with differing views is the opposite of evolving in understanding of the human and earthly experience we are all currently undergoing, can we agree on that ? if not that's cool : ) we don't all have the same upbringing, opinions and views etc. what is important to you may mean little to nothing to others, are you able to accept that ? if not you are in for a stressful and hard time during your very short earth experience.
  10. Man you are impossible. I will just appease your ego and say you are right about everything and i am wrong, yes i am a troll and i don't have the same stones as you because i am nowhere near the same caliber of a man as you, you are divine and supreme to all others in this thread and possibly even the world, i am not able to attain your level of enlightenment nor am i worthy. You are a savior of smoking and phone using families, you are the bringer of righteous justice and a caster of pearls. You are the voice of change and all are in debt to you and all you do. Thank you oh mighty savior, all are blessed by your presence and beg of your mercy for all we do wrong and not in accord with your will and wisdom. May your voice be heard through out all lands as to save us from our selves and bring all to peace, security and safety. For all this we all are forever indebted to you oh supreme one. I will no longer burden you with words of a lower and lesser being and submit and agree with all your words, ways and wisdom.
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  12. Watering the plant less really made a difference ! next, some pix of new growth. these plants were propagated like caapi from a section of vine maybe 1 cm thick , with bark on it. any suggestions on cloning from smaller sections of new growth or...... micropropagation ?
  13. Mate for a start the smoking 'studies' you linked aren't actually studies there newspaper articles, that quote other newspaper articles, that apparently quote unnamed studies. In other words a total wast of time. Further more you admit to not even agreeing with them, which by definition is TROLLING. The only real question that remains is if you have the integrity or stones to own that. Mate to be honest I stopped reading after I realised the poor quality of your first links. I've gone back now and I totally agree about the phones. It's not a big problem where I am. However I have, a couple of times, spoken to families about that. Your other examples are about industrial pollution in manufacturing. Definitely a big problem. A bit outside my work with children and their families. Nevertheless a worthy thing to stand up to.
  14. We have found a strange foot-print on the shores of the unknown. We have devised profound theories, one after another, to account for its origin. At last, we have suc- ceeded in reconstructing the creature that made the foot- print. And, lo! It is our own.
  15. just to be real, your pointing out this one thing is not very productive in the scheme of this conversation. I'm just want to have a decent discussion man. Do you have any intention to actually make your point in a coherent & reasonable way? or should we just agree to disagree? because this is getting really boring
  16. Mate are you all right, I'm serious are all right? You don't seem to be able to follow the conversation and your forgetting a lot of what you say. And there's more, not to mention you are either totally misunderstanding what I'm saying or at time claiming I said thing I didn't. Mate I'm being genuine are you all right?
  17. you are speaking BS bro, i'm not assuming anything, what are you talking about? i know very well the religious demographics of this country, right now i'm in krabi province which is predominantly islamic but what on earth has that got to do with what i'm saying? i'm not anti muslim in the least. you aren't saying anything dude. Arguing that i am in any way an anti muslim bigot is the most convoluted contention, where are you pulling that from? I will stand up for the rights of muslims to believe anything they like as much as i would stand for the freedom of my own thoughts & yours. i strive to be as consistent as i can possibly manage in my feelings about individual rights. what i am trying to understand is why it appears that you yourself are so inconsistent? Please, if it's possible can you address my point? the last thing i am saying is that muslims should be told off for their beliefs about anything. if you have noticed i have been consistently arguing that i fundamentally think that is wrong. What i am asking you is why you think that telling off strangers for how they bring up their own children is saving the world but you believe telling off someone who believes that gays deserve to die is bigotry? do you get my point man? i honestly want to consider your point in a mature & intelligent way but these kind of blatant inconsistencies make it really difficult to take seriously. If at all possible can you please explain it without resorting to obviously baseless accusations about things i didn't even remotely come close to saying? i never said thailand wasn't tolerant of gays, i said islam is intolerant of gays. It's not some kind of profound secret, it's common knowledge that in sharia, homosexuality is illegal & often punished with death. why would you make any assumption about what i do or don't feel about Christianity? i fundamentally disagree with many of the basic principles of all the major religions but i will stand for the rights of any of their followers to believe anything they please any day of the week.
  18. Mate, so much assumption, where to start, Thailand is overwhelmingly Buddhist not Islamic, and being gay is certainly tolerated. Mate it's probably a simple matter of Thailand being one of the, if not the, best and cheapest places in the world to get either surgery or medicine that caters for lady-boys particular needs.Of cause I think anyone that witnesses bigoted intolerance of gays should stand-up and help. Yet why do you single out Muslims, you do realise the Christian bible is also anti-gay? You do realise being anti-Muslim is also bigotry?
  19. That is cool, what kind of telescope did you use ? i am actually in the process of saving for one atm, am thinking about something like a 90mm refractor, maybe with a budget of around 400-500 bucks.
  20. Soon friend...
  21. Very fucking cool man!!!
  22. Man i have just read through the thread to catch up cause i had missed a lot and i think paradox and i are trying to express basically the same view/point but it is going way over your head with your right fighting ways. You can have your views as others can there own, what is condescending is thinking you know better than everyone else and your view is Superior to views which conflict your own and why do we need to accept or respect your your views or decisions ? whats wrong with being diplomatic and agreeing to disagree lol As for the sharia law lady boy scenario, yes it seems it is true that transsexuals are widely accepted by Muslims but i think you get the point he was trying to make yeh ? just alter the scenario a little and hypothetically place a church in place of the mosque.
  23. No i am not trolling, the links don't defend smoking with children and i wouldn't smoke with a child in close proximity (in fact i quit smoking) the point i was attempting to make perhaps crudely is i could believe a study that contradicts your beliefs, when someone claims to have the ultimate truth and enforces that belief or personal truth onto others with a belief that is not congruent with your own is what i would call somewhat authoritarian in attitude and a bit condescending, then i further elaborated by showing many examples of toxins that children are commonly exposed to and how you choose to attack one but not the others, where it is that you draw the line with that type of attitude. re-read the comment if you like, honestly i have no control what you think, say or do and i wish not to control any of those aspects of your personal freedom, i am simply testing the validity of your beliefs, views and statements.
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