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  2. Hey man, if (and prolly WHEN) those tags fade, try a lead pencil. HB or softer is fine. I like to cut up an old plastic plant pot, preferably a brightly coloured one (pink or orange), and then give it a light sand with fine grit sandpaper. Lasts for YEARS, due to UV stabilisation. Even if buried and dirty they are still readable years later. Best thing is they're free, and even reusable if cleaned up with sandpaper again Your daughter certainly has better handwriting than most in the plant game LOL
  3. this is our wildest mount- a headless horse but though it runs unbridled off its course, and all our blandishments would seem defied, we have ideas yet that we haven't tried - Robert Frost
  4. Hi Inyan, what is bog-ponics? Is it using greywater?Do you have any problem with grafts spliting due to excess nitrates?
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  6. ^ Cool I love a good story behind a clone. On another topic...
  7. Someone may be keen here for some kit,so offered up here first. Plus postage. Check your glassware regulations, particularly in regards to condensers so you know what's what in your state. 500ml Boro. soxhlet apparatus - $140 1000ml Boro. separatory funnel - $85 Any questions PM me up WB
  8. Here's a clone I have named and the story behind it. I rescued some neglected seedlings from a guy a few years ago, this plant was one of them. It's a pretty typical Ecuadorian pachanoi, but when I got it, it was the saddest little thing, so badly corked and mite damaged it didn't look like it would survive. Someone said it looked mummified and it seemed pretty apt. I've nursed it back to health and it's one of my favourite plants. I call it "Pharaoh". You can still see how scarred the base is in this picture.
  9. Trichoceratops!
  10. Yeah these are around the 3 month mark.
  11. is there a trichocereus rex out there? , don't you think there should be if not? :D
  12. what if you labelled one with just the number for a name = ~Trichocereus "4000" or ~"5000" and on that note/ subject, isn't there a macrogonus rs 4000 knocking around if my memory serves correctly?
  13. it sure is a belly laff/giggle to imagine erm ... erm ... pests!!! [yes of course pests it is, honest sir] ;) bugs maybe snails? or someone like them chowing down or maybe guzzling on or just plain eating: a fat csd or riding jim's spesh all night or maybe "taking" a deep colossing
  14. 5000 is where it's at.... Go Holden...
  15. when you've been ill as fuck for a full week spewing up on too much of a reg and you know it's bad when you can't even smoke to feel a little better.. and then strict regimen of greek yoghurt with 5 different strains of good gut bacteria, san pellefuckengrino lemon drinks, a few of the b family vitamins, charcoal tablets,.... and aiming for a litre and a half of of HMA filtered water every day, even though missing target; but grateful that the combination gets you to a point where you can finally go a day without throwing up and just to help you enjoy such a beautiful and special moment... you get a fkn awesome sunset gift from father god or mother nature or both shining through your cactical ops and ayawacialities and realize how fucken special it is, cherish that beautiful moment, .. and that you might've looked over it had it been another time when you weren't poorly...
  16. Sad but true...
  17. You can fetch a higher price by adding 4000 to the end of anything. For example 'PC 4000' is an awesome clone that people would pay hundreds for.
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  19. when you warned them about a technical vulnerability but they wouldn't listen... then months later the company is crippled and can't even order toilet paper let alone pay it's staff of view it's financial records.
  20. I am definitely no expert on the subject and don't live in the US, but apparently The Peyote Way Church out in Arizona is cultivating at least some of the peyote used in their ceremonies as shown in this video:
  21. Some inaccuracies in this, but hey....
  22. Thanks heaps for the clarification, it def adds weight and meaning to the numbers And thank you again for all your excellent, quality, long-term dedication to the species and issues around them. Brilliant.
  24. There is no peyote farming involved in sacrament production for legal users of peyote in the USA or Mexico. All peyote is presently wild harvested. Licensed distributors are actually forbidden to cultivate or to plant seeds by the same sets of laws that enable them to harvest. Similarly a landowner has permission to allow harvesting (iand to charge a fee for access) and are permitted to clear their land or otherwise destroy it but they are not permitted to plant, move or cultivate it. They also can't sell their peyote by volume or by the piece and can only lease access to pickers and charge them a fee for a given period of harvesting opportunity. TONS of misunderstandings about these topics exist. Some people (including some authors) actually believe the Peyote Gardens are a garden rather than being a wild natural feature. Vastly more peyote, peyote populations and peyote habitat have been destroyed in the course of land development and brush clearing than from all harvesting activities combined. The majority of the previously existing populations in Texas have been gone for quite some time. There is a fourth distributor now but she is too new to have added numbers to the record and 2016 was the last year of mandatory reporting to DPS. This activity is under the DEA's oversight now so it is not yet clear if this will continue to be information that is available to the public. A lot of information on this general subject of peyote harvesting can be found at
  25. Do you have some kind of obsession with the number 4000?
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