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  2. I hope the guy will be allright
  3. I made 2 friends with fibro recently .., one has the same memory issues as I get with hemiplegia, the other one is less severe .. but was really interesting to find people who know the feel oh yeah um don't cha hate it when .... you can't pin an ID on floral jewellery for sure? anyone reckon I nailed this one'sID with ... Plumeria? and if not,.. any other ideas?
  4. Thank you so much for the lift up to the realms of such a beautiful world Hal , bless ya fella ! And yay that's exciting to know !.. I still can see his albino graft on the inside of my eyelids :3
  5. Hmmm I hate to say this out loud but there is the inner cynic screaming at me thinking this is a publicity stunt for Instagram and social media likes. Why the need to contact instead of staying out of the way and let the police do their work. Will have to wait for charges to be laid I suppose. GIYF I suppose aswell after a short search
  6. @87_botanist how are the seeds coming along?
  7. What if there are many origins?
  8. True, looking forward to Jox's "second coming" To answer your Q, what Ed. says is all true and I agree with him. I do happen to know that orchid pollen can be stored under certain conditions, but only for a month or two max. It has to be dry but not dessicating, sterile (as sterile as possible) cool and prolly dark too. So what people do is they carefully place the pollen 'packet' in a tiny little plastic vial, (see below) which is then placed inside a plastic jar and store it in the fridge. Not too warm, and definitely not freezing. So if you go to an orchid show and you are able to get some fresh pollen off some kind soul, it will store for a few days no problem while you wait for your orchid flowers to open up. Then comes the drama of growing the seed. Call up a few orchid nurseries and ask them who does flasking of seed, they will either do it themselves or have the person's phone-number on 'speed dial'. You wanna get the pods a day or two before they open. That way they can be rinsed in some sterilizing chemical before they are opened. Everything with orchids is done sterile, just like fungi or tissue-culture. You will need to send it to the guy expess post. You can tell an orchid pod is about to ripen and split open a couple days beforehand because the 'seams' where the three segments join change colour slightly. usually from green to greenish-yellow. Don't wast time, get it in express that very day, or even go back in time and do it a day sooner. it's not easy to spot it on time. Breeders will often know approximately how many days a particular species will take to ripen. They will be ready for it. Be prepared to pay at least $50 a flask which you may have to pay for in advance. You will have to deflask them yourself, or potentially pay extra and wait longer for a community pot (Compot), a pot full of deflasked baby orchids. alternately you can just buy flask or compots ready to go. just ebay the term compot and you'll have plenty nice crosses to choose from. Practice makes perfect when entering this realm...
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  10. DCHIW your brain tries to be more efficient... I think it might've been secretly listening to terrible motivational speakers while I sleep or something... you know, the kind who abuse words like "proactive" & "synergy"...I don't know where else it would've gotten the impression that this was a good idea. I always thought fibromyalgia was something that just appeared for no known reason, but apparently there's a less common form where it develops secondary to something else. So if you're in bad enough pain, for long enough, eventually your brain can start wondering: "Well we seem to be putting a lot of effort into sending & processing all of these pain signals, how about we optimise this process (& other buzzwordy nonsense) by just becoming more sensitive to those signals so we don't need to send as many to feel the same level of pain? Yay efficiency!" "Er, so you will remember to send a memo out to all the body parts letting them know about this change of procedure - y'know, so they don't just keep sending the same levels as before? ... hello brain? ...are you still there?" Alright, well fibro may be a poorly-defined & probably-untreatable condition, but I learned the cure for "faulty brain" from Homer Simpson years ago: Although I'm not sure if beer is gonna be strong enough for this one. Hmm... "Ok Brain, listen up. I have any number of neurotoxins available to me, and I'm willing to try as many as I need to. Remember that time we took nutmeg? Oh ha - that's right, no you don't! Do you want some more myritastic blackouts? Or how about another MXE overdose - I'm pretty sure my body parts won't hurt if I'm not attached to them because I'm spinning through alternate dimensions. There are dissociatives I've never even tried! I've got a bunch of ways outta this pain situation buddy, and likely none of them are going to mean good news for you. So I suggest you tone it down there, unless you want to find out whether between us we can design a failsafe DIY ketamine coma apparatus. Personally I think not, but that might not stop me from trying it out anyway, if this nonsense continues."
  11. Finally a place to post all the most important, crucial, critical, consequential, and concerning news of the moment. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you ** NEWS FLASH!! ** Guess I better go first. This is critically important, people. Someone could DIE!!! enjoy... Vile sicko caught on CCTV groping jogger mum’s bum as cops launch manhunt
  12. I've been told that ass eating is mainstream, so a finger up the bum is pretty tame. It's the manequins that are wierd. also this...
  13. Does anyone know the origins of the TBMC in Oz? I remember reading on the SS website that theirs was a TBM that crested... I'm particularly interested to know if the TBMC was from a TBM "A" or "B"... I've got the TBMC that is more often seen in Oz, but i also have another that throws clone "A" (long form) monstrose sections....
  14. Alba?
  15. Please thank @Sallubrious for the narrow phyllode seed people!
  16. courtii going easy as from folias from a couple of years ago sprouted in mid 2017
  17. Chasing Acacia cognata seeds pm if u can help. Cheers
  18. for that quick solution to an old age problem whilst camping under the stars - forgot to bring the nose rapeh for a hit of snuff....well fear no mear my dear -it's like how cable ties can fix it for a multitude of problems, well how about a jumbo straw for snuff, cut to fit yor own snozz
  19. I'm with Northerner, soapy water should do it. I know some people that scrub the soapy water on with an old tooth brush, I just use my fingers to rub most of the scale off. If its bad you can step it up and make white oil by blending cooking oil into the soapy water (lots of recipes on line), I often throw a splash of Neem in too. Lacewings or ladybugs are both good against scale, and easy to bye these days (Bunnings or ebay). Have a look if you have ants farming the scale. It might not look like it's hurting the plant, but it is and will kill it if left.
  20. They are awesome plants! Yes you don't see too many about nice to meet another mandrake enthusiast...the history and folklore surrounding them is just incredible!
  21. It always does this to me when I view it from a mobile (Android) - there is nowhere to log in on the home (or subforum) pages. But I learned that if I click on any thread then the login option appears - just scroll down to the bottom of the page. Alternatively if you're not logged in you can try to respond to a thread and the prompt will appear. So you can keep nostalgia-themed Corroboree colours if you like.
  22. dunno i didn't know the word for it, whatever the word for "printing designs on fabric" is i have some banners here i like the design of and wanted to turn them into curtains but dont want to cut them in half. but i might think of someting else to do if it's too much hassle which it probably is
  23. Interesting fact! doubt its a coincidence. Those powerful solar flares last year which were uncharacteristic given the solar cycle, occurred during the perihelion of that object which they think is interstellar.
  24. Does it have to be screen printed Stu ? I was just wondering if one of those places that prints T shirts could print curtains for you. A lot of them do it digitally these days, so it wouldn't have that hand made touch but maybe it could be an option.
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