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  2. I am so fckn excited to see where this will go..... LOL I just can't contain myself.... Roll on launch day I am not sure all is gonna end well....
  3. Hah mate I'd go like Dicko and cut bellow the black, it's already got some good buds there. Air layering is a great idea as long as you watch it close and cut way before the black reach's ya buds.
  4. Think I'll air layer it when I get home. It has 12+ new shoots closer to the main stem so
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  6. Mine had a bit like that at the tip, from the cold I assume. On my plant it kept creeping down the stem so I cut it off just above the next node down. Not to say that yours will do the same. The new growth shot up and its back to the same height it was before the cut.
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  8. My planthelper has been like this for a while now. Hasnt gotten any bigger Should i be worried or should i air layer it just in case? Edit: still new growth coming after the black bit
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  10. Blue flower is Brunonia australis, blue pincushion
  11. dont cha just love it when you can afford your first Christian rätsch book ? :3 especially after reading Torsten's thread on him ... can't wait !! x]
  12. oh yeah , fkn awesome you guys think alike and come up with funky cool ways to overcome these delicate matters such as feel gudlung factor thank you very kindly for your input , reading those rawked!
  13. it assists in vit d production , just been swattling up on that for dart frogs and even the zoos and universities are still trying to experiment with uv (b) exposure and some of the cute lil critters purposefully avoid it, other species who don't can get burned ... most of peoples dart frogs in captivity fuck off into their hides when their owners use uvb so they boost vit d via food = either way they get better tadpole health even though tadpoles choose also to avoid uv-b but main theme of my study was: " to uv-b or not to uv-b? " for upcoming dendrobates auratus dart frog setup .. only trub is... via food way it's possible to overdose ... but via uv-b it's impossible to overdose since the body reroutes it when full .. pretty clever .. wonder if our skin does the same and after vit d max reached ..., perhaps that's when we start to burn and get cancers? cant speak for uv-a as it wasn't really relevant to the frog research i was up to but hopefully that might give an angle and aspect consideration in case it hadn't been previously considered ... for your kind consideration
  14. Great pics, thanks for sharing. Love the true outback. I'm amazed there are still people living semi-nomadically in some places like that. And those camels are awesome, great find!
  15. For what its worth, I do a lot of my grafts at the 2 week mark. Whatever you practice you will become good at. Don't limit yourself if you don't have to. Practice what you know how to do well, but always stretch the limits of what you are comfortable with if you want to improve. Grafting is like riding a bike, but it is also about consistency. The more you do it and the more frequently you graft the better your skills will become. This is why I try to graft a seedling each day. Many days I will graft more than one seedling.
  16. so beautiful !
  17. In my off time from being out in the desert drilling holes in the ground I am usually in Perth or back out in the bush somewhere doing some hiking/hunting. Some pics from my last big trip North East of a town called Wiluna back in June. Basically central WA. The star gazing is incredible. 0 light pollution. Is a must do for anyone interested. These seasonal watering holes are full of invertebrates which migratory birds eat on their travels. Edit: it's Calandrinia creethiae - cute little succulent. If you get stuck for water you can munch on a heap of these bad boys. Didn't taste any bitterness either The elusive camel... No idea what this is. Plenty around at the time. Quite nice to look at. Acacia nyssophylla? Looking back... This piece of machinery was in the middle of absolute nowhere. Had a GPS coord to go check it out. It's amazing what's been left in the outback... Beautiful sunrises... Walked up a sand dune for a better look Seasonal watering hole out near Lake Carnegie. Spotted some black swans. Incredible. Finding a dead tortoise.. not so much:( Welcome to nature. Nothing better than sitting around a camp fire and cooking over a flame or hot coals. This is what camels and wild cattle do to tracks in the wet season. Terrible to drive on. Still hadn't seen a camel by this stage though... Another seasonal watering hole. Love the pinky color. Creek somewhere? There they are! The reason for the whole search ended here.
  18. Betelnut (aka Buai) is only enjoyable when fresh, and really should be combined with the pepper leaf/ fruit. I prefer it without lime powder, less kick but less "toxic" too and feels good for the stomach that way.. There is another species of betel palm that will grow in Australia. In PNG it goes by the name Kavivi (car-vee-vee) or wild buai. Iit's botanical name is Areca triandra. It is also known as 'spark buai' which translates to "strong betelnut' or 'intoxicting betelnut'. It'll make you 'spark' and also sweat. Most people don't like to 'spark' this much and almost no-one in PNG would ever pay money for kavivi as it is a much smaller and woodier fruit that is not as enjoyable to chew as the real thing. Having said that, real 'chewers' (addicts) will often begrudgingly settle for kavivi from the back garden when there is no proper buai left to chew. It's enough to get their fix but not satisfying enough to be a substitute. A bit like drinking a hot VB from the back of the ute on a hot day. It'll give you a kick but you won't come back for seconds. Here's the interesting thing, Our native pepper vine was once chewed by aboriginees to help numb a sore tooth, it tastes exactly like piper betel (betel pepper) and IMO it does make a decent substitute for the leaf. So if you're keen get hold of the two and see what you reckon. I liked it and it makes a good treatment motion sickness like most stimulants seem to do. If you added lime you'd prolly get a major headspin etc and might even get addicted, so you'd be better off without. I'm pretty sure it's the lime that rots the teeth and causes cancer too. Also the lime on it's own will burn the absolute FCUK out of your mouth, so be very careful using it.
  19. I counted over 300 trees will get a hard prune. Seems like a waste. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  20. Hey all I'm after those in the title. Catha seeds of any variety are appreciated. I'm up for different Loph varieties and locations also. I'd much prefer to trade if possible as money is usually diverted to tedious things like electricity and food, but I'm happy to work with cash as well. For trade I have some Trichocereus seedlings, mainly OP Goliath and OP Psycho0 Ephedra nevadensis seed Lemon balm cv Citronella seed Polygala tenuifolia seed Gynostemma pentaphyllum seed Cheers!
  21. doesn't UV light give you cancer?
  22. I don't claim to understand the physics. It just disappears. I think I'll have to post a video. Stay tuned, I have the flu and can't even imagine trying to smoke anything for a few days, but it is pretty amazing.
  23. Down on the bush block again except for the turtle at a nearby waterhole
  24. These days I have a uv air purifier if I really need it. You can blow a steady stream of smoke at it and the smoke literally disappears in front of your eyes like magic. It does create a strong ozone smell but no smoalk smell at all. I can post a pic or maybe even a vid for the non believers.
  25. My mate used to live in his nans attic above her room and we spent many years punching cones up there. He had a similar set up to WB's friend. Flexible ducting with a computer fan. You had to ensure a clean punch in one hit, and it was a massive cone. We'd always pack each other super dense cones to try to get the other to die coughing half way through! Good times, good times....
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