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    Hi guys, this is the official blog on SAB!

  1. I'm a long time opiate survivor and I got sober then I was diagnosed with cancer and had to be treated with opiates no matter how much I refused I was basically told my life depended on it because I couldn't sleep because of pain, now I desperately need to get off it but am scared the trauma of withdrawals will unlock the cancer again as this is what happened last time I withdrew, of course drs won't listen. I'm currently looking into Ibogaine treatment, so any suggestions help experienced info would be very much appreciated.

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    Just a list of Rare ethnos I guess that I've compiled and am interested in.

    All these were ethnos were put together from various "rare ethno" threads whilst surfing the interwebs.

    Diplopterys cabrerana

    Tabernaemontana undulata/sananho.

    Banisteriopsis muricata.

    Alicia anistopetala.

    Tetrapteris methystica

    Whitesloanea crassa

    Virola elongata

    Boletus manicus

  2. 4/20/2013 - Orangeburg County Sheriff Leroy Ravenell releases an Orangeburg man has been arrested and charged with trafficking marijuana.

    Ravenell explains "Federal officers and Investigators from the Sheriff's Office conducted an undercover investigation on Luis Tyler and observed him accept delivery of full-size video game with 55 pounds of marijuana hidden inside the machine on Tuesday, April 16. Officers conducted a traffic stop seizing the Pac-Man video game, the marijuana, and Tyler's vehicle."

    Ravenell continues "Our efforts to make Orangeburg safe will not stop. We are and will continue to investigate the criminals in our community and make arrests. You may be looking for a high score but what you'll get is game over!"

    Judge Derrick Dash set bond at $75,000 on Wednesday.

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    I will be updating this as I find time. WIP.

    This is hard bloody work to be honest and going to take a lot longer than expected. I will complete it offline as time permits and update the complete list when finished.

    Thank you everyone!

  3. Hey yáll, Ive been a cactus/ succulent fanatic for years, and cannot ever truly stop learning more and obtaining more of them. I want to establish some sort of trade with people, because I have just cleared out many of my "leftover" offsets of plants which have been cluttering up my area, I have quite a few plants to trade in exchange, though some may be too common and though it may not look like much, it continues to grow every week and may include many dozens more after the growing season

    plants I offer;

    -kalanchoe "mother plant" cuttings and rooted, two-five types

    -crested epiphyte (since died)

    -yellow opuntia microdasys monstrosa (spiraly type)

    -crassula oblongata

    -echinopsis oxygona (small)

    -crassula lycopoides (thin form and monstrose form)

    -rhipsalis baccifera

    -faucaria tigrina

    -some kleinia cactus-looking succulent

    -opuntia monacantha monstrosa normal and joseph''s coat

    -opuntia subulata monstrosa

    -Wild Arizona golden jumping cactus (from aunts backyard)

    -silver unknown (dangerous) jumping cactus

    -opunia compresa&

    -interesting Brasiliopuntia varieties

    -various echeverias,aeoniums, as well as the usual "succulents" (desert rose, aloe vera, crassula ovata+monstrosa variety)

    -a few euphorbias, medusa and corn-cob type, very beautiful..

    and maybe a few more.California Natives like dudleyas and such.

    future; many dozens of imaginable prickly pear varieties for consumption, and for beauty. So far I only have small, undivisible cuttings not ready for trade. I wish to grow all my mother plants to make divisible for trading and plain sharing purposes.

    In addition to plants, I may provide tips and plant Identification

    Plants I'm looking for;

    -pereskia aculeata or grandiflora(or both)

    -possibly pereskiopsis as mine is not doing too well

    -quiabentia verticulata or other varieties

    -crested cacti, and succulents, agaves or aloes of any kind (a fuzzy echeveria would be best)

    -I like monstrose plants as well, but especially into spirally mutations

    -Will appreciate variegations as well

    -mirtillocactus var fukurokuryuzinboku, or breast myrtillocactus

    -eulychnea castanea varispiralis

    -penis plant lophocereus schotti monstrosa/inermis

    -astrophytum (any)

    -tephrocactus geometrizans (the snowman looking one)

    -turbinicarpus (any)

    -leichtenbergia principus

    -aztekium ritterii


    -macherocereus gummosus

    -fouqieria idria columnaris

    -euphorbia obesa

    -any exceptionally cool Australian succulents Australian_Succulent_Plants.jpg558248_360721760664522_790495508_n.jpg

    like the ones shown or others from the beach, desert etc)

    also looking for grafting tips as I have not managed one successful opuntia subulata monstrose graft, and have tried several scions.

    Thanks, and I hope you may find something you are looking for:)

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    Seed/trade list available on request, too hard to keep it up to date here.

