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Guest electro

definatley a good read ...

dissapointing though ... we will never live to see logic like this used ...

our government will keep the "war on drugs" (or "war on lifesytle"as sprayed around newtown)

for any votes thast it thinks (and knows) that it can get...

Fear is a very good motorvator, especially when one party is promising to protect you from thjat fear, no matter if it is manufactured or not.

saftey doesnt matter, nor do people, only their votes do (and when the majority of people in this country are over 50 and are scared from a lifetime of "wars on drugs" not much is likely to change until they die out and the newer more questioning gen's replace them")

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interesting article...

Hi all!

To all of you who don't know me, I'm OwTovIT. Like the name implies, I don't like adhering to the normal frame of mind and couldn't care if you think that is a bad thing...

I just wanna have some fun every now and again...

Laughed my head off when I first saw Fear & Loathing, especially at the attitudes towards the drug usage (eg. reefer madness scene.)

IMO, the whole "War On Drugs" is a complete waste of time, mainly because instead of trying to educate us on what actually is bad for us, they just tell us what we can and cannot do. Instead of telling us the actual dangers of taking these substances, they instead just say they are bad for us (Drugs are bad, m'kay) and ban the responsible plants. In what way is a plant responsible for what it holds, and how are we to judge that plant (and that substance) and decide what it was put on this earth for?

(All of you who think differently, meditate on this then, "Why do so many plants, from all over the world, contain chemicals that mess with our brains so intensely, making us think in such profoundly different ways?")

I think the only reason my gnome ever started taking drugs was because they were 'bad', thus making him want to try them, (Seriously, if you got told not to do something wouldn't you wonder why?) and ever since then my gnome has had an greatly increased view of life. They have made him see life in other ways (both bad & good), as well as just passing the time. (He also hopes that QLD will wake up to itself sometime soon, hoping that they realize that some plants can't be controlled, and the more police try to clean it up, the deeper and murkier it will get. (!FREE DA WEED!<¿?WHATDIDITDO2U?¿>!FREE DA WEED!))

Also I believe drugs don't harm society - suppression of drugs harms society. For example, while alcohol was illegal in the U.S. people bought cheap bootleg alcohol. Even though on the whole it probably wasn't bad for you, some batches were made incorrectly, with metho and other alcohols allowed into the mix. These days alcohol is made to standards - which makes it safe to drink (or at the least SAFER) compared to poorly distilled blackmarket spirit.

Sorry bout such a long rant, just thought that some things needed to be said. I just hope that some day in the future people will be allowed to do what they want to themselves - as well as being properly educated about certain things.

Catcha! (cos I'm)


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