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  2. Hey! Found these in a coastal NSW national park this weekend! Pretty sure its all floribunda but i want to get the opinion of the masses If close ups are needed i got a few cuttings
  3. don't cha hate it when Sal's not here ... I don't feel like being here as much without Sal around
  4. A bunch of researches into optimal germination temperatures combined into a graph. Maybe someone finds it usefull I'm personally looking for ways to increase germination of lophophora (and a bunch of others too) Now i've read about how dehydration cycles can improve germination in some species. Anyone tried this and had success? Or do you already get excellent germination rates Here is some more info with references on it
  5. Looks about right thanks
  6. So my catha has been going downhill slowly. The new growth is yellowing and looking a little stunted and some of the leaves are slightly curled. Its been suggested that its iron deficiency, ive given it a couple of feeds or seasol and thrive but it hasnt responded really. Its getting enough sun too. Any help appreciated
  7. Still looking...
  8. Hey, here is my altman pach monstrose and crest form.
  9. im heading along. i only wish it was south american themed rather than mexican
  10. This is real interesting stuff. I passed up the opportunity to procure some Coleus recently, I felt it might be better to get a hold of in Spring as it seems guaranteed to die off in my climate over winter. Very interested in the dream potentiation aspects of this, also to see if I can get in early in order to pay humble respects to our future alien overlords EDIT: Maybe it's just a case of people having been using it wrong as to its' perceived inactivity? Ie. that it works in the sleep state predominantly as opposed to being a waking experience.
  11. Incredible, thanks for posting
  12. Ataraxia
  13. rains after at least a month, and you can feel the environment opening up to receive the gift; birds everywhere... Observing the change in atmosphere in the hours preceding the storm, that kinda thing. wake up and find a wee scorpion perfectly preserved and partially mummified by a daddy long legs in the bathroom've eaten properly, all meals inclusive and mainly whole foods, for nearly a week... and feel more alive, more capable of facing the day and more inclined towards being a functioning member of society Those things. Good things they are.
  14. Has anyone had any experience with Calea zacatechichi? I've started dreaming again (or remembering them,) due to abstinence from a certain plant which I have abused for way too long to have any meaningful relationship with; exploring these realms and techniques now actually seems viable to me, which is exciting!
  15. I might be wrong but that looks like a Photinia rubra
  16. Nice! I probably won't go (my aversion to the city is incredibly strong,) but it looks like a bit of fun. I find promotion to be a funny thing these days-- the sites I just checked out all referenced taking selfies with the cactii, boozing on, eating cactus-themed/based food etc... My cynical side is wondering what the underlying commercial motivation is, given that it's sprawled across Melbourne Central More boutique mexican restaurants charging $20 for tiny little tacos with stuff all in 'em? Or maybe it'll be a bunch of saucer-eyed city-dwellers freaking the fuck out over the big class cone thing over the shot tower and having the awful realisation that they've voluntarily penned themselves into an urban nightmare; that their spirit (and Spirit,) is mourning the loss of their connection with nature... Hell, I'd pay to see that :D Of note for me was reference to this joint called Cactus Country, which sounds more like my kinda thing. 10 acres of sprawling, spiny adventure awaits just outside o' Shepparton: EDIT: What exactly are 'Coachella-inspired tracks?' I'm aware that it's a festival, but what genre does 'Coachella-inspired' fall under? Sounds awful trendy
  17. Awesome, thanks for that- that gives me a bit of confidence to proceed particularly the knowledge of being able to pull a plant out to inspect the roots, I've always been overly cautious in that regard. I had some T. peruvianus and T. pachanoi that grew about 3 inches in 3 years, and always attributed that to moving them around too much when I first got them. I guess that, even for seasoned horticulturalists, it's always just a process of experimentation eh? I must admit, I always feel terrible when I kill/retard plants inadvertantly so I'm a bit shy in that regard