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    So the purpose of this blog is to keep a running list of cacti in my collection and who they were sourced from. seed or cutting grown

    Peru x 'los gentiles' seed, grafted on peres x 3 (interbeing)

    L.B x SS2 seed, grafted on spacianus (interbeing)

    Peruvian 'Dawsons Bendigo' cutting (interbeing)

    knuthianus cutting

    bridgesii (collectors corner)

    macrogonus cutting (interbeing)

    bridgesii 'Ben' cutting (interbeing)

    icaro x super pedro seed (george_667)

    Super Pedro 'open pollinated' seed (Pinion)

    psycho0 x yowie seed (interbeing)

    psycho0 x J2 seed (interbeing)

    Trichocereus 'WK' (cacti show)

    Scop x short spinned peruvian seed grafted on peres (interbeing)

    Scop x short spinned peruvian seed (interbeing)

    Super Pedro cutting (Egad)

    Roseii 'open pollinated' seed (Pinion)

    mystery pachanoi? seed (Shameless)

    Psycho0? cutting (niggles)

    bridgesii clumping variety (collectors corner)

    fields pacanoi x psycho0 seed (interbeing)

    psycho0 x pach? OR fields pach x psycho0 seed (Interbeing)

    psycho0 x pachanoi seed

    Yowie cutting (niggles)

    eileen? cutting (niggles)

    TBM grafted on spachianus

    Scop x Juuls green giant seed (interbeing)

    terscheckii x psycho0 seed (interbeing)


    Scop x psycho0 OR psycho0 x scop seed (interbeing)

    Peruvian x ? seed (cacti show)

    Peruvian x ? seed (cacti show)

    T. gladiatus seed (cacti show)

    T. pasacana seed (cacti show)

    p.c pachanoi

    non p.c pachanoi several

    bridgesii potent (shameless)

    bridgessi 'skinny' (sharxx)

    pachanoi monstrose x huancamamba seed (interbeing)

    pachanoi monstrose x huancamamba grafted on pachanoi, seed, (interbeing)

    mystery seedlings from bendigo? garden (interbeing)

    Whiora x pachanoi seed (interbeing)

    pachanoi x psycho0 seed x 4 (Getafix)

    Unidentified Sharxx cuts

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    Recently planted Coleus Blumei seeds from two different sources, I've separated them by made-up strain names, Aztec and Mutant. Germination was quick taking a few days to pop up, lighting is indirect so some colour loss is expected.

    A couple of weeks in and they are already showing their differences in pattern and colour, the Aztec strain developed it almost immediately after the first true set of leaves appeared, whereas the mutant strain took a fair while longer.

    Snapshots will be taken at approximately 2 weeks apart,

    Aztec Strain, Coleus Blumei


    Mutant Strain, Coleus Blumei


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    Hey mates,

    I just thought I would do a quick update on my trade list and put out there what I have on offer and what I am looking for, some things I only have a few of if you PM me I will let you know what I've got.


    Acacia Acuminata (seeds)

    Acacia Podylyrifolia (seeds)

    Argyreia Nervosa [HBWR] (seeds)

    Banisteriopsis Caapi (cuttings, spring only)

    Brugmansia Aurea (seeds)

    Catha Edulis (Planthelper strain seeds)

    Datura Stramonium (seeds)

    Nicotiana Tabacum (seeds)

    Pereskiopsis Spathulata (cuttings)


    Acacia Varieties (seeds)

    Anadenanthera Colubrina (viable seeds)

    Banisteriopsis Caapi 'black' (plant, cutting, seeds)

    Calea zacatechichi ( plant, cutting, seeds)

    Papaver Varieties (seeds)

    Phalaris Varieties (seeds)

    Psychotria 'Alba' + 'Carthaginensis' (cuttings or plant preferred)

    Salvia varieties (plant, cutting, seeds)

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    blog-0140675001332036722.jpgI couldn't find anywhere on this site where people could post a photo of a cactus and members could Identify it. so here is a cactus I'm not sure about, good luck.
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    Sending from Europe ..

    Spores available:

    -volvariella bombycina/wild/

    -lepista saeva /wild/

    -laetiporus sulphureus /wild/

    -agrocybe aegerita-wild

    -flammulina velutipes/wild/

    -armillaria melea

    -Oudemansiella canarii(Philippines,wild)


    Note: sending to Australia regular envelope,between post cards..

