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  2. Hey Buddy


    Hope you're well


    Entheogenesis Australis is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

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  3. Yesterday
  4. RonnySimulacrum

    SAB Lockdown Plant Meet & Social catch up

    Hi folks, see events, there another virtual meet this Sunday @ 2pm AEST ;-)
  5. Hi folk, thanks for those that have PM me about this so far. I send a link closer to the day, but keep me in the loop if you wish to be part of this special catch up ;-) Chat on Sunday ;-)
  6. Responsible Choice

    Another Petition for Cannabis Reform to QLD Government

    Great! Yeah, all submissions are protected by parliamentary privilege, so you can't be prosecuted for anything you say. I know a few peeps around here who have presented to similar Inquiries, with no dramas, but with their voices heard
  7. fyzygy

    Another Petition for Cannabis Reform to QLD Government

    In Victoria, meanwhile, the state parliament is currently accepting public submissions -- beyond an official cutoff date of 31 August 2020 -- to its Inquiry into Cannabis Use: https://www.parliament.vic.gov.au/974-lsic-lc/inquiry-into-the-use-of-cannabis-in-victoria By default, submissions are not confidential.
  8. Last week
  9. Remember the petition you signed regarding changing cannabis laws in QLD? The one that ended up with almost 15 000 sigs? If you don't that's probably because the QLD government basically said "Cool story bro, now fuck off. That's a hard no!" Sounds legit? Perhaps not, which is why there is another petition underway, this time instigated by Debra Lynch of the LCQ party (Legalise Cannabis Queensland). In 2 weeks it already has almost 8 000 sigs. You can sign the petition here: https://www.parliament.qld.gov.au/work-of-assembly/petitions/petition-details?id=3411 It states: Queensland residents draws to the attention of the House: The objective of the Drugs Misuse Acts is to target drug-traffickers, however over 90% of cannabis arrests are patients, carers and other consumers, adversely impacting their wellbeing, employment, education and travel; and that "medicinal cannabis" laws have failed patients, as witnessed in Senate inquiry into the Barriers to Medical Cannabis. The inquiry recommendations directed toward the States, have not yet been acknowledged or actioned by the Queensland Parliament. Your petitioners, therefore, request the House to address these injustices by amending laws to ensure consumers have safe access to cannabis via: an immediate moratorium on arrests for personal use; the removal of restrictions on the cultivation/production, possession and supply of cannabis plants, cannabis, cannabinoids via amendments to Drugs Misuse Regulations 1987, Schedules 2 and 3; and the Health {Drugs and Poisons) Regulation 1996, 270A; the making of new regulations to allow consumers to cultivate six plants in flower at any one time and possess cannabis, upon the person accepting all risks and responsibilities for usage and storage of their cannabis; a two year trial, to be undertaken to assess the outcomes of decriminalising cannabis including harms or benefits of a licensed, taxed supply chain with home grow option; and the establishment of an independent body inclusive of all stakeholders, responsible for overseeing all aspects of regulating cannabis and hemp, including issuing licences for microbusinesses and non-profit organisations to produce affordable cannabis for local supply within Queensland. Get into it!
  10. Please PM me if you can help . thanks .
  11. gregory008

    Spore prints for microscopy

    pm sent
  12. Glaukus

    Matucana Pachanoi seeds and clones

    Of more importance to the whole test saga is the question of what was tested. What's it just outer green part, or whole plant. If it was just outer part, I'm sure there are many Aussie clones that will test at similarly high levels. If it was whole plant, well, then that is extraordinary.
  13. fyzygy

    Ogunbodede´s Pachanoi

    If you search "legendary matucana" on eBay, you will currently find an international seller offering something similar, if not identical: "Thought to be the same as the legendary Ogun clone" -- but the listing doesn't state the method of pollination. Could have been crossed with another Matucana variety.
  14. DJ-MC

    cactus seed giveaway

    thanks for participating everyone Pedro99 gets it.
  15. nothinghead

    Ogunbodede´s Pachanoi

    Chavin Herbalists collect and distribute seed. I think they've got a facebook page.
  16. jasemateau

    Matucana Pachanoi seeds and clones

  17. jasemateau

    Ogunbodede´s Pachanoi

    seems this strain has got some attention recently on FB. hmmmm wondering if anyone may have a connect for seeds Cheers
  18. Minmin


    Far out what a specimen haha, beautiful bro!
  19. Minmin

    Prints for microscopy :)

    Hey guys, Interested in purchasing/trading for some mycelium prints. I have many varieties of cacti I could trade, or straight up cash. Hope to hear from you lovely souls Warm Regards. Minmin
  20. reptyle

    Meet up: Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle

    When where is the next meet up? Will be hosting on 3 October, if there is an alternative I'd happily come along. Peace.
  21. Habanos

    Matucana Pachanoi seeds and clones

    Also, how many cuts of Ogun were tested? I think at this point we need new test from 5-10 different cuts. (Wishful thinking on my part)
  22. Halcyon Daze

    Matucana Pachanoi seeds and clones

    Yes, but I was told from a reliable source that they were grown out for a few months before testing, so it's a bit unclear. I'd love to get that particular point cleared up properly from Trout.
  23. dajindo

    Acacia acuminata - narrow phyllode

    Hi! It's been a long time since I posted, but I've been lurking here in the meantime. I got some 2-3 acuminata seed varieties, but just realized I'm out of narrow leaf variety! Would anyone got these to trade me? I can hit you up with my list.
  24. toby

    Meet up: Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle

    Thanks for the tip niggles, hopefully I will get along to it ʘ‿ʘ
  25. Yes I'd like to come along (•‿•) Sounds good!
  26. Responsible Choice

    Youtube vids

    A bit of personal anecdotes from a participant in the Chronic Treatment-Resistant Depression about the benefits he received from his experiences with mushrooms in the clinical setting.
  27. Freakosystem

    cactus seed giveaway

    A struggling materialist at heart because my head is where I think. Sally offered me her hand and walked me to the brink. Intense interest bartering with my sanity. Can I let go and still land right where I plan to be? "There is no landing" she explains "there is no floor, There is no falling. Through space you only soar. No left, no right, no up, down, front or back, No matter, time or energy no you or I infact" She was right and gone and so was I or who I thought I was. And everything was gone for good just because... because. Of course I'm back. I never left. It was all inside my head. But then again so is everything I've ever thought or ever said. I'm profoundly unchanged in materialistic ways. The particles will be gone within a mere matter of days. Long after I experienced those feelings; so intense, But forever I have changed in an immeasurable sense.
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