  18. Yesterday
  19. Hi Morg... Id be happy to trade a few random trich seeds in return.. Cheers and thanks
  20. Hey Gimli - i'd be up for some of those if you can spare.
  21. Some chilli for the garden would be cool, Your very cool too gimli, thanks for the giveaway. I'll have some
  22. Finally meet Gardenia fruit. The fruit is the main medicinal part of the plant. Gardenia tea can be used for yin deficiency disorders, which include irritability, restlessness, sensations of tightness in the chest and insomnia. Gardenia is also used in formulas to treat anxiety. In TCM, Zhi Zi recommended dosage is 3 to 12 g daily. 10g Gardenia jasminoides fruit in tea - Not the nicest tasting tea but I'll see what I think of it. You can see the saffron-like apocarotenoids constituents in solution Baseline mood is a background of 'yin deficiency', just too much heavy negative cognition, too much rigid analysis etc and I'm quite anhedonic. I've been struggling, forcing myself to do things and playing with diet just to manage life a bit, I could seriously do with a bit of stronger plant medicine. I'm just struggling with totally dyregulated stress responses, sleep problems and affective issues that aren't getting better by themselves. The medical need for rapid antidepressant actions without the limitations of ketamine has lead to a research interest in Gardenia/Yueju which has been characterised using a number of acute, subacute and chronic behavioral paradigms and clinically [1]. As preclinical findings indicated this plant showed ketamine-like rapid antidepressant effects, and as a polyherbal formal (Yueju) which had antidepressant potency in a relatively rapid manner clinically [2]. Results from an experimental investigation uncovered ketamine-like rapid antidepressant effects - increased BDNF expression, in parallel with its rapid antidepressant efficacy in behavior paradigms and Involvement of normalised NMDA receptor and mTOR-related signaling [3] in rapid antidepressant effects, along with epigenetic DNMT1 activity [4]: acute administration of Yueju rapidly attenuated depression-like symptoms in learned helplessness paradigm and novelty-suppressed feeding test, tasks which normally require chronic treatment of SSRI to exhibit antidepressant efficacy. In a chronic mild stress model that mimics clinical depression, a single administration of Yueju also showed rapid and lasting antidepressant effects similar to ketamine. These findings suggest that Gardenia/Yueju may be potentially used as a rapid antidepressant in the clinical setting. The primary active components of gardenia are iridoid glycosides (mainly geniposide and gardenoside), chlorogenic acid, and ursolic acid. In a water-ethanol commercial extract of the fruits, gardenoside and other iridoids made up 70% of the extract, chlorogenic acid 20%, and ursolic acid 10%. In addition, a complex iridoid glycoside, crocin, is the yellow pigment seen in the fruit. The yellow pigment causes immediate antidepressant responses, dependent on synthesis of proteins, including synaptic proteins. This was followed by enhanced expression of CREB and BDNF, which likely mediated the persistent antidepressant responses in solution, these have very rapid antidepressant effects in animal models [5] [1]…/artic…/pii/S0378874116318086 [2] [3] [4] [5] Update: Seems to have a cumulative effect when used in combination pills, effects becoming quite evident by day 3: Post hoc tests indicated a significant improvement for experimental group over control group from the 3rd day to the 7th day of treatment The Gardenia fruit seems pleasant so far (3 hrs), maybe a balancing energy over an uplift so far. Had the water soluble portion first and enjoyed that, then thought I'd ingest the pulp for maximum benefits which caused a bit of GI disturbance. Went to connect with and nurture the Gardenia plants I had growing after having the tea and that was nice then went for a nice river walk. Gardenia jasminoides is said to have the energetic properties, in more Western though, of: Releasing stress and worry, encouraging you to have fun, bringing joy and playfulness. It's said to target the root, heart and crown chakras. Modern studies have indicated G. jasminoides showed positive effect in treating type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM). Numerous studies have confirmed that crocins and iridoid glycosides had effects of antioxidation, anti-inflammatory, anti-atherosclerosis, neuroprotective/anti-ischemic brain injuries, anti-platelet aggregation, anti-hyperglycemia, anti-hyperlipidemia, anti-hypertension, and so on. It had functions of learning and memory improvement. There is concern about hepatotoxicity at high doses. "If we all did value Yin energy a bit more, we would be receptive to new ideas, to new people, to the actual attainment of prosperity and the experience of love." "Lifestyle patterns and the environment begin to consume Yin over the years. Stress and other emotional strains can lead to Yin depletion When one’s yin is replaced, the body’s ability to heal itself is enhanced dramatically. Herbs and foods nourish yin energy, but nourishing yin is not as simple and easy as popping a pill. Optimal productivity/Yang must have equal and opposite quieter times of rest, rejuvenation and planning. Nourishing yin requires mindfulness — mindfulness in how you spend your energy, mindfulness in what you eat and mindfulness in feeding your spirit." The nature of any entity, living or not, is determined by the intrinsic balance between opposing states, Yin and Yang. Disturbances in balance result in changes in nature, often expressed in living systems in the form of symptoms or signs of disease. TCM treatments are intended to restore balance. Balance is accomplished by influencing the vital energy, the Qi. In the TCM paradigm, Qi flows through channels in the body and in the spaces between muscles and the skin. Qi has many functions including warming, moistening, and nourishing; promoting normal function of the organs; providing energy for different processes; regulating the body; protecting the body; and ensuring that organs remain in their proper positions. A very important role of Qi is in maintaining balance. In this sense, it is a homeostatic mechanism by which the body can heal itself and establish a state of wellness. If Qi encounters a Yin–Yang imbalance, Qi corrects the situation by transforming one to the other, thus restoring balance and harmony. If, however, a blockage exists that impedes the flow of Qi, a factor is present that is interfering with the Qi, or if there is a Deficiency of Qi, this healing transformation does not take place. There are TCM techniques for opening blocked channels; for expelling pathogenic factors that are interfering with normal processes; and for boosting Qi in cases of Deficiency Got a good gauge of the Gardenia. I think you could easily come up with an effective herbal antidepressant/anxiolytic centred on Gardenia, perhaps with Lotus embryo and Radix Polygalae which may have rapid-onset antidepressant effect which can be a safer alternative to ketamine and lead to the development of life-saving medications. Lian Zi Xin. (Lotus). (plumule). The most noticeable subjective effects are that Nelumbo embryo exerts antidepressant, anxiolytic and sedative effects, quietens a chattering mind, increases the vividness of experience, while deepening sleep at the same time. Embryo of lotus seeds are used in traditional Chinese drug called ‘Lian Zi Xin’, which primarily helps to overcome nervous disorders, insomnia, high fevers (with restlessness) and cardiovascular diseases (e.g. hypertension, arrhythmia). It is a herbal medicine frequently used in treatment of depression in many Asian countries. Experimental evidence suggests Lotus embryo provides drastically greater anti-depressant effects than Hypericum perforatum (commonly referred to as St. John's Wort, perhaps the most widely used natural anti-depressant today). The antidepressant effect was comparable with that of maprotiline and imipramine. Neferine itself attenuated learning deficits induced by scopolamine "Neferine itself at 10-100mg/kg was able to acutely (within 30 minutes) reduce immobility time in a forced swim test indicative of anti-depressive effects; when compared to Imipramine HCl as active control, it slightly (but nonsignificantly) outperformed at equimolar doses." Neferine, Liensinine, isoliensinine, lotusine, methyl-corypalline, demethyl-coclaurine have been detected in the embryo. Neferine shows antidepressant-like effects in mice similar to typical antidepressants and that these effects are mediated by the 5-HT1A receptor. Neferine is a direct 5- HT1A receptor agonist and may inhibit 5-HT reuptake or activation of 5-HT metabolism. It reverses a decrease in 5-HT1A receptor binding in rats with depression-like symptoms induced by chronic mild stress. Neferine shows anxiolytic activity similar to diazepam; therefore we further studied the pharmacological effects of neferine on the central nervous system compared to those of diazepam. The other alkaloids liensinine and isoliensinine from Nelumbo nucifera have antidepressant-like effects, closely related to serotonergic mechanisms, also involving 5-HT1ARs.
  23. Most of these plants started showing signs of waking up on tuesday 22nd. Im unsure if these woke up because spring was here or if it was because I bumped my nightime temps to 58°f. Next year I will try and not do that on the same week as spring and update my findings
  24. Jules x op Kk 2150 Huarazensis Ss02 x huancabamba Riomezquensis Huancabamba
  25. Little bit of dew on some columns... Psycho0 Scop x Super Pedro Yowie Macrogonus
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