    If you're after something else .. ask

    2014 Seeds available :

    - desmanthus leptolobus -

    - agastache foeniculum

    - silene capensis / African dream root /

  4. Showing them at the various stages of germination





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    OmSource's Trade List

    Fungi Cultures

    -L. Edodes-cold weather

    -L. Edodes- 75

    -L. Edodes- 44

    -P. Nameko

    -H. Ulmarius

    -P. Pulmonarius

    -P. D'jamor

    -P. Nebrodensis

    -P. Ostreatus

    -P. Columbinus

    -G. Frondosa

    -G. Frondosa- Thai

    -G. Lucidium

    -G. Australe

    -G. Resinaceum

    -C. Comatos

    -C. Militaris

    -S. Rugoso-annulata- Starweed


    -T. Versicolor (decent strain)

    -L. sulphureus

    -Cacti cuttings and seeds

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    t. spachianus rooted plants or cuts

    dragon fruit

    aloe vera



    lots of non ethno cacti

    a few types of trich ask if u want to trade some trichos

    all sizes of pots to give to anyone that needs them in perth

    styrofoam boxs


    'Men who regularly drink coffee appear to have a lower risk of developing a lethal form of prostate cancer, according to a new study led by Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) researchers. What's more, the lower risk was evident among men who drank either regular or decaffeinated coffee.

    "Few studies have specifically studied the association of coffee intake and the risk of lethal prostate cancer, the form of the disease that is the most critical to prevent. Our study is the largest to date to examine whether coffee could lower the risk of lethal prostate cancer," said senior author Lorelei Mucci, associate professor of epidemiology at HSPH. Lethal prostate cancer is cancer that causes death or spreads to the bones.

    The researchers chose to study coffee because it contains many beneficial compounds that act as antioxidants, reduce inflammation, and regulate insulin, all of which may influence prostate cancer. Coffee has been associated in prior studies with a lower risk of Parkinson's disease, type 2 diabetes, gallstone disease, and liver cancer or cirrhosis.'

    The study was published May 17, 2011, in an online edition of the Journal of the National Cancer Institute.


  6. Hi Guys, i guess i´m a gonna use this feature a lot more in the future as it gives me the opportunity to show some of my crosses and newly produced seed. This year, i started growing lots of diffrent things and i´ll definately be able to give away some stuff to others in the future. Mostly down to earth botanicals like cacti, fruit trees and everything that has any value.

    First thing that might be interesting is the Rhododendron crossing experiments that i started this year! You can find the Thread here:

    Im pretty confident there will be lots of seed available in fall 2011 so please feel free to pm me if you want to trade against something else that might be interesting. The plant in the picture is exteremely frost and drought tolerant and survives in germany without almost any care. Very easy plant. See ya! bye Eg

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    Unseasonably cool summer probably means they could be larger by now. Moving them somewhere warm and sheltered for their first winter.


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    For NZ members only (for now):

    Things I can trade:


    •Acorus gramineus plants

    •Laurelia novae-zelandiae seedlings/saplings

    ---coming soon---

    •Radula marginata fresh specimens

    •Salvia Divinorum cuttings

    •Sceletium Tortuosum cuttings

    •Trichocereus pachanoi (various non-PC clones) cuttings

    Things I would like (trade or purchase, seeds or plants):

    •Acacia maidenii, phlebophylla, simplex, among others.

    •Anadenanthera spp.

    •Banisteriopsis spp.

    •Calea zacatechichi

    •Catha spp.

    •Diplopterys cabrerana

    •Lophophora spp.

    •Mammillaria spp.

    •Mimosa hostilis/tenuiflora

    •Mitragyna spp.

    •Pachycereus spp.

    •Pausinystalia yohimba

    •Phyllodium pulchellum

    •Psychotria spp.

    •Silene capensis

    •Tabernanthe spp.

    •Tabernaemontana spp.

    •Trichocereus pachanoi, peruvianus, bridgesii, terscheckii and other related species.

    •Virola spp.

    •Voacanga spp.

    Many items were excluded from this list. So it's best to enquire.

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    Blood Trance Fusion
    Latest Entry

    This blog is a growing log to document my first attempts at gardening; growing native and other plants from seeds and perhaps, in future; cuttings! Thus far, all of my seeds have been obtained from the following, reliable sources: Shaman-Australis Botanicals, Herbalistics and from the friendly lot on The Corroboree's Seed and Plant Exchange sub-forum.


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    Does anyone have experience with the butterfly bush?

  7. PhantomTurkey
    Latest Entry

    Last night i smoked some Calea and Mugwort before bed and this brought on a deep sleep and dreams. I should have written my dream down as I have forgotten most of it but I remember in this dream smelling some freshly baked bread and trying some. The smell and the taste were so real that in the moment I had lost track that I was in a dream and this was the best bread that I had ever had. Also in this dream had some ice cream that was among the best i'd tried but funnily enough not as good as the ice cream I had enjoyed at a certain gelateria up at Noosa. I don't know why my dream seemed to be largely about food but it was very realistic and it was the deepest and best sleep I had had in a long while. Tonight I would like to have another really deep dream if I can. Two of my favorite herbs for dreaming that I used last night, Calea and Mugwort are known dream herbs. Tonight in addition to just smoking I have a pot of tea brewing with a couple of large pinches of loose Mugwort herb and 2 heaped teaspoons of Calea. I have a fair bit to smoke and will do so while sipping the tea. I will go to bed right